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December 6, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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OK, so how have you guys been getting along on your objectives?

Update: I know that there have been some problems with loading. I had the same problem with Covetous over the Summer, but the same solutions don't seem to be working. I thought the issue lied with the audio, but removing the audio completely doesn't seem to be helping. So while I still here between finals trying to fix the preloader problem, you can right click and select "play" to advance. Sorry.


Ok now i know i'm a bad man... The game is simple, good idea, bad music. You could try to inlarge the game, the group need you Austin.

It stops loading near the end.

yeah see this is why i stopped going to support groups.

very nice.
The whole game was quite the disturbing experience, slowly beginning to understand what the group really does, it felt like a cult.

An interesting creation, with a few minor issues. I would've liked it to last a little longer and have more depth. Mechanically, it would've been nice to have a 'Start Over' button at the end, if you wanted to see what happened if you made different choices without having to reload the page. Still, an interesting insight into the phenomenon of addiction to addiction.

i love grouping

deep shit, very deep game done very... very.. subtlety. good game.

I think there's a bunch of stuffy pricks up in here. Play the damn game and take from it what you want. That's the point of a game; you fucking play it.

This has been reviewed so many times and has had every facet of its being deconstructed in one infantile way or another to the point that that my infantile deconstruction isn't likely to contribute much. As always Mr Breed you know what you're doing and how to do it. The game's interface is everything it needs to be; no more or less. The music created a manic, vaguely soothing atmosphere, like an asylum all fucked up on dopamine. You have certainly put on display your unique talent to immerse a person in a concept (personally ambivalent though that concept may be). The fact that the game has a rare level of challenge (relative to your work) and a win condition (making it resemble an actual game) reinforces its impact. As perpetually stated, thank you for making games. Support Group was an experience I could have found at this level on few other websites with so many dick jokes.

I think people are missing the point.

The way I see this, the creator of this game isn't saying that we are defined by our problems. What he's saying is that WE think we are defined by our problems. We fell that we cannot let go of our problems, because we will forget the struggle to be in the place we are now. Of course, this is wrong, but humans are naturally self-destructive. On top of that, we try to remind other people of their issues so as to blunt the effects of our own.

I take it that's why I can never cause progress in the support group. The nature of the support group holds itself back.

That's some deep shit man. So deep, in fact, that I believe it might be going over the heads of some of the people here.

Seriously? It's not the message I'm annoyed about with this game. I'm annoyed by the way you seem to think that people are defined by their struggles or problems, and that they need to hold on to their addictions. It's quite the opposite. When people hold on too tight to problems of the past, it becomes all they think about and it can become dangerous, they become way too used to the idea that they're addicted and it gets way too serious. It should not be that way. People need to move forward. I really like most of your games but yeah, this one just really pissed me off.

Well, the graphics were kinda cool, atleast.

The had of the group wanted to keep people in the group.So this is my morale: the desire of socialization is possibly the most evil desire in our hearts.

i kept trying but i never help the progress

Well, a lot of people are acting all "butt-hurt" over the message of the game when that isn't the real message you were trying to convey. If you really wanted to convey that we are helpless you wouldn't have given us the options to agree or disagree and leave. Ultimately you're supposed to help a group of misguided people understand the significance of life and the enjoyment of it. Though no one else see's the underlying message apparently, funny that.

To be honest, we are not DEFINED through struggle. If one clings to their past, and only to the negative side of things, they become VICITIMIZED. They see themselves as always in the wrong, and blame themselves for everything. They also use it as a tool to seek pity. This game shows me that all these people wants is for others to wallow in misery with them. "If I cannot have the good, then no one can." That is the only message I see in this game.

I have a different message. "Life is the future, not the past." Or, alternatively, "Your life is your own. Rise up and live it."

Did you ever think to make your messages more positive?

it has no decent message. it basically tells you that nothing you do will ever make a difference, and once your gone, you'll be forgotten. thats why these people never overcome their addiction, they become addicted to the idea that their addicted, just like in AA, thees people think they have no control, when in fact they do, so they make themselves believe that they are addicted, always have been addicted, and always will be addicted, and essentially they become addicted to that idea. my father quit smoking 4 times, and ive quit twice. there are very few newgrounds games i hate, there are a lot i dont like, but none that i truly cant stand. this one started the list

You have good intentions, and a good theme. You need to put more effort into your game, though. Though there are many opportunity interactions, most of them prompt the same discussion. You need to be patient and create more outcomes.

..couldn't troll...that guy seemed a bit nutty teh meh. why don't the girls have long hair choice?

this made me want to cut myself..

I understand the message you're trying to send (and why some people don't understand).
To put it bluntly: Nothing you do will change things. I've tried (essentially) everything, and every time it says that you have changed nothing, no matter how you feel about what they're saying. This is generally true, especially with a new person in a group that knows each other. It's why I choose to mostly avoid joining new groups without my friends with me, so I don't go home with the embarrassment of knowing that I changed nothing and was nothing more than a nuisance.

Well, this is a good game. The only problem is that you aimed too far. The point of a game like this isn't to directly state something, or make it hard to understand. Here you have a character in a support group and you have to choose why he is there. This is wrong, as you aren't supposed to make the background of him. Either it's known, or not. Overall, this game wasn't really "descriptive" of what is happening.

why is this on the frontpage its just something for u to read its boring as hell just a waste of time and for those of you thinking this will b fun dont even bother its starts of with almost no custimization though i wouldnt expect mutch with the extremly low graphics and all ur guy does is sit there and talk nothing happens and it end pretty much the exact same way every time so for those who havent play dont
this was on the frontpage but now isnt and now it wont load right and is extremly hard to click the yes/no option in the begining

In fact, I liked it.

I don't like the support group leader.
I'm rating this a 10 because.. Okay I don't actually like it, and I'm not sure if it was meant to send out the message it did to me.. I strolled into that support group full of confidence with my yellow trousers and my new tan, and that yoke asked me to leave! They were shaggin mean >:(
I feel mean leavin those people in there with tha leader..

It does have a point, but the dialogue tends to be quite long to read through, and also, no matter what choice you choose, it ends the same: "Whether or not you agreed or disagreed...etc."
But it has a good point. There are many people out there like that and they really piss me off, forcing people to do 'good' things.

Your games are really hit-or-miss with me. This was a definite miss. I saw the point, but just didn't care enough to advance through the massive amounts of text thrown at me.

I too have waited 20 mins, twice. And it wouldn't load. I'm sure it's wonderful once you can play it though.

i waited 20 mins. and its still not loaded!

the text is bore after a while

mmm nice game but you must have another ending .

This flash really has a good message on how people try to pull others down instead of trying to help them overcome their problems and being happy for them that they did.
Keeping quiet and not voicing out your thoughts is very harmful for your self-worth and ultimately your well-being, even if you have to scream it out or get into an argument you have to resolve to take a stand and make amends as best as you can. You portrayed this message fairly well and that you gave a good atmosphere of pressure from other people that really exemplifies the feeling of anxiety which eludes your thoughts from what is right.
Over-all this flash is worth it.

***NOTE: To those who are giving this a bad score because it won't load-- read the author's description for a workaround***

The ending of this game is quite poignant, as you realize that your actions have had absolutely no effect on anything that has happened:

"Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group."

I've tried and tried, and there's nothing you can do to get out the same cycle. If you actively disagree with the (mostly reprehensible) actions of the group in calling out a fellow member, you are kicked out and your voice is not heard. If you say nothing, nothing changes and your voice is not heard. And if you speak up in favor of the intervention, then you just add to the other chorus of voices and nothing is changed-- and your voice is not heard.

The best way to look at the game is from a meta point of view. "Support Group" makes you realize that your decisions in video games are not really yours-- they emphasize that you are under the control of the developer who decides what actually matters. Fascinating stuff.

Yet again, brilliant. Cheers.

won't load...

won't load dude

it did not load...

It gave off an eerie and creepy vibe. It was very interesting, but I'm not understanding the message, if there is one.

However, this is usually what happens when you go to a support group. EVERY DAY.

The game was very good, I HATE MALLORY "Oh You Were ALMOST Atractive!"
I would have turned around and said. SHUT UP! YOUR SO FREAKIN RUDE!!!
I would give it a 4/5 and 7/10

Didn't load...

5/10 since the game seemed to end right when a conflict was arising. Decent script for the most part, though there needed to be more to it.

Most responses did very little to affect the rather narrow script. Nice attempt at a setting though, hope this was a good practice attempt for you.

To take a quote from the game "If your facebook addiction didn't exist, you wouldn't either Summer" it would have been funny if she conquered her addiction and then simultaneously combusted then the main counsellor guy could be all like "I told you that would happen retard." Another lol moment was when that one chick was like "Jon you were almost atracctive" wow what a bitch. In the end my guy was kicked out of the group for realizing rehab is for quitters and went on to join Vladdyboy's Fight Club.

I purposely acted like a total douche and got kicked out of this meeting as a result.

where's the part of this game when your character sees that joining a support group is useless and decides to start his own fight club?

If it doesn't play jus right click and play it
I liked the two endings I got, one where nothing changes
and ends in a cycle the other where you break from it
but I wont relay how. I did receive a nice hint at the start.
But anyways I like these situational games. sim/point & click?

Interesting experiment about the (absence of) influence of game - and not-game - choiches. The support group context is a good setting for this concept.

I tried playing this game when it first made the front page last month. I couldn't play it because (as has been pointed out many times) for some of us, it NEVER loads.

You should probably fix that.

:o but it's better to try then say nothing at all.

:3 I liked it<33

People are going to do what ever they want and you can not stop them

People who give bad rates just don't understand the game.
No, this game's no poop. I think it's very interesting and very true. I also agree with Sheoulnoshi, who pointed out what the game really says.You win 8 points for this.
The extra point is for the first question of the game about the music, it's the first time I see that and it made me lol. (I answered yes)

Any way here is what i rate it on the other hand.

