Dodge The Squares

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Dodge those pesky rectangles for as long as you possibly can using your mouse to move your square; survive long enough and encounter different powerups - but be careful; they're not all nice ones!

This is my first game I have publicly released to this site and would appreciate as much constructive feedback as possible. If you have any thoughts or ideas please direct them to games@jellyscape.co.uk
Thank you


it's fun but...

it would be better if it had a timer to survive for a certain amount of time and then had a level change.

Well Ok

it ok for being the first game, I wont comment on idea or implementation but if you are not planning on giving a help inside the game then you better tell in the description on how to play and what to do in a game.(Its a must no matter how obvious it may look to you that what is the objective of the game)

Good presentation, but WAY too simple

There is simple, then there is stupid simple. It's got a very nice presentation, and I understand this is your first Flash, but I'd recommend try and make something more advanced gameplay-wise. I gave this a 'blam' score for it's simplicity, but if it does not get blammed hopefully you'll find this advice useful. But right now, a 4 out of 10. Sorry. =[

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2.27 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2010
6:55 AM EST
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