Do Teh Dew

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It's time to Do Teh Dew!!!


HAHA now it is in spanish too!!



There must be a lot of really intelligent voters, they've all discovered the mysterious secret that I couldn't find, the movie-enhancing secret. The secret that makes a really good movie play which will amaze even a donut.

No seriously, HOW did you get a rating of 3?! No good review here: nothing I have to say, we all know it already.

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That wasnt good at all

If I only spoke spanish....I'd say, "¡Un qué pedazo de crap!" (What a piece of crap!). You only got such a 'high' score cuz of the dual-language option. Better luck next time...actually, I hope there is no next time.

Oh god

This had a 3.12 when I reviewed it... I put effort into my movies and the highest score I can achieve is a 3.60..... so I guess my movies are just .50 points better than this. I watched this movie about 6 times wondering if there was some kind of underlying secret to it... maybe an easter egg that when clicked showed some incredible flash animation. but no... I was dissappointed... My movies are pretty much the same as this movie based on the score. Why do I try so hard... why? Who am I trying to impress... I don't know I guess I should just give up...

Frank2982 responds:

I just watched "Quadradic Formula = Fun!" which is a movie of yours for the other people reading this review. Now, you can't say you put any more effort into that than I did this. Ok, so you can draw slightly better than me... Thats about all your flash has over mine. You just happened to view one of my "not really caring" flash. Look at Parody of Se7en or Frank, FrankClock. THOSE took more effort than the "one" flash movie of your's I saw. All your flash movie had was weird guys dancing around to some Indian music... seriously. How much effort does it take to do that. NONE!


alright but nothing anyone should see twice

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Frank2982 responds:

Well, maybe some people only speak english or just spanish. Duh. ;)

Pretty funny

shame I'd just come from the awesome Grenade dancer, eh?

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2.37 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2002
10:57 PM EDT
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