As a game it isn't much, but as a statement I think it's something that needed to be said. This shows the kind of brainwashing that cults use on their members to get them to do what they want and so on, but I also kinda think there's more to it than that. At least that's what I'm getting out of it.

People may not like it, but this is something that happens all the time, and whenever I see it it makes me sick. So bravo for saying something about it.

You could've easily said that this is a flash video instead of a game, and it would've been about the same, so I won't dock points for it not being much of a game. Still, it's lacking in some parts, like grammar and so on, so you lose points for that.

Overall, it's okay. Much better than what the other reviewers are making it out to be.

there is a lack of story but i sorta get it. this video is about conforming and the leader of the group thinks he can do whatever he wants and believe that whatever he says is right. he started talking about Jons diet and thats when he got mean to him :P i understand that, but he art could be better and a little bit more background would be good

Skipped the broken loading bar by rightclicking on play... but i wish i hadnt...

this is the most useless game in the world

i don't get the point of this thing. but still, it's pointless.

for it to go on right click and then click forward

its not LOADING!!!! ugh!

it wont even load its horrible

i plad it it makes poop look good

What's the point in this no matter what you say it deosn't make a difference to what the others say to you, and it's boring. Would be better as an animation, maybe not actually since it sucks. Badly. No offence.

guys i know how you play right click then click play it'll come on!

it wont even load so.... NO REVEIW 4 U!!!!!! srry

i would like to give this a proper review but i cant its no FREAKIN LOADING "GIGGITY"

you should get on that becouse it is only showing 90*/.!

ive refreshed to make another attempt at this game and it wont load.

this shit ain't ballin n***a

The group is a bunch of deranged fucks who try to control newcomers and brainwash them into thinking they have no control over their personal issues. Interesting. I love it, keep this shit up man

if you watch family guy say giggity after every thing that sounds sexual "giggity" thing and you will die of laughter and struggle "giggity".

i get what ur tying to get across but i just dont see how its at all entertaining.

Just that. Boring wanna-be art crap. There's almost no interaction, no gameplay, no story. It's more a flash animation that requires you to click your mouse to make it go than a game. I personally would love to see developers get away from depressing "art house" "games" (double quotations intentional).

I don't get it much, I think people play this game because they think it has a deep meaning when really it doesn't have one. But I see that the guy is telling Summer I think to hold onto her struggles. That confused me, the guy said without the struggle you are not living.

How is reminding someone of their struggle keep them alive or back to themselves? If you have an addiction, the best you can do is limit yourself to that addiction and slowly by time break away from it. Once the addiction (or struggle, they like to call it) has been broken, you no longer should even think about it you'll want to do it again (For example; drinking. You'll want to do it again to see what it taste like again) and that'll break you.

I don't get this game, and I feel like their is something I'm not getting here.
I like this game, so I'll rate it high. But unfortunately, many people don't understand nor like this game and gave very low ratings and I'm slightly disapointed. But since I am a little confused I'm taking off one rating point.

You should make more games like these, but with a more touching and understandable story. Good luck.

Lol it doesn't matter if you do it good or wrong

Out of the fondness of my heart was it that I decided after several failed preloads that I decided that the refresh might work and tah-dah!

The first time through as I played I was curious as to how my decisions would be some reflection of my own character or how the group would react to my answers, however, on the second play through , after I had seen the ending text, did it really hit me that the concept behind the game was to produce some sort of static enviroment where things don't quite change regardless of what you do....and then it felt alittle more depressing to sit in my chair...or at least that was what I laughed at the thought of.

If the game was developed out of the purpose of using people's emotional responses as a form of self-therapeutic-entertainment then geeze.....that was once again another one of these pestering art games that try to brang meaning into our lives by introducing concepts we were already aware of.

The loader fails, the game was [insert wall of text here] and [insert response regarding subject as without the ability to produce change in composition of ideology], and then a big middle finger riding up the asses of everyone but me who just found it kinda funny and alittle boring.

I agreed with xxgemmalou99xx. that's exactingly the problem . the only thing you do in this game is chattttttttt, I'm sorry but 0 rating .

can i ask what the point is in this game? What is the point when you get kicked out...... If I were you DONT PLAY IT.... its just a load of chat chat and even more CHATTTTT :(

I get it - it's just not very deep. It's easy enough to get, just that it's so shallow and simple that most people seem to automatically dismiss it, thinking it's gotta be deeper.

This isn't deep or meaningful. At best, it's somewhat rebellious, in a self-important, teenager kind of way. There's no real philosophy or truth here - just petulance, so intentionally obscured as to make it seem mystical.

And the game aspect of it sucks eggs, so there is no redeeming value.

Right click, press "forward". Simple as. (music ftw)

uhh yeah its not loading just like the guy's under me

I've been sitting here for 5 minutes.. and the damn game won't load. It's at 90% abd it jusy decided to stop.. Austinbreed fix this problem maybe? I already read the description, but your just going to get low scores if this continues.. I'm giving you a 6 because it looks like a good game and I like cookies.

Sorry guys, but I did like it. I've always been soft for quiet rebellion against the establishment and this game certainly allows for that. Get past the fact that there isn't much visual appeal and read it for what it is and you may get something different out of it.

I mean I get the point of it it's well not my kind of game at all....still 4 for effort.

no for u this the most boring game ever invented

I'm sure it has a good meaning, but it is just boring after.... 6 seconds?

When they had told the skinny guy that he was fat for getting the creamer & two coffees because he used to have a weight problem I said no this is stupid because you don't just tell someone that your never going to heal unless you just pick at your scab. You have to stop & let the scab heal with some antibiotics & what not. This game doesn't send a very good message. It's just a corrupt class with corrupt morals. Sure you should never forget your struggles but when you've healed then you don't need to be told that your fat. Make it more flexible.

I think there's a hidden message given for the players, but the message is not so clear that I could get it out from the game.
like other comments the game's choices are not so flexible, which means it sticks too much to a structural form.
Thank You.

I understand the message, and it's a pretty good statement about how you have to work within the structure to get anywhere, and even then you might still not serve a purpose. Or maybe not! It's a complex message, with different ways to go about reading it. In that sense, the game isn't bad.

The problem is that it's just so boring. You can't tell me that the boring, text-based, slow gameplay is part of the message. There are always exciting, intriguing ways to give any message. A game has no excuse to be boring and slow, unless the creator is a beginner (which I largely suspect for this one.)

Another comment: Especially in a text-based game, you CAN NOT have typos! Definitely not in the ending screen! There's no excuse for that! You'll never find a masterpiece with typos. It needs to look polished.

Overall, not a terrible effort, but a message doesn't make a game. There has to be something that makes the QUEST/SEARCH for the message intriguing.

I'm sure the message is beautiful, but the game itself is just not good. There's no freedom in what my character has to say. The only three choices I could say was I don't know, I agree, or just no. That part of the game is crap itself, I'm sorry. I didn't feel like being one of the sheep and only say I agree. I wanted to disagree and question everybody. No matter what you say, the mohawk guy says the same thing.

It's just blah. Maybe it's because I never agreed with situations like these. Self=help groups, etc.

May very well have a message behind it, but I don't play games to come to a realization of something, I play to be entertained. 1/10.

im sorry but this was not very good why didnt you make it into a movie type thing not a game? I understand its about a "important" issue but it still could of been better somehow.

I can't believe the score is so low...people just don't understand these days.

I believe there is a message behind this, you guys. If you don't get it, you don't get it.

every answer i say its always the same!Nothing!

I played this game 1,000 times trying to get it. Now I do. You have to choose the right answers to help the support group get through their problems.

(P.S. You're welcome all the people who didn't get the game.)

DO you only have to read, this is really boring

Didn't really understand what was going on in this game, people just started talking and it dind't make much sense at the time, is this a series? Perhaps in your author comment section you could write a little about the game and whats going in stead of just a random sentence and something about the loading bug.

Also I discovered that if you reload the page after its loaded but the ok button doesn't appear, refreshing seems to make the button appear. Don't know if thats any help to you or not.

Game has pottential, just wish I could understand what this game was aiming at...

its so stupid

It was incredibly interesting, not what I'm used to that's for sure! I think your ideas need to be developed further, since they are very innovative, but sometimes you really have to think of how the gamer will experience it. For me it was hard to understand what I was supposed to do, since it pissed me off when they started to pick on the diet guy and I gave the wrong answer. I guess its my opinion that makes it hard to give different answers, I just answer what I think. Either way, very interesting game, keep it up and don't worry about the bugs, I'm sure you'll fix them in no time! Take care!

all i can say that i cannot unsee this...

No good

game sucks!

Agg, If I hate rpg and graphic adventures, I have to say that I hate this game. Its worst than all those.

Its not clear whether the character has a problem or im suposed to solve one mine, if is this, then I guess there should be an option that say, Hi im paul (or wherever), I hate rpgs and I feel like killing the whole final fantasy staff including the chocobo voices.

I don't really know how to make progress with the support group, and after a while, I didn't really feel like it. I wanted to know the outcome but not badly enough to sit through the same thing 20 different times.

I never really finished the game so I can't give a complete list of sugguestions, but for one thing, if you're going to make a game where you are probably going to repeat it multiple times, try to make the story go faster some how. Maybe more enjoyable music too?

While the loading problem was just a little bit annoying, I have to say, that this game is actually quite bad. There's no animation, at all, the only sound is an annoying repeating loop (though you can turn it off,) and the only game play is making a small handfull of dialogue choices.

I have to say, I'm taking a beginner's flash class, and am just barely starting to learn action script, but I can say that every single game made so far by anybody in that class beats this by a mile.

This game is sooo boring =(

Wouldnt even start,but of all the other reviews this must not be good so i give it a 0

This game had what seemed like no effort put into it. It made no sense, the graphics were pathetic, and the music was annoying, although I appreciated the option to turn it off. I understand I was supposed to learn something from it, but I don't know what it was and I didn't learn anything.

that's so boring....

