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1. Collect evidence
2. Talk to witness
3. Find out the suspect and main proof
4. Talk to the police(a new option will show when you finished 1~3)

by rainssong

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We Need A Walkthrough For This Game Right Now!

I can't get past step 3. Could somebody help me? I think the game has a very good plot, but, in agreement with some other players, I think the graphics need work.

Ok! The case was somewhat good. At least, i was able to enjoy it, i mean, it had you a while thinking and . Personally, i love games like these where you take the role of a detective, though here in newgrounds there aren't as much as i would like to (Grimoire, Hearst, and a few others i don't remember), so i totally encourage to keep making these kind of investigation games.

Ok, now, here is the part where i critic the things i didn't like. First of all, the resolution of the case. The way "Rain" presents it, it's too rushed. I mean, i agree with the part where you have to write the main proof and suspect, it's a nice system, but then when Rain explains everything, he literally knew more than i, because i didn't think half the things he explained. Even though i "had" the suspect and the proof, i really didn't imagined every scenario behind the crime itself and... Well, the motivation. Basically, try to close more the things Rain knows and the things the player knows, i don't know, put more questions of the details of the crime or something, but try not to make it that "easy" either.
Second, you REALLY need to polish the translations. Because i'm speak spanish as a first languague, not english, as you may see, and even i can see mistakes such as "Chief" instead of "Thief" (or "Theft, damn, i don't remember now) or "Poliman", insted of "Policeman". Ask someone to check your mistakes.
Third, graphics, ok, i won't bother too much in this, because i think you already know and i drawing is something you learn and get better at it, so, yeah, practice at it.
Uh... Oh, yeah. The presentation itself, graphics aside. Everything it's... Kind of messy. You know, the text that sometimes is bigger or smaller, depending on it's size, and the different kinds of the button sizes, and the fact that you start "talking" with someone you didn't know who it was from nowwhere and also that yo have to find everything and talk to everyone in order to frame someone. (And that when a window opens you can still click behind it) All those things are just not appealing and make your game look bad... So try to be more careful with that.

And... That's all i guess, don't thing i didn't like the game even though everything i said, it was nice, but it's far from perfect and. Ok, now i'm done, good luck in life. (And sorry for making you read this much... If you actually read it)

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rainssong responds:

I read two times, thx!


im pretty sure theres a great really well thought story in this game, its graphics are just not appealing to me, sorry pal, i appreciate stories and poce cases and phoenix wright and whatnot but its too awefully presented...no offense intended, just a constructive critic

luck next time i guess

rainssong responds:

thx :)

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2010
4:02 AM EST
Puzzles - Other