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Yes, Again, It's 1:16 AM
And I know I forgot the TIME on the taskbar.
There weren't alot of tutorials on youtube about how to make a Windows spoof on Flash 8 (NOT Flash CS)
So I've decided I could make it by myself, with just my knowledge. So I did.
Well, I hope you like this game, Please leave a review.. I'll update it to make it better.

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ok but...

I wish we can logon as a admintor but good game though

im sorry

This was a total time waster .

Anielle responds:

Heh, Then why'd you rate it 4?

Not that great

You didn't spell a lot of things correctly (seened isn't even a word) but it still has some potential. Also if you're looking for a tutorial don't search "how do i make a windows spoof in flash" search for separate tutorials that you can combine like "how to make a cool minigame in flash as2" and "how do i make a drawing program in flash as2"
i suggest you start from scratch and make a new one.
Also PLEASE don't just write something like "windows stuffed up" instead of
actually making that feature. good luck

not great...

warning, this review may damage your self-esteem

no, i'm kidding, it just seemed not a lot of time went into it. the 'enternet' was a bit dull, you could have had it where it went to that 'this page actually doesn't exist, even though you were just on it 2 seconds ago' page, or something. obvs on the paint, the camera (though i don't have a camera application on my comp...) and the windows docs/ recycling box combo where original, just needed a little rethinking. perhaps the windows docs could be the end of the trial, so you can't write anything. but i liked the game. i don't know if you meant for it to be pointless, i hope so, cos it made me lol.

so yes, good effort, just needs a bit moar.

Anielle responds:

... I guessed that helped. =.=''


not another one of these crappy windows spoofs. Soooo...... internet is absolutely pathetic, all u can do is write in the google search box and the address box, errors are way too over-the-top and not funny, and this looks nothing like windows

Anielle responds:

Then why'd you play it??

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2.27 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2010
3:19 AM EST
Gadgets - Other