Okay, I clicked on this game thinking it'd be awesome until I looked down at the reveiws people put out, now I'm looking at the score, yikes! 1.86? It's gonna get blammed. -sigh-.

But the main problem for me is, I click on the game and I wait a bit and finally it's at it's LAST tiny bit of loading, I refresh and refresh and refresh but it doesn't move at all, so that ruins my chances of giving you a good rate...

3...sounds interesting...but the loading fails just like the little minigames you make. C'mon Austin, admitt it. Sometimes you just have a bad day and submit some fail flashes >_>

I've replayed it tried different things but it really wouldn't matter because you would still get the same result; falling asleep in the middle of playing this game if not annoyed by the music. This ladies and gentlemen is mundane at its finest. For that i give it a full score.


I have not played a game like this before, but after the first time around i was exited to try to make an impact to the group. After refreshing the page three times and trying different permetations I was a bit sick of the same outcome. If I could see any difference in what I was doing, or, more important, if there was some logical progression in which me thinking hard about my answer would promt a change in direction or dialog then all the better. Fianally, too much writing is not always best and a shorter script could lead to a more fluid game. Please try again as I know this genre can do well if thought out well.

Just like many art games, what's most important is the moral of it.
Really, the point of this games is one of the morals I like the most. So I think that brings extra points from me.
As for the loading bug and the lack of replay button, right-click and use those choices instead, although replaying the game brings you just the same ending.
I didn't like the lack of animation when Jon went for his coffee, or the two typos in the game (niave and disagreedS), but that's not much.
Thanks for the mute music button, it was useful. And thanks for the game.

Horrible in comparison with covetous, that actually had me examining what I was doing and prompting me to consider, with hilarious end results that were shocking and poignant.

This game is drab, the musics terrible, the effects are non existant and the players input is minimal. Fair do, it's to portray a sense of monkey see monkey do and that its possible to belittle individuals through peer pressure while at the same time,jeopardising any chance of the groups chances to end their addiction, as it becomes a cycle- however under circumstances such as a support group- it's bland and monotonous, this idea would have been so much better illustrated in something such as religious cults or totalitarianist states.

It would take a lot to live up to what I just said but the point i'm trying to make is that this is a bit rubbish compared to your other submissions Austybabes. Or you could glue on your trollface and say the game didnt have a message and that the NG community is a bunch of over analysing neurotic psyche philosophers.

Also, a replay button would be nice, I had to refresh my page. Oh, and more endings would be nice too.

Not only are the bugs as stated above... but the bug also at the end where it ends and you cannot restart without reloading... replay anyone? Else you will never get the point without playing it a couple times...

It was very short, which I guess is good for this type of thing.

And YES OMG the music was bothersome!

As for the "Point" I disagree entirely... people tend to forget (especially with internet interaction) that they CAN affect people. Now some people have better threshholds than other... what do you do with people like the guy controlling the group... you wait outside the building for him to come out, follow him to his car and beat the crap out of him with a large blunt object until he passes out. Then duck-tap him to a chair in outside the place with a sign that says "I am a problem" around him.

Now tell me THAT won't effect the group :P

This game is wonderful - a piece of art.

What people fail to understand about this game is that it's meant to make a point. It's an art game at its finest. The fact that the options don't affect anything is the entire point of having the choices at all; the brainwashed minds of the individuals, and especially the moderator, are completely unaffected by the character's input.

In this game, the human psyche is exploited through the moderator, and the others are pawns to his scheme. This is much the same in real life - people are looking for answers and expect the leader of group to know what is best for them. The implications of this game are astounding, showing the manipulation that can occur.

I voted 5 and give you a 10/10. I really enjoyed the game and played through more than once, just to see if the end really changed. The polarization of the members was eerie, but welcomed. Again, great job.

This game is dark. Like really dark. The guy is pretty controlling.

Side note, possible bug idk:
Is it supposed to stay on the text where it says if you affected the group or not?

The only thing that really got under my skin is that I kept thinking that what I responded had an impact on the way the game played out, which really kept me on edge because I wanted to do it right. I analyzed everything and made sure I picked the answer that I really believed. Then at the end I realized it didn't matter. I like the idea, it was a wonderful feeling that gave off, and an amazing way of portraying it, but it just is a bit misleading.

what did you say?can you please repeat?
i meant repeat once not 300 times!:/
9/10 5/5

The options, at best, led to a couple lines of different side dialogue. The endings were all the same. This reminds me of the Johnny in an Art Game that was on the FP not long ago, where all you did was go to the right until you jumped off of a building. It really seems pretty pointless.

If you had an opinion to express (and there seems to be one in there somewhere) you could have found a better way.

This was indeed a fuck up with the mind. i loved every piece of it. Everybody there is eternally cast with these problems that should not exist.
The part with that whole weightloss situation and that dreaded moment
It was like glimpsing into a world of repetition. its beautiful and disgusting in everyway.
and unfortunately... that is sort of how our lives work. revolving around the same areas the require "Improvement"

The music itself haunts the pixilated world and creates an euphoria of uneased blissed.
a little incorporation of insanity.
the loop... the loop can drive you mad. yet, its a comfortable madness. As if This was the song that played in your mind all day as you walked the streets and stared at the cracks in the floor. left foot, right foot.
with no meaning......

Truly.. beautiful

The game establish an opinion, twelve-step programs are useless, you can agree or not with that, but review this as another submision instead of rating 0 just because you don't like the idea.

Flawless graphics, an epic score, a deep and fluid storyline filled with intriguing characters and amazing levels of customization, this game is one of the greatest games I have ever experienced! Want to say something? You can! Sometimes even with a choice of several riveting options! Want to explore detailed settings in a vivid adventure full of thought provoking experiences? You can! As long as that to you means sitting in an 8-bit support group anyway. But honestly how is that not a fantastic experience to anyone! Wow! I wish there was an 11 star button, but if there way I would wish there was a 12 star one.

Pointless. The graphics are annoying, the music is annoying, and there's no variation. Can't help but feel like you made this game because you have some problem with twelve-step programs. Way to go.

Why is this front page? No offense Austin. it's not too bad. but its not "front page" good. the song should either be made longer or stripped. very little activity besides clicking and selecting a few chat options, which in the end did nothing.

It is a good idea, but a little too cynical for me...

Your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group?

Thats it?

The worst piece of shit game I have ever played, honestly, the graphics and infuriating music would be excusable if there was actually some meaning behind the game, but it is utterly devoid of any relevance to its topic matter. You have to make 3 decisions and none of them change the course of play in any way whatsoever, having tried a couple combinations to see if I was just not getting it right I can confirm this.

Quite simply, dont waste your time on this garbage.

One cos I saw worse, sorry, this is just bad. The music, the style, the whole thing. Leave this project and start from scratch.

First off, the game itself. Would it really be possible to make it even worse? With the sound, you get two choices - the most annoying, repetitive, torturous music I've ever heard or nothing. Then you go to choose the color of your pixel figure. You get a random assortment to shift through, with a mix-and-match feature similar to a preschool toy.
Finally, you reach the game, which is nothing but a big "FUCK YOU, BITCHES!" to support groups. The entire group is a joke. Facebook Addiction? Fat because of a second cup of coffee? Then, when you get over it, you have to go back because your problems are you? WTF?
This thing is the complete opposite of true support groups, and the actions take away any chance of psychological or physiological improvement. When done CORRECTLY, support groups is one of the most powerful kinds of therapy. When done as this flash is, it becomes useless bullshit.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that will sum up the flash pretty well: useless bullshit. Get this trash off the fucking front page, please.

But hey, man, at least you tried. 1 star for effort!

I for one go to AA and NA meetings and this is ridiculous and kind of insulting. I mean really? addicted to facebook? This was a waste of time and braincells.

well......for every one with a loading problem....right click and click forword..it will take you to the game :)
but austin,you still need to fix it so we don't have too

don't you think that might be the point? the idea that support groups are ineffective - or even counterintuitive/harmful? come on.

that being said, the game does drag. i liked it because it was so creepy and menacing, but i don't think i can muster the interest to sit through it again and see different dialogue. very interesting, though.

I don't think most people get the point of the game. Yes, the choices do not make the ending different, but maybe that's the point. As most support groups, problems do not get solved half the time, which can be seen here, so the message is clear to me at least.

Otherwise, the graphics and music were ok. I just had a problem getting this game to load and let me play it. I had to fast forward it by right clicking on the game.

The ending is the same no matter your choices. It even says that in the end! 3 stars for going through the trouble of making game though.

It wasn't long enough and there weren't enough options to really consider this a game, it was as well have been an animation.

Put more endings in, even if they are all negative. Maybe you get some people on your side then you get kicked out and start a new one that is similar... :P There are allot of places you could go with this.

It had potential. I like this type of interactive story game, but it's so short and the ending is the same no matter what I do. Certainly not frontpage material, but not the 0 some people give it.

Support groups are sinister, aren't they?

click click click click
oh. Finished already ? though it was the intro.

About a more constructive criticism, and for my "actions to cause progress in the development of future flash games" (whatever that means) the writing was somehow hard to read, too little i think.

And the subject isn't really motivational. I mean if i wanted to do a boring support group, i wouldn't do a virtual one.
It's like doing a flash about washing laundry and vacuum cleaning a room... Crap. i think we're gonna see a vacuum cleaning flash within 3 days.

there's some philosophy behind it, makes it more of a clever art game genre

Seriously this game, if you can call it that is a extremely boring game which regardless what you do has no effect no only that but really its no a game more of a interactive movie, and really how can this be good why all your doing it siting there making pointless choices to people that has no effect and a couple of seconds animation.

overall a very bland game with no achivable goal

I like this idea you are trying to present with this flash. The idea itself is nice as it tries to make a person feel insignificant and that one person cannot bring about change. The idea is nice but the main problem comes from that you didn't really want to do anything. The game itself is very choppy, the music isn't all that good, and the character interactions (The whole point of a support group) Have little to no effect on the outcome.

