Elf Slaughter

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Try to survive a horde of attacking elves

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It's diverting for a while, but after about ten minutes I got bored and just let it sit so I could see what would happen if you died. Only problem is, nothing happened! The elves attacked, but I never took any damage. If this is a glitch, its a pretty major one. If you added a plot line and increasing dificulty, there might be some reason to play, as it is now, though, there is no reason to play this game for more than five minutes.

Graphics. That's it.

It's a game, good graphics but the sound you use, and the gameplay functions just... don't work. It becomes extremely boring, extremely quickly. You have no insentive to get the weapons, the run speed or the max HP. Damage is the only worthwhile powerup. And even then, that's not worth it.

Please... try to work harder on this.


It was interesting. And I am not going to say that I didn't have fun playing it, because I did. But the game is severely glitched and also has some other issues.


1. Disappearing enemies. This one is pretty self explanatory occasionally enemies would disappear while you were chasing them or, less frequently, even disappear while you were fighting them. Where did they go? I don't know.

2. Attack dynamics. The level you were on had a major effect on if you could hit or be hit. There are many instances where an enemy could be directly above or below you swinging and not hitting you while you hit them, or vice versa. It really didn't work well.

3. Enemy AI. I am putting part of this under glitches because I don't think it was intentional, but the elves would actually come at you from levels/angles through which they could not hit you, and despite failing to hit you they did nothing different. This goes hand in hand with glitch 2, and I would not be surprised if they had the same cause.

4. Oops I am no longer in the playing field. Near the top of the playing field the game screen jerked to the side and suddenly I found myself outside of the playing field on the upper right corner. This didn't end the game for me even though I could not get back in, because enemies spawned out there too, and just like me seemed to be trapped outside (there were black lines on the ground from them walking back and forth. This relates to one of my other issues with the game.

5. Beyond that there were several other movement glitches both inside and outside of the field. No it was not a lag issue. There were just certain points the player would hit and suddenly he would be elsewhere.

Other issues:

1. Enemy AI. In addition to the glitch, when the enemies were actually hitting (or able to hit) you they would run away at random, run through you, or just stand there like knobs. At the beginning of the game this is fine, because they could still cause some pretty good damage. After some upgrades I felt like I was beating up on the kids from the short bus.

2. Speaking of upgrades. I found it hard to tell what exactly the weapon upgrades did other than aesthetic changes. It seemed like the ax may have moved a little faster and perhaps the other weapons had a longer reach, but I couldn't tell. You should let us know in the menu what they do. Also whenever you purchase a different weapon the bought sign leaves the previous weapon you had purchased (even though you still have it).

3. Difficulty. The game never gets more difficult, not even by simply spawning more enemies. This gets extremely frustrating when enemies don't come very often (though that may be due to a glitch). I often found myself running around looking for enemies even before I had upgraded. Try either adding a steady increase in difficulty or a defined endpoint to the game. By the time you can have everything in the game you should be nearing the end.

Again I did find the game to be pretty fun. I also really liked how bloody this timely holiday game is. But you lost a lot of points on glitches and issues with game dynamics. Going to give this 3/5 and 6/10 Which isn't bad considering the overall problems. Keep trying, and happy holidays.

Has potential but...

Leaves a lot to be desired. If you decide to make a second game, make sure you can add waves of elves, make the elves get tougher, add more weapons that actually DO something, different levels/music (there's only so many times I can listen to carol of the bells before going insane). Do this, and you'll have a great game.

Very easy

As a game goes, its fun, but its not difficult. At max damage level, all the weapons kill in four hits so Im sorta sat here wondering why I even bothered to buy them in the first place. At max I've seen 5 enemies on screen, and I managed to get out the boundary zone, simply run along the top layer of trees and eventually you dissappear and reappear beside a large gray rectangle. There were even less elves there, so I stopped playing and decided to write this instead.

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2.46 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2010
1:21 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler