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Twilight BMX

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Author Comments

Go go go! A massive tornado is hot on your tail and all you've got on your side is your old trusty bike. Take on the tough terrain and various obstacles as you go for the ride of your life! Everything is at stake!

Accelerate - Up arrow key. · Decelerate - Down arrow key. · Lean - Left-right arrow keys. · Perform tricks - W,A,S,D keys.

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but it's for a reason - this game is fucking awesome in my opinion, I voted 5 and added it to my favorites when I seen it come through the portal the other day, BUT there's a number of major flaws, mainly in game play -

- the color of the character matching the bg a lot of the time makes it difficult some times to see if you're landing properly
you could fix it easily by putting a white border around the rider

- the difficulty of the landing needs to be toned down so the player can enjoy it for longer and pull of sick tricks easier

- it'd be nice to see there be more then one life, maybe 3 lives and a couple pick-up lives through out the level - again allow people to enjoy this great game for longer - and you could put a 5 sec delay if you die or some thing to give the tornado a chance to catch up (tornado part is cool)

- adjust the sensitivity on the rolling over of the bike, not enough to make flipping to difficult, but enough to stabilize the rider more then it is in the air

- and last but not least - space out the jumps more so that the player can get more speed in for bigger jumps, it was hard for me to find jumps to do supermans (I did pull off a gnarly superman front flip though) and then when I did half the time I'd hit another bump on the ground and die

I know I said a lot, but they all seem like small tweaks that could make this game amazing, I like the "twilight" dark style of it, the idea of the tornado chasing (which actually would be more suited if you had a couple lives) and racing for your life - all of it made this a cool idea, but the flaws brought it down majorly
I hope you decide to fix this up and resubmit it, if you need some one to help test out the controls/game play for a future version, feel free to pm me

other then that - awesome game - keep up the good work and keep submitting


eh ...

I didn't like how you lose after 1 wipeout. Also, the graphics are unnappealing. Also, I didn't get the point of the tornado. Was it there to simply add an extra element of urgency? I didn't really like the game that much. An improvement on the physics would also be nice.


its not bad.. physics suck.. but i made it 200m before face planting to my death... fix it.. and im not to sure the stunt buttons work.. but i was running from a tornado and trying not to face plant soo yeah.... fix it.. and i give you 3/5

SirBladewind is correct.

SirBladewind is abseloutely correct. I couldn't manage to get over the 120m, my maximum was 115 and that was difficult on it's own already, without the tornado and all. The physics is really bad, and so is the gravity and the way he goes aswell. Much can be improved, and should be. All in all It's a nice game.

Good game

But your physics leave a lot to be desired. Many times I would land in such a way that in real life I could have easily stayed seated, but in the game I fell off the bike. Also for some reason your character has a tendency to flip backwards to frontwards every time you hit the slightest jump. This makes it nearly impossible to go more than 150m ever, because at SOME point you are going to hit a jump, even a slight one, and it instantly kills you by some gravity defying freak of nature flip. I'm not completely certain, but every time I hit a jump last time I rode my bike I didn't flip completely upside down and smash my spine into the ground. I just hopped a bit and then landed.

Still, a good game, but one that feels unfinished due to these major problems. Perhaps you should fix the gravity issues and the physics and then resubmit it?

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
10:44 AM EST