I know what your trying to say, and I know what you are trying to do but you should atleast let us feel that we can change the outcome not directly but indirectly. The idea of support groups is progress, and with this game there is no progress.

This is terrible.

After having to "fix" the game so as to play it, It is the players job to sit and read about self destructive psycho babble involving negative reinforcement. Also, I can see that it is well placed in the "adventure" genre. All that reading and the occasional mouse click, who wouldn't feel like they've had an adventure............The 8bit is an art style and like it or hate it, I myself like it, that should be inconsequential in rating a game. It is a style. If you hate it don't play then cry about it. Other than the style, I can't say I've gotten anything out of the game play. Art games should inspire or make you see things from a different, whether you like the view point or not, I can't quite say that I got anything from it.... Perhaps you could have added a back story, or an objective, or a point....... I did find the music appropriate for the style and the game play, although I might have had it stop or change when the mood of the "group" did. Congrats on the front page though, I wouldn't have bet on that one.....

I have the feeling that this is trying to convey some message. One that doesn't pertain to anybody outside of the gated communities. If I were to reach some sort of conclusion after playing through 3 times, its diluted. Helpless? Non-consequential? Insignificant? I shake hands with your grimace.
two for the eight bit. thats all/

So besides the music and the inability for the loader to work, I figured I'd give this game a chance... After five minutes of playing however, I noticed that there was no winnable objective. I mean isn't that the point of a game? I tried several different sets of answers, and realized that I either helped or didn't help the support group... I'm really confused if that meant I won or not... Also one of your phrases contained a spelling error:
"Whether or not you agreed or disagreedS, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group."

The loader is broken but just right click and choose play

...this is exactly the kind of "game" that gives art games a bad name.

First of all, it doesn't allow meaningful player interaction so there's no immersion; you might as well have written a three paragraph long short story for all we get out of it. What I mean by this is that if we can't change anything in the game, there is no point playing it to see if why can do better, so instead we quit after wasting 5 minutes of our time. Seriously, I've spent more time on this review than "enjoying" your game.

Second, there is the lack of emotional investment players have in the game and it's proceedings. If I don't care about any of the characters, why should what happens to them bother me? If you want us to care, put some effort into giving our character some interaction outside the group. Some games are long enough that we actually see character relationships develop.

Third, it has pointlessly bad graphics and irritating music. I don't know why so-called artists and hipsters think ugly, lame, and annoying is good, but it isn't. It's a horrible trend and I wish this faux-8bit junk would go away. At least if a game is attractive or cute we can associate some sort of positive emotion with it.

I know it may seem like being a sell-out to make a good game that people enjoy playing, but dammit I come here to play good games! If it weren't for the fact that all the other games that you made were also "art" games, I might think that this could be some excellently subtle critique of the pretentiousness of art games, but I don't.

Everyone Below me lies and there is no joke and it loads..right after i logged in
The game is 8bit style and it starts of as a circle of people discussing some stuff about them selves and you have to answer questions...I really have no idea what this is supposed to be anyways ;(

doesnt load?

First off, the broken loader is inexcusable. If you're going to put something up, it should work. If it doesn't, you should fix it. I appreciate that real life takes priority, but that doesn't fix the problem with the game.

However, let's judge the game on its merits beyond structural flaws. You have an interesting message of "Strong group think/influence is beyond change brought on by outsiders who either must join the hive mind or remain lonely in social exile." I can actually sense a level of scathing social commentary, though it could just as easily be the whining of an unpopular person sore over not being invited to a party. Interpretation is everything.

The problem is that your execution is utterly horrendous. The game doesn't have anything that allows something like this to get in your head. There is no level of it "messing with" or "playing tricks on" you. That stems from a complete lack of immersion. There's no time to get to know any of the characters, so there's no attachment or weight to anything they say. You can't feel bad when something goes poorly for them, and you can't feel bad about any insults they sling your way. The so shallow I could stand in a puddle of them and not get wet characterization might as well just be a sign around the characters' necks saying either "I'm sympathetic" or "I'm an asshole."

The player characters is even worse. You don't know the character any longer than anyone else, so you can't feel any level of sympathy for the struggle he's supposed to be going through or indeed anything for him at all. I think the point was for the player to project onto the character, but his choices are all on extremes of a choice spectrum while still being so incredibly bland that he doesn't sound at all like a real person. Your only choices are, "I'm bland and don't like this," "I'm bland but am ok with this," or "I'm am so bland that I both don't care and won't talk unless absolutely necessary." Because he feels like a crude imitation of person, I don't sympathize with him. The message put onto him is only on him, and I, the impartial observe at this point, am unaffected.

However, the absolute worst part is the ending. Though this game wasn't exactly subtle before, this was what solidified it. You completely removed any emotion the player could put into the experience themselves. Having the game put you in a situation where your choices don't accomplish anything and you see the evolution of that situation would foster a feeling of helplessness and get your point across. Ending the game by blatantly telling the audience how they're supposed to feel does not. You might as well have had the game start with a hand that has "Your opinion and efforts are meaningless and ineffectual" written on it slapping the player across the face, and then the game just stops.

That's how this whole game feels; a long series of stuff forced down your throat. The characterization amounts to every character feeling like a cardboard cutout, including your own character, and the ending doesn't even have the decency to let you come away from it with your own feelings. It has to explicitly tell you how you're supposed to feel. That is why this game, outside it's somewhat interesting message, is terrible.

and how is that fun? even if that is the point to this "game", a game should have something to do. If it's a joke on the player, its a bad one.

This is a brilliant submission precisely because there is a joke, and it involves the player. Like the Comedian from the Watchmen, the world is a joke, and only those who see it, laugh.

The message of this flash is exactly what people are complaining about: your actions don't matter. You are futile. There is nothing you can do to contribute in any meaningful way. You cannot connect to others' problems, in spite of the objective of these meetings. You are merely an observer, and nothing you do will change the outcome of these people's lives.

You don't play Paul (or Wendy). The game plays you.

I didn`t get it.

that one can be so cruel yet say that they are your friend.

So it seems.

This game reminds us of the fact that we cannot change other people's prejudices.

But it is kinda interesting...anyways what made you pick the name Paul? :P

this game was really bad

I understand the message here in the game, it's pretty clear to anyone who's ever gone/been forced to go to any of these nonsense support groups.

Even still, there just isn't any gameplay going on here...none whatsoever, it's a cool idea but you need to do a lot more with it before it'll be anything resembling a fun game.

There isn't much gameplay and considering it doesn't matter what you do, you always end with the same results. This makes it understandable that all these people give the game an extremely low rating.

I think I get what this game is about, and it's pretty obvious. It's exactly, 100% what the philosophy of support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous teaches you. Without the struggle, you are nothing. You are always an addict and can not stop being an addict by yourself. In fact, you can't even quit drinking by yourself. Then apparently you're looked down upon as just a "dry drunk". Because clearly you can't stop drinking without AA, right? And you can't stop being an alcoholic; if you're an alcoholic once then you're an alcoholic for life.

Personally knowing people who've attended and been brainwashed by AA, this game didn't tell me anything new - but I'm surprised and kind of saddened the people who played the game and gave it a 0 or 1 didn't realize that this is kind of abuse is going on every single day.

Although this is essentially a dull game with a strong message, I wouldn't normally give it a 10 - but I feel like I must do it because of everyone who's given it an ignorant 0.

All you do is litsen to people go on about problems in thier lives. There is NO real way to interact with the game, and when you do chose your diolouge, it has no effect on the outcome of the game. The graphics are pixels, which I do not normally mind, but the text is boring and there is nothing to look at. You need to add A LOT.

It's a poorly made artistic statement full of pretencious ideas that anyone with a high school degree could come up with. If you want to beat people over the head with whatever "gem" you took from college take it elsewhere.

Are there actually mutual endings? I'm on like my 13th playthrough and I get the same ending every time. I would rate it higher if there were more endings...

"Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group."

Good to know that half way through I stopped caring and just answered neutrally, I mean, I've been having trouble sleeping recently, I think you've fixed that though. Boring game which I would've found fun had it not just gone no where. Seriously, give me an actual purpose for being there, is it AA? Rape Survivors? Rage Against Twatlight Fans? What? WHAT?!

Please, I ask you to make a sequel. I only ask you to do this so it can be ellaborated on more. I don't mean to come across as ignorant, I just want a quality flash game from the front page is all. Please, if you make a sequel, personally PM so I can play it. Anyway, I like you're other games, just this one rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, nothing you create will ever surpass Magic Pink Man. That was your masterpiece. >:'(


The first time I played through the "game" I had no idea it was a choose your own story type of game. I thought It was an introduction. In my second play through of the game, I selected an entirely different group of answers, resulting in little to no change character dialogue, and no real change in the outcome of the game. I played a third and final time, resulting in yet another identical outcome and story. It would have made a decent intro to a real game, but it had no real substance. I would have liked to have seen it followed by a game in which you tactically alter the opinions of the group and over throw the game, or an RPG, even a "Trapped" type game. On an uplifting note, I found the developing concept to be interesting. If you re-released with a more mainstream style game appended, I would be happy to play. Give it another try.

Okay let's start off with the loading. How do you not fix a front page submission's loading problems within the first week of release? It just seems like a critical thing you would want to fix.

On to the game. It started off with the possibility of being somewhat neat and possibly thought provoking, but it all seemed so dull. The graphics were nothing special, and you didn't even bother with walking animations for the guy that gets up and gets a drink.

I played it a few times, and I gotta say, I didn't feel a difference. Some of the prompts didn't even change the response you got, i.e. the question about why you were there.

I don't often give 1 star ratings to submissions, and I can't remember ever giving one to a front page, but I have to make an exception for this. Not only did the game not provoke any ideas or thoughts, it didn't even really change based on how you played.

