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100k 10 Points

achieve a score of 100,000 or more

25 Combo 25 Points

Reach a combo of 25

250k 25 Points

achieve a score of 250,000 or more

50 Combo 50 Points

Reach a combo of 50

Half a million 50 Points

achieve a score of 500,000 or more

Sequential 50 Points

Absorb every type of asteroid in sequence (order of appearance).

A million 100 Points

achieve a score of 1,000,000 or more

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

EDIT: Medals have been approved!

.: Please read the in-game instructions, and the authors comments! :.
- They aren't too long!

I know some of you are too lazy, so here's a very basic how to play:
- control red/green with mouse
- WASD keys to move
- hit asteroids with orb
- avoid asteroids and orb with red/green.

~ IF THE KEYS ARE GETTING STUCK ~ (internet explorer 8)
do this:
tools > internet options > security
>click trusted sites > click sites > add http://newgrounds.com

~ALSO.... if it starts lagging, try turning the quality down and dimming the lights.

By the way - it does get more challenging and point-obtainy(?) as you progress.
And the gameplay/controls will probably take a little getting used to.


Pretty cool

There is a flaw with it though. You can hold down the mouse and drag to a distant point outside of the flash viewport (and then release the mouse if you want). Since there seems to be no bounds checking for the player objects, and that the asteroid things spawn close-by, you can pretty much have it sit there indefinitely and rack up points.

CyanSandwich responds:

I don't think you can actually drag the guys outside of the stage (if you meant that).
If you do take them to the edge of the stage though, they'll eventually die. And with a score of probably less than 50k.
I do see what you're saying though. Although dragging does nothing.


your game either has a bug or a glitch in it. Because whenever I try to move around hitting those rocks, it's difficult to explain.

CyanSandwich responds:

Could you have at least.. tried to explain what the problem is?

Frustratingly fun!

The concept is simple, yet very challenging. It's a game that has the tendency to drive one crazy and turn off if it weren't so addicting! The spacy music is a good choice too, as it really gets you in the mood, adding a lot to the playability and fun. Too bad games like this show me what a spaz I am when it comes to co-ordination. :)

I'm officially addicted now. Keep up the great work!

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CyanSandwich responds:

glad you liked it :)

Nice little game.

Very good and fun game, with a concept kinda different, but I liked it. The graphics are pretty simple, but I would say you did a lovely work on the background. The controls, unlike the people are saying, were simple and are not well dificult to manage, but would be better if this does not hide the mouse during the gameplay. The game starts slow (still impossible to make combos), but is okay on how it gets harder in your progress, although stops later.

The music is good for the smooth gameplay.

In overall, no very much say about the game. Nice idea, but it has ways to be better and more enjoyable. 7/10, 4/5.

Bug: the difficulty in the game continues progressing in the pause menu, which means to find the game harder when you pause it for a while.

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CyanSandwich responds:

I can agree with that. Though I hid the mouse during gameplay because it makes it harder to control the faces; they move away from the actual mouse position when you move the orb.
Thanks for pointing out the bug. I thought I'd fixed it.

Differant but kinda fun

Now this game is actually pretty good, and its differant from the normal games that do come through the portal and stuff, i like the way you have it with a pully and rotating system i have to honestly say i never seen that, so it makes it original that way, the only major issue i had was that the game does not have much of a {REPLAY-VALUE} meaning its fun the first time around but i think you need more to it, the start of the game was somewhat {SLOW} so you have to figure out a way to improve on that, like adding some extra bonus or even opening up some mini game option like after somany points or such, dont get me wrong i really enjoyed the game, and props to you on the {HOW TO PLAY} it seemed to be abit long but still explained everything very well, so nice job there, as that all being said the only thing that can be improved is making it more entertaining for the viewer speed up the astroids would be another option. anyways great game you have here.

Some other entertaining value like extra bonus, or even an mini game of some sort after so much points, i do think it needs to be sped up at the start though, kinda slow there

Fun astroid game there


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CyanSandwich responds:

Thanks for the solid and fair review :)

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
10:57 PM EST
Skill - Avoid