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In the first part of this IG Maker dedicated tutorial we'll see how to set up the gadget that will be used on top of the "damaged" gadget using placeholder graphics. Here's an excerpt of the text (the rest is in the Flash file, together with pictures and additional explanations):


ok now let's create a gadget using the animation data we just prepared.

1, 2. Head over ot the "Gadgets" tab and create a new one. When the dropdown menu appears, select the newly created explosion animation.

3, 4, 5. Set the details.

Now let's define the disappearing state of the gadget.

1, 2, 3. click on the already existing action and copy / paste it.

4. Click on the newly created action and set the details for the state. Be careful to select the Animation we defined a few screens back as empty under the "Action to be assigned"! Also tick the "Disappear" tickbox (you can't see it on the screenshot since it's positioned a bit below in the "Selected Program's Motion Settings").

We're nearing the end of the first part of the tutorial and are almost done with the "Explosion" gadget.

Let's connect the two states of the gadget!

1. Select the first Action.

2. When it plays all the frames, switch to the second state (which we defined as "Disappearing").

Let's set the last details for the newly created gadget!

This concludes the first part of the tutorial and we can test the gadget by placing it on canvas and starting the game. If it's all correctly set, as soon as the game starts the gadget should flash and then disappear!

In the next part of the tutorial we will set up the "Baddie" gadget that will actually use the newly create "Explosion" and finally associate the explosion with the "Baddie" gadget.


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Dec 5, 2010
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