Wow thanks for telling me that not everyone can make a change in a stranger's life especially one whom i just recently met in a support group. If there is some underlying message here its easily overlooked.
so no meaning= No Art (debatable)
and if this is not artsy game.......its just a game.....and this isn't good enough to stand alone as "just a game"

4 stars......and thats pushing it.....

To everyone who is having loading issues, read the author comments and follow the instructions.

no game no star.

To be honest, I like interpretive games, where it illustrates some problem with society or people by putting it in an interactive game. This is not interactive.

Choosing dialogue options that have no affect on the game's outcome and only affect the content of a couple of text boxes is not interactive. The game should be affected by your actions, not almost completely disregard them. And since dialogue is all that happens in the "game," then why is it so short?

Yes, I get the meaning suggested here (or, at least, I think so). But this isn't a site where games are rated based on their illustration of society's (or people's) problems, it is where games are rated based on their entertainment value. I'll give credit for the idea, but since I got almost no fun out of getting the same ending no matter what I chose, I can't give this a score higher than 3.

I mostly agree with musik-of-anarchy, why don't different choices do different things? they only affect the next line of dialogue and that's pretty much it. And why always the same ending? you'd expect that totally disagreeing with their sponsor or whatever would shake the foundation of their group a bit, at least plant a seed in the others heads. it'd be okay if what you choose actually effects the outcome, because otherwise it doesn't make much sense to play this game at all. I can't tell, were you anti-support group in general or were you trying to say that everythings pointless and no matter what you do nothing changes? Either way I can't agree with you, a few more endings and I think it'd be a bit clearer.

I did see potential here, I especially enjoyed the story created by the dialogue between the characters. This game, though some what bland, really interested me, I guess I wanted to know exactly what was really going on with this "support" group. I would really love to see this fleshed out into a full length game some time. I can see it being a great survival point and click adventure.

ill give you a 10 to compensate all the idiots putting a score of 1. you deserve more, this game i actually liked it, the music made the mood, and took intrest in it. May not be the best one around (surely not) but you made me stay playing for 5 minutes, more than 90% of movies and games here make me stay.
Keep it up bro. I know you can do it.

the only way to really winning here is to not be in the support group, be an individual, the point of a support group is to get Over your struggle, not relive it and fall back down.

Good game for the most part but no real olot oint plus its just the same ending over and over so why bother...

I am baffled as to how this bug-filled, single-message game with an interactive value of zilch got on the front page. I understand a lot of effort goes into making a game, but when a game gets put on the front page I expect it to be either playable, interactive, thoughtful, or at least not full of bugs. I understand you have finals but please make the effort worthy of a front pager when you have something on the front page.

First the load screen was messed up, I recommend making sure your code works. Second, the music was mind numbing, I don't know if that was done on purpose or what but I had to do this with music off. Third, this wasn't even a game, a game is something that you can win or lose in, this is a toy at best. I completely understand that you are trying to make an artistic point and I sympathize with that.

Fourth, here's the thing, if you're using a game to get across an idea, make it fun or at least rewarding. I've playied some really depressing flash games that were both beautiful and rewarding in the game play. This was monotonous, and caused me (and I'm sure other players) to become actually resistant to your idea, like being forced to read a book. You might enjoy it if you chose it but it's just a bother if you're not given a choice.

And lastly, my biggest issue is philosophical. Choices are defined by the actions reactions. Two choices cause two different outcomes, the moments in life where your choices don't matter are few and far in between. In this game, no matter what, it's the same outcome. Maybe if you just fix that part this might be an okay game but right now it's just another example of half-thought pixo-sophical games.

if right click n play dnt work try right click then forward thats how i got on it but everytime i cum to jonj if i agree or not it jus ended good idea jus put a bit more effort in n 2geva we can overcum our struggle, cuz if u dnt struggle u aint living

I really have no idea what this game is about. I played through it three times and got the same message at the end regardless of how I steered the conversation...

When I disagreed I lost, when I agreed, I lost, when I said nothing, I lost and kept getting the message that I did not help the support group progress...

To be honest? If I wanted to instead go to a support group, I would sniff some glue and check myself into rehab instead. I don't get the point of this as a game..I kept expecting something to happen and it never did, I got kicked out of group for not making fun of the fat guy with everyone else.

The load screen is messed up, but I was able to get passed that. Then there was the "game" itself. It really wasn't a game, it was more of an interactive movie where the choices you make don't even matter. The music was annoying and gave me a headache, but luckily you gave to option to turn it off, to which you get at least a one.

I'm not to sure how you got this made the front page, but it wasn't good at all

if the loading screen isnt working: right click and then click "play" or something like that.

it doesn't finish loading man
but dude, how is it possible that people vote a 6?
and how is it possible that this is on de front page

Doesn't finish loading... ever

though i cant load it if the loading screen is my support group
it works wonders... it tells me nice storys and stops loading while it does that...
actually when i click on the game the loading bar is almost full and its been like this for quite some time...

imma give it one because of the finish, that nothing u said helped :P that was a good idea, tho the rest sucked so hard. i have never rated this low before EVER!

first time on newgrounds i have given something no stars ...i have been on this site for three years

I'm sorry dude..that was just...the entire time I have been on newgrounds I have never zero'ed anything from the front page... and if I don't like something I usually don't even bother writing a review. I'm suprised it even made it up to the front, truth be told. There was obviously some thought in this, but it wasn't the right thought for the theme, wasn't enough thought into it...it doesnt remind me of a support group at all, more like my science professor's lecture.

After playing this game I have come to two conclusions, this is about an entirely broken and dysfunctional support group and this is a slap in the face to the field of psychology. Of course one person can make a difference, there's enough negative stigma around therapy out there without heaping more onto the pile. The lack of interaction not withstanding, I just couldn't enjoy this or the point it was trying to make.

You know, I try to stay open minded, but this was absolutely one of the worst examples of flash I've seen since newgrounds. The music made me want to blow my brains out, the dialogue was terrible, and the whole concept was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

You got a 2 because I could actually turn the music off btw.

If this was some half ass attempt school project, then fine. Otherwise, I would recommend you stay away from flash and do something more useful, like join a congressional lobbying committee, which is actually a step up in your case.

ok, I see what you were trying to do here, and I get that it's an experimental "game", I just dont feel you pulled it off with aplomb. its an interesting idea I grant you, but for it to really work you need more dialogue choices, more conversation "paths" and a more satisfying conclusion to each path. The story, or what little story there is, is strong but it needs more grounding. Once again, I see what you were trying to do but it just didnt get there for me 3/10 2/5

pretty in-depth stuff. i only started to realise the cultish ways about the group until he started talking to that girl about her facebook problem. great job.

Is this actually a game?

Like said before this isn't really since you choices don't seem to matter.
This is more like a silent-stop-motion-flash-movie.
The conversations aren't very interesting, they aren't funny nor serious.
The graphics are as basic as can be.
The music is very annoying but at least you can choose to turn it off.

It was ok but it could definatly be more exiting. but (sorry for starting a sentance with a conjunction) for the most part it was ok just ok

What was the point of this game. Nothing I did changed the outcome. I thought the message at the end was some sort of game over you lose thing. Not a moral.

But contains very mediocre writing. I don't like leaving comments like this because they don't seem constructive, but if you're trying to create a conceptual game you really need to make sure that your writing is solid. Right not it plays like a an angry juvenile short story.

I wish I could display some indiscriminate justice on those assholes, they felt like they were some sort of brain washing bastards whose intention was to make things worse

I've refreshed it 10 times. The loading bar shows varying degrees of almost done loading...

Your game does not work.

THIS GAME WAS SO FUNNY, its a point and click not much happens in the genre of games but this definitely made my day (hopefully a 2nd :]). One minor thing I had to reload like 2 times for it to work no biggie sense my computers pretty fast but yeah you should probley fix it

why is this a game about bieng in a support group with a bunch of assholes?

So, first off I notice the loading screen is busted. Once I got the game to play I found the diologue to be interesting, but out of context for anything I said. I played through it three times only to find that none of the options garnered any change in the conversation, except for one window. It's not an art game unless it can clearly give it's message, which it doesn't.

That is not a bad concept, but it gets really boring... maybe you could just include this in like a life sim game...

As much as I hate these kind of games that are minimal-interactive movies, at least you were upfront about it in the end. I couldn't help but be reminded of Heavy Rain after this, because that game hyped so much about big decisions affecting the plot in tremendous ways. But most of what you thought would change things ended up making virtually no difference.

The only thing I appreciate about this that it's different, and progressive from the time when Newgrounds was little more than action games and gory movies. I'm sorry I don't really have anything constructive to say about your work, but this isn't so much about the piece itself as the genre in whole.

Sorry man, giving this a zero. I still can't play it after about a week and a half. Also there's no option when I right click to "play" to advance it. My constructive criticism is that you make your next game play able. They should take this down if people can't play it.

You're trying to say that we can't make a difference? No matter what I do I don't make a difference in the group, so I assume that's what you were going for.

I'm sorry, but this really isn't much of a game. The main character's responses don't make sense to the questions being asked and there's absolutely no replay value. I had no problems with the graphics though. They're really cute. And making the main character customizable was a great touch.

The entire thing is dialogue, not particularly interesting dialogue either. Nothing happens.

why is this on the front-page????

Haha, I really liked it..especially the graphics! Rock hard! :)

If it where submitted as a movie it would probably be a little better than mediocre. No offence but as a game it kind of sucks. While I get the whole retro thing, the graphics could use much improvement.

it was ok but i did not understand what it was made for someone please tell me?!?!?!

The game is broken.

refreshed 10 time in a row, tried the same in 3 different days, it's not definitely working.

Somewhere in the game i got this message:
'Whether or not you agreed or disagreeds, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group.' and then couldn't proceed.

