Johnny in an art game?

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Complete title "Johnny why are you in an art game?"

Instructions in game

Thanks Tom for the frontpage and the music suggestion


Yay satire :D

A bunch of my friends and I were actually ranting about how there's this new influx of art games with no point (like One Chance) that all seem like copies of one another.

This was delightful! :D

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I loled.

I played alot of art games that have incredibly terrible gameplay but have some sort of message to send to people. Not only that it has to be pixilated for some damn reason and end up leading to something depressing or something that involves death.
Nice parody.

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I am SICK AND TIRED of all these art games!
Finally there is a parody!
And yes there is no turning back in art games?
Huh, why did I say that as a question?
A cliff? You want me to jump?
The End.

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This says everything I've been trying to

This game takes all the comments I've ever made on the shitty "games" that people defend because they're "artistic" and have a "message". The reason for so many scare quotes? The things in question aren't games, the messages are obvious shit like "drugz r bad" and the artistic quality is minimal at best.

Thank you so much for making this incredible satire. Even though your first point-and-click was lacking, you are now my favorite author of all time.

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Reading other people's comment, I can't add much else. I hope after seeing this game, people will stop submitting "games" that consist of a stickman and a blank background and call it art.

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3.40 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
12:52 AM EST
Adventure - Other

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