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SteamBirds: Survival

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"SteamBirds: Survival" (SB:S) is a dogfighting strategy game that lets you take on an ever-growing number of enemies until you finally bite the dust. It is the sequel to the hit game "Steambirds", which was played by over 10m people worldwide, praised by sites such as Penny Arcade and Rock Paper Shotgun, and was recently ported to iOS and Android.

SB:S features 24 distinct planes, each of which have unique strengths and weakness that emphasize different play styles. Each plane has its own local and global leaderboard, so you can pick your favorite then fight to distinguish yourself as the master of that plane!

How long can you last against an endless onslaught of enemies? A million lives depend on the answer to that question..!



I dont remeber the germans building steam tanks, of nuking france though : /
Awesome though!

This is my FAVORITE GAME EVER on newgrounds! so simple, yet so AWESOME! :D

Awesome strategy involved!

Very strategic. I'm kind of upset that the allies dont last long at all, but I suppose its not THEM, its about ME! I'M the hero. *glimmer*
Yeah anyways, I really like the Fortress-S15-X. For the little guys, I point myself toward their face and fly real slow, and my extra shooting range takes care of them. The range also takes care of the Spotters and the Behemoths. Just fly real slow at them. For some other ships, I prefer to fly through them with shield and 180 on the other side.
I am still confused on something though. Sometimes I am killed by what can only be an explosion of a nearby ship. Are exploding ships supposed to kill you? Because I have been trying to find out, I experiment with it and it doesnt kill me when I'm trying, but then when I'm playing for real I get killed.
Also, I think it should say that the poison gas does not only disable your guns, but it also hurts you quite a bit - I was surprised at that.
Great game. Favorited.

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great game, i love it


What music was there in the game after finishing/failing a level?

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4.28 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
4:19 PM EST
Strategy - Other