Also, i don't get the point of this game. What is your goal, purpose, what are you working to?

it dosent load

The animation is lazy, there is no advancement besides dialogue, and there is no point. I have tried three different times, doing all different things, and received no different ending. To boot, there is a glitchy loading screen, as well as no return to the main menu once I "finish" the game. I feel like this should not be on the front page, and I don't know how it got there, I am really sorry to say.

This game is really boring, you have no objective and really your decisions have no effect. I don't really understand the point of this game so a low rating from me.

Though there is that glitchy loading page, this game is still pretty nifty in my book. It would be considered an art game, and I figured out the whole "message" behind it. It does take a couple of playthroughs, but still.

I hope to see more from you.

But please, that title screen song was really really annoying, and I love 8-bit.

so what are you really supposed to do with this game just keep clicking. you really dont do anything. sorry its boring

alot of bugs need to be fixed. it won't load first of all, of course you can by pass this problem by rightclick>play but as far as i'm concerned, it's just bad. music is annoying, and the game is just more irritating to try and play than it is even slightly amusing. the buttons were quite unresponsive when clicked the game is COMPLETELY unplayable perhaps if it was actually playable it might be fun but this game is a flop. sorry, but please try something else next time.

Here's a fun tip: Right Click, Click play!

This game is exactly what you expect, a support group. It seems no matter what you do, the game results in the same way. That is, you did nothing to influence anything. That is why I like this game.

...soRRy BUt BoRing...

Alot of people dont like this game, but I thought it was fuan and enjoyable, good idea

Do not nix some pixel screens, an ubstractive story and try to hit the Artistic status.Its not these that make it. Canabalt is Art in its own terms.This is crap

This game will not even load for me. I don't want to give it an UN fair judgment and rate it a 0 because I'm not sure what the gameplay is like, but judging below I'm not really missing out. You get a 2, just because I feel nice.

i think the meaning of this game is this:
You can Follow the group trying to fit or you can Stand up for yourself. It doesn't matter through, that's just you, the other people may like the group or need it.Sometimes you have to shut up and take it or leave it. Neither you agree with the group or disagree with it doesn't change the fact that other people need and and YOU are in it. Maybe you have a problem, maybe not. Even through if yo, have a problem, you probably will deny it and therefore need the help of the group,but since you are in denial you will close yourself to the suggestions of the group. But you are not the only the in the group, and other may have hence the neither you agree or disagree statement.

Or maybe that the group just sucked balls so even if you agreed it didn't matter since the group didn't really helped nobody and everybody would always fall back into the group after any progress (maybe because of a low self-esteem, as many of the characters showed to have).

Maybe this is an attempt to educate the newgrounders and teach them that not every game can be won. I dont know for sure, but that's what i think and Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, that's up to you.
Peace out, dogz :-).

Is this a game?
and if it is, why is in the top 10 games.
come on man, this is a video that you can change little parts of the dialoge.

u a good man, austin breed

I am a huge fan of your work, but i feel like this is phoning it in. I kept clicking after the session was over thinking that this was the first level. I feel like there is a story to be told here, but it needed to be more to be told. The sessions in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest weren't only told in one go and i don't think this should be either.

I'm giving the game a review of zero because that's what it deserves as a game. As a joke however, I'm sure it could manage around four out of ten. I mean... you go through the game choosing options and then at the end it says "LOL this wasn't a game at all! Joke's on you, you were just pressing buttons!" In a game the protagonist would have been able to take a stand and make a difference, you wouldn't just go away if they told you to- that would just be like losing the game.

PS. WarpZone's review is awesome.

PPS. This is on the front page... Why is that?

I would rather sit down and discuss the politics of wasteland slave-traders with Joanne Lynette in Fallout 2 than play this game again. And yes, I played the tedious thing all the way through twice, using exactly opposite answers, just to see if I could get anything interesting to happen.

There. Is. No. Game. Here. There's not even an interesting story. There's just Austin portraying some sort of fictional Group as a horrifying cult of pure evil, but not actually giving the player any meaningful input choices whatsoever.

In real life, a person stuck in the player's situation would have all sorts of options available to him, including biting sarcasm, passive-aggressive jabs disguised as helpful comments, blatant aggression, trolling, making up random shit for amusement purposes just to see if he can get the group to believe it, personal attacks on the group leader, appeal to religion, appeal to morals, actively complimenting the people the group leader is trying to cut down, threatening to go to the police, up to and including physically slapping the group leader just to break his momentum.

Human beings are not this easily led. And it would have taken, at most, 30 or 40 extra lines of text to implement some interesting dialogue options and some unique endings. I have literally done more typing to complain about this game than it would take to fix it.

So it fails as a game (The "Is this music the most horrible and annoying sound in the known universe and is it raping your ears until they bleed? yes/no" dialogue at the start was a good hint of things to come,) and it fails as a simulation. Maybe it was intended as art?

Let's see. Bad graphics. Bad sound. Pixel Art. Square wave tones. Underlying theme of oppression. Single one-trick pony gameplay gimmick. Yep, I think it's safe to say this has all the earmarkings of being intended as art.

Does it succeed as art? Generally the purpose of art (at least since the 70s) is agreed upon (at least in theory) to be to incite deep thoughts and insights in the audience that views the art, and to do this in a subtle and indirect manner so that the audience thinks his emotional response or clever insights were his idea.

Then you put a little plaque next to the art fucking explaining what the artist said it means so particularly stupid gallery-goers don't walk away with the fucking wrong impression.

In that sense, I would have to say no, it completely falls flat as art. Apparently Austin thinks Support Groups are run by evil bastards more interested in growing the group than in actually helping anyone solve their problems, and that individual participation in the group does not allow the participant to effect the outcome. Nothing I just said is an astounding artistic insight. Austin made these points in the most blatant and ham-handed way possible, and follows it up with an insult to the player's intelligence by not bothering to even flesh out the response tree.

You could generalize it and say he was actually using Support Group as a metaphor for religion, or politics, or try and claim that it was a treatise on the illusion of Choice, but I think these interpretations give the author way too much credit. The fact is, there is not enough content here, explicit or implied, to really explore those topics.

The only way I could see this working would be as a parody of shitty flash games. The self-aware way it bends over backwards trying to be extremely retro in the most annoying way possible! The tedious exploration of emo bullshit that makes up the subject matter! The pretense at gameplay, culminating in the reveal that there was no gameplay at all! I could say it cleverly deconstructs games-are-art by using the medium to mock itself as a genre.

I could, and I won't, because again I think that's giving the artist too much credit. At the end of the day, this is just a bad game pretentiously disguised as art, not the other way around.

intriguing premise, but as others have said it barely qualifies as a game. It's not too terribly entertaining, and I found myself hating the entire group and uninterested in playing. "Paul"/"Wendy" seems like potentially the only decent person in the lot, and even that depends on the conscience of the player. Truly, I see no redeeming qualities of the "support group" and thus the game is rendered an emotionless and interest-less void.

Given that it seems a functional game and at least played itself out quickly and didn't waste too much time, I can give it a four for functionality, I guess.

4/10, 2/5.

Very ambitious of you to do this.

I gotta say though, it was only barely even an interactive story, not a game.

If your point was to show that an individual in group therapy can't affect the larger group, it's such a constricted story that it feels impossible to really explore that. I really liked the real world setting, and the idea of interacting within that setting, but there just wasn't too much choice, and the idea that you can't have an affect in group therapy is just plain flawed.

no u cant it only gives flash player setting theres too many bugs to be good

Between the problems with the loading, the spelling errors in a text-based game, and the lack of difference depending upon which answers you choose, the game is flawed. My automatic thought is to try and change the group over to my side, but the answers never took me towards that. You gave this type of game a shot but sadly it did not work out. 1/5 2/10

It just tells a story. There's no way of changing that story, whatever choices you make. So, it's not a game.

Don't try to make it look deep, interesting, or whatever. I thought that "have faith" was the only bad game you made. I realise that actually, none of your submissions are games.

Maybe you ARE trying to make us think about something, about faith, addictions, abuse, or whatever. But since those "games" last less than 5 minutes, I just raise an eyebrow, try to understand what you meant and then move on since there's nothing to understand.

You prove that you can make flash animations with some meaning, a reflexion, etc. Now if you want to go further, make a game. A real one.

the group leader is corrupt. forceing people to keep there problems so he keeps his job.

it's the same case for many other things in society. yet most people have no idea how far it really go's. it go's into torture and murder of people just to make money. how does it go this far? check out the health care system. they are 100% corrupt in heart disease and other things as well. they say cholesterol causes heart attacks when it actually helps heal your bodys inflammation and inflammation is what causes heart attacks. so yes saturated fats are healthy and good for you and cause zero heart disease.
they also say soy is healthy when it is actually very toxic. Infants exclusively fed soy-based formula have 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula.
all these lies, bullshit and fear tactics are just to make them rich. they don't care about anyone. they currently use soy to exterminate people in USA prisons. they treat you like vermin.

yet these things are part of the world and the world loves it's own.

As many have said before, there's only one outcome to the game. I replayed twice, changing tactics and I still came to the same ending.... I wanted to give this a better review, but I honestly can't.

Graphics: 8-bit is awesome if incorporated into an active game, but this was just text bubbles and a guy going to get coffee.... not that great. 1/10

Sound/Music: Kinda depressing chiptune track looping over and over.... I should have clicked "NO" at the beginning.... 2/10

Gameplay: Again, just clicking a choice response... not engaging and has very little appeal for replay value. 1/10

I love old-school 8-bit styled games, but this is just bland and dull.... I would recommend a little bit more interactivity. Also, different outcomes would have helped. I think you had a great idea with this but let it fall way too short. Sorry... but I have to give this a 1/5 and a 2/10....

If I'm reading the ending correctly, it says I made no difference in their progress. It doesn't say they didn't make any progress, it just says I didn't make a difference.

And if I didn't know that a character's opinions are not those of his creator, I'd be starting a flame war now. The leader of the support group came across as a huge piece of scum to me...
...which shows how good your writing was. 9/10; the music and graphics could use some work.

I see what you're doing here...

Hope others do as well

I really didn't get it.... It seems like whatever I do, I get the same message at the end. Since when does one person's response stop the other people in the group from making progress? Unless you try to center the group on you or resist everything they say, it doesn't seem like it would affect everyone else's "progress". The discussion was going nowhere and fast. The only thing that made any sense to me was the diet thing. On the other hand, the girl said she got over her addiction, but the leader says she needs the struggle or whatever... What's wrong with overcoming your addiction and never going back? People can live without Facebook... Anyway, 2/5 because I didn't understand it and I got the same reponses and endings every time, except for the last response, which I got either "leave" or it ended with Jon saying "you're right guys".

But to be honest, this one did not really get to me. Usually your games are different from most games, perhaps in ways some people do not enjoy, but in a way that I do because they make me think or at least approach games with a greater appreciation. With this game, I did not get this same feeling, it feels more like an anti-game for the sake of being an anti-game.

You still do great work, I just think you need to make sure you don't forget what it is that makes your games so interesting.

"whether or not agree or disagreedS <typo?, your actions caused no development in the support group.

However, i wanted to pick a fight with the punk. aww.... or at least throw a brick at a emo.

too bad would've like to play it.

Mainly it was a timewaster. not really interesting.
Also, to the reviewers, don't let newgrounds become like yahoo news. that zzjjj6 guy is being abusive with his comments and should be reported.

Worst game I've played this week . I got tired of them insulting every single person .

game wouldnt even load for me so ya it sucks

Wow, a game that actually makes me despise group therapy! Thanks!

You must nto liek support groups very much..
But this was a poor submission compared to other things you have done.
You can do better than this. seriously.

All I can say is, please listen to reviewers such as Greenviper. I know you can do better than this.

I'm tempted to not give any stars at all, but I did like the very last scene where the support group show their true colors.

i dunno why but i laughed a lot at this game its like so ridiculous

You made this game incredibly boring.

The game is trying to create either A) a creepy/psychological setting or B) an actual message against abusive groups. I can't say which because, unfortunately, this is where any and all, "Deep," thought is gone.
Far too much reading for a game with very little effort in some parts. The music is monotonous, ergo a mute button rather than a start-up choice. I didn't really even understand the premise of the game until a little ways in and even then it's far too vague to get what you're going for.
It ended way too soon, WAY too soon, and all in all? It just feels a little lazy. I think it has potential if you take it back and tweak it QUITE a bit, replace the music or put in a mute button and make it a little bit more interactive, but otherwise it's not a good game, nor even a decent artistic statement.

this is retarded. im in med school and this is just absurd.

All your choices lead to the same ending. It just felt like a lazy kid was making a game with the same script and threw choices in there just to make it seem like your doing something when you're not.

you mispelled naive and put a 5 after disagreed

I liked the concept, but the fact that i had to read the same conversation over and over again with no way of knowing idid the 'right' thing is annoying.

First, to all of the reviewers who stated that the game was deep and philosophical and others simply didn't get it: I like how you never name or address the philosophical issue that is brought up by this flash. Stop trying to sound like an intellectual.

The game itself is dull, the looping music is annoying. Instead of asking the user in the beginning (when I had no clue if it was going to be annoying or not) you should of just had a mute button that could be accessed the entire time. It seemed lazy. In fact, everything about this game seemed lazy. All choices led to the same ending, and it wasn't even attempted to hide that. The ending expressly states that "whether you agree or disagree" which shows you didn't put any thought/effort into it. Twisted and abusive support groups are indeed a problem, yes, but this flash accomplishes nothing.

Don't get me wrong, the idea is great. I was actually starting to get interested when the guy came back with his second cup of coffee. Here I thought that the game would be based around some sort of social engineering premise that might allow you to cause change. But the game never allows for that, ends too abruptly, and quite frankly only portrays that the problem it tries to point out is inevitable.

Not worth anyone's time. Just like your last few games. You are trying to make points and be edgy but it's not working. I know I know, in a sea of reviews you are not going to read mine probably, but please if you do read this hear me out. I'm not trying to poke fun, but I've played your other games. You cannot sacrifice gameplay for message. A good game is a strong mix of both. The games you are making have good messages I guess, kinda on the edgy side but whatever, but you are losing gameplay to try and better get that message across. With a poor delivery you only get poor results on that end.

Not the best game in the world, music is annoying (but there's the option to turn it off at the start), but it made me think. You either become a member of the group or you have the courage to be an individual; you can't do both.

A support group that is really a horrible support group, and based on everyone's reviews no matter what you do or say you can't alter it. Hmmm, am i looking for artistic meaning here where it isn't? Is this really a story of how even if you speak out against evil you only get reprimended, or stay silent knowing that people are attacking others be it physically or emotionally? Or am i looking for meaning where there is none? I honestly have no clue. But it raised enough of a question in my mind for me to give this a few stars.

Besides the loading bug and, as everyone before has said, the lack of meaningful interactivity or decision-making, the grammar and spelling were atrocious. "I am problemed"? Really?

that I've ever played. The music is annoying, the graphics are pointless, the dialogue is overly simplistic. People in cultish or abusive types of groups are not THAT obvious and that forthright with outsiders right from the beginning. All choices lead to the same thing, and tell me, what the hell is "progress" in this group, anyway. If I were part of a group where people were actually like that (so pathetic) I would tell them they all deserve to drink some special kool-aid.

I really do not get the point of this sorry, the dialouge was very dumb. A support group that annoys every member for there pass addicion after they overcame it, yells at the new comer for being right . As the character says in the game, "Stop doing this."

... you wasted my time with this game?

If my clicking of choices altered nothing... what's the point?
This isn't a game, then.
It's a book.

No matter what I do I always got the same result "Whether or not you agreed or disagreeds, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group." This isn't a game, its philosophical concepts pushed into a game and whether you agree or disagree the game says, "you didnt do anything worthwile" frankly this game showed some promise as far as a "deep game" goes, but didnt pull through on any aspects... maybe I'm wrong and there is like one perfect string of answers you can do, but that would be incredibly lame and unphilisophical

omg, i will try again tomorrow. 10/10 to help ya.

I get it, you're trying to be deep and philosophical with simple pixel art, but the problem this game runs into is that there isn't really a difference no matter what you do, and you can't slap "har har har that was the point" on to this and make it a decent game. The fact everything repeats itself with difference choices makes it seem lazy. The drive behind these types of games is to see something different everytime you play, so the player can see choices and consequences that have meaning. This could of just as well been a terrible short movie, try again next time and remember VARIATION!

This was just an awful game. At first I thought the music was alright, but now jeesh! And the dialouge was very dumb. A support group that annoys every member for there pass addicion after they overcame it, yells at the new comer for being right, and the one speech about the fat guy? Dumb. As the character says in the game, "Stop doing this."

This was pretty interesting, and very philosophical - I feel it has the same problem as Inception - If people didn't get it, they did not like it.

Before posting a comment, you should really ask yourself: Did I get it?

Anyways the game was very intersting, and brought up alot of philosphical issues. Nice job.

The game started off somewhat interesting, but it became apparent quickly that regardless of what you said it did nothing to change the outcome. Don't bother programming choices into a game unless they actually do something to affect the game. It's like programming a jump button for a game, but not giving it enough height to clear the first gap in the level.

I would suppose that if you were trying to convey that support groups offer no support and that as you say you can do nothing to help anyone in these, then I'd say first off that you couldn't be more wrong. Secondly even that's a stretch as the game is too short and spends too much time on this weird tangent of the leader's philosophy on struggling=living.

Also I'm perplexed by the music question at the beginning. Were you so sure the music was annoying that you gave people the option to remove it right away? Either way the music added nothing to the game's atmosphere.

This is worse than One Chance.
Do I need to say more?

I hate that group leader person....

It didn't really make any sense...


Most of the things you say don't even change the immediate response from the other members, and nothing you do changes the long term. There are no different story lines, and the ending is the same every time. It seems like all the characters are conspiring to make everyone think they have a problem that they don't, so I'm not too sure what the message is supposed to be since it's supposedly a "support group," and I'm not sure I'm completely gathering the message. The ending makes it fairly obvious, but without that last text box blatantly telling me that nothing has changed, I don't feel like I could gather what was going on. I didn't give it a 0 because even though it doesn't seem like there was very much planning involved, it was pretty obvious that you know why you were doing it. I guess.

Also, for everyone else, if you can't get it to play, refresh the page when the loading bar is almost full. It seems to give you the play button when you do that, since right clicking doesn't give you a "play" option (or at least, it didn't for me.)

It was alright, really had me thinking, but no matter what decisions I made, the ending always ended with "Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group." Is that the only ending? Because if it is, this was a very bland game.. It would be nicer if things actually changed with every decision.

.......... If mine would load

his isn't even a game, or a movie, its just a sad trek where you click a few buttons that don't even affect the progress of this... "Flash" . This doesn't make sense even as social commentary. The perfect example of that would be "The Game", where it allows you to have some fun while throwing in some funny insights on the world as the messed up pace it is. This isn't relevant or charming, its just junk.

the gane works wich earns it a point. its creative,a point, deals with real problems,a point, get to make your own caracters decidions a point. but the game is pointless and has no style. minus six points....all in all just a waste of time

did you go to a narcanon?

DISCLAIMER: Wherever you see "game", I mean "Video Game".

It's not that I don't like social commentary in games. It's not that I don't think games shouldn't be artistic. It's not that I think serious themes don't have a place in gaming culture.

It's that, first and foremost, GAMES ARE FUCKING GAMES!

Let me give that a moment to sink in.

Okay? Let's move on to why a series of menu screens is not a game.

The theme behind this game is excellent. I do like wrestling with the idea that we must have problems to be human beings. I feel like he kind of missed a lot of the point--in that the problems at-hand are supposed to change as we grow as human beings, but whatever. Still made a point.

However, do not label something a game when it is clearly not a game. This is worse than Heavy Rain, which was a cg-animated movie with a few token quick time events. This didn't even have the token quick time events. The point of a game is not to allow you to have multiple endings. The point of a game is to be an interactive, challenging storytelling medium. And while this is technically interactive, it is not challenging in the least, nor is it anything more than a choose-your-own-adventure book with graphics. Games must embrace the fact that they are, in fact, GAMES in order to function as an artistic medium.

Although the fact that they are called "games" may have something to do with why they aren't taken seriously. Interactive Storytelling Medium? Challenge-Based Interactive Novel? Nah, those sound retarded. Maybe I should start something in the forum to come up with a name...

I dont want to divulge too much about my issues but i have been to support groups and there are some pretty fucked up ones out there this would be a prime example of the group leader acting like a pompous dick assuming whats best for everyone according to his ideas, this is not how you heal..

Anyway i liked the idea, i liked the message 9/10 5/5

its a nice quick thing and even though what you say doesn't matter much in the long run its interesting. They counseling seems to be the exact opposite of a normal counsel group. Overcoming one's problem is seen as bad and it seems that the people overcome their problem by themselves and then the counseler trys to spiral them back into their problems. such as when asked why you are there. if you say that you have a problem you are still talked down as if you said you didn't have one. and when the man in the end it seemed from what the counseler had said that he had "put off weight" and then the group was talking about how he had gained weight and let them down. maybe i misread that part but that confused me. its a nice little story but due to how short it is and how little interaction your choices have i gave it a 7.

by: Crypto145
"Every time I try the only thing different is a tiny change in text responses with the end result being the same: 'Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group.' ... And by the way, one fucked-up support group."

You completely missed the point of this game. It always makes me sad to see Austin Breed's games, which are really just a way for him to present powerful social messages, get low ratings because people aren't able to see what he's trying to say. I've always been a fan of your solo projects; they always seem to make me look at something differently after I've played through them. This is certainly another great presentation.

Keep up the good work.

Right Click and press play to skip the loading screen. Anyways 7/10, decent idea, but could use a little more.

I get what you were trying to do, but I think there could have been better ways to make this.

BTW, the last part at the end reminded me of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

I get what's going on here. The group master is taking advantage of people's problems. It's a nice concept, and pixel art seems to be one of the best ways to approach this type of game. It has nice replayability, but could use some improvement. It's alright like it is, and all in all it's a nice little game to kill some time with.

I've tried this game about...four times to try and get a different outcome, but every time I try the only thing different is a tiny change in text responses with the end result being the same: "Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group."

Is there something I'm missing here cuz I am not seeing anything that would denote thing flash getting much more than a four.

And by the way, one fucked-up support group.

You're loading screen that doesn't work/freezes is ruining your ratings. Slowly.
Have a nice day. I hope you don't have to go to any Anger Management meetings after seeing all these crap ratings.

There's a problem with the game, the loading screen doesn't work.
I am sure that many people including me were very eager to play this game.
I was expecting it to be good, but you gave a big letdown by this problem.
You sir, get a 6.

If it's not loading. right click the screen then left click play. it's right above loop

what a bunch of assholes.

this game is boring and the characters are unlikeably, waste of time. why is this on the front page? did you fellate wade fulp?

Wtf!! it wont load T_T i didn't want to score you 0 on a game i haven't played but i really wanted to play this and cant so im being a bit bitter about the score. Now I'm sure its a great game but im a bastard and so is this frozen loading screen.

I love this, it seems like a mystery film. Something more sinister is definitely afoot here.

...obviously have not been in a focused support group. Things can get pretty ugly pretty quickly if you try to do things your own way in one. I don't mean ugly as in violent, but rather a passive-aggressive, isolating sort of way. The way I see it, in this game, you are either A) the misunderstood guy with bright ideas B) the suck up/conformist or C) the individual, noticing that something is clearly wrong.

This 'game' kind of reminds me of the trial scenes from Albert Camus' book, "The Stranger". Very disturbing, and while it might not always happen in real life 100% of the time, still happens.

While I don't think this game is a perfect ten, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt for the alarming number of people who don't 'get' it. This game is more of like a 7 or 8 for me. Interesting concept presented in an interesting way, but more of an unfinished experiment than a complete piece. Hope this helps.

what did i do all that for, i tried several variations but always the same, after fat guy gets his confidence turned to shit, i get told my actions did nothing for the development of the group.

is there a point, is there a way to bring the bastard support group leader down?

It did not load for me, but no bother, I just did a right-click and tapped 'play'. Besides that I have nothing good to say about this game. The graphics were dull and did not have the same charm that certain minimalist games have. The game play was even duller. The dialogue was so, so boring. This game had nothing of interest.. nothing. What were you thinking? And why is this even NEAR the front page?

It did the same to me, I just refreshed the page and it was fine. :D

Boring game.Not good,try make more fun games.

I cant really review this, mainly coz' it starts oading, then just stop at the end when is ALMOST loaded so if possible FIX IT

At the Beginning of the game, I got to choose between Paul and Wendy(I chose Wendy), both of whom use the exact same sprite. The game starts, after which I am informed that my character is a fine art major who has heard of the support group from a "friend of a friend". Considering that the gameplay consists of nothing but clicking on dialog boxes, it could've offered more opportunities to choose and define your character. For example, why couldn't I have chosen how I found the group, or what major I was? Other than that, there is a lists as long as my arm of both minor and major things this game could've done better to have at least been a little fun.

Didn't load for me either.

... I am dissapoint

didnt load for me either

I get that you're trying to be cerebral about the support group mentality, but the game doesn't really express whatever it is you're trying to say. The player is fed a constant stream of bullying authoritarian ideas by the group leader that seem to be a negative critique, but once you resist them or call them into question, you're dumped into an ending saying you accomplished nothing. Needs to be rethought and fleshed out a lot.

how do you get a different ending to "you caused no progress"?

Other than that, the idea seem promising at first (it sounds like the leader is brainwashing them so they stay there FOREVER by feeding them some crap about keeping the struggle) then suddenly ends!

I found this expierience to very uneventful to say the least. I found the game boring, and something I wasted my time with. Theres an option to customize your character, but theres no point. I never saw my character move, I never saw leave the chair. I liked the fact that there was an option to control your character's dialouge, but usually it was ignored or I was insulted by my peers. It felt like an interactive movie. It just left me wanting more.

Futility can be funny, but this could've been done a bit better.

It was an interactive (nevertheless) crappy movie about some support group for ex nazi's. Now, I don't have anything against support groups or ex nazi's, the game was just purely uninteresting. You have no talent for story or amusement.
Please stop making things.

Overall very dull and boring.

1. The game doesn't load unless you right-click and force it to play.
2. Music could use some work.
3. At least move their legs to simulate movement, please, because what you have now is cheap and sloppy.
4. If you agree with everything they say, you don't help the support group.
If you disagree with everything they say, you don't help the support group.
If you stay silent, you don't help the support group.
I might almost believe there's some sort of branch in here that gets me a different result, but considering the response to "I am problemed" got me the same response as saying "I don't think I have any problems" I'm really thinking that's not the case.

All in all, SO much work needed. The graphics can almost be reproduced in a ten-panel slideshow in Windows office, the story is a shoddy, confusing railroad, the music is awful except with it GONE, and the ability to change wardrobe is completely superfluous and reeks of the same laziness as everything else done in it. With 56 submissions under your belt you should know already what's wrong with this... thing.

well if my objective is to play the game? then i horrible failed.

i dont understand what the objective of the game is!

Was a little boring and had to refresh the page to just make this flash work.

This game doesnt load

The game felt like it wasnt going anywhere....just a random group of people talking about useless stuff. No matter what choices you make the same thing happens, up until the point i got to...The best part was the support group counselor. He was some kinda asshole who tried to get people to feel bad so they would stay. Moderately funny.

Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your game caused no progress in the development of the NG group.

if it doesnt load just refresh da page and you can play but the game itself wasnt that good, just a bunch of dialogue n' shit like that

T.T and I got all excited.

Whether or not you agreed or disagreed, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group. Bullshit as what tyler said. i can handle a mob, motivate and lead them to illegal vigilante things but i can't even make a difference in a support group? well guess i can't be the best in everything. fuck jon. FUCK HIM xP

btw. to those who can't play it, right click and put a check on the "PLAY" option :)

Is any one else getting tired of these god damn ads in the comment boxes? p.s. nice game

The fucking website advertisements these assholes are posting up on NG is really annoying!!!

To be honest,this is a pretty good fact about the support group : D

What just happened? I might be missing something here, but it ended for me on "Whether or not you agreed or disagreedS, your actions caused no progress in the development of the support group". Bull...Crap.

Was pretty boring dude. But I got to say, looked promising on the page. Bit of a let down 4/10

I saw a social and political commentary. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. If You prescribe to the "bandwagon" mentality and unthinkingly conform then the group is no better for it, but if you step out of line and voice your opinions, beliefs and personal ideas then you run the risk of being ostracized or discredited and the group can not possibly benefit from your ideas... at least not until after your dead. ie. Copernicus, Galileo and more than likely, the guy that invented shutter-shades.

5/5 10/10

wow that is one bad therapist. Although most group things like that are complete bs, tossing buzz words and illogical platitudes. Such a therapist doesn't reflect real life, only his own desires to control. So sad really.

A real therapist would get sacked real fast for talking that way to clients.

good animated example of the fallacies of such unstable practices.

I tried several times but i got around the same ending, i guess you wanted to point out how narrow minded some can be... or that groups like this can hardly help...
Both ways it looked good to me, but i could have used some more explanation or something... perhaps i'm just dumb though


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2.02 / 5.00