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Ace Defense

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It seemed not so bad. The similarity played

too easy

Pretty boring, no way to turn off sound/music (which wasn't good either)...oh gawd there's more. The tower descriptions (specifically the logic behind them) were terrible. The AOE tower had a very low AOE until it was upgraded (which was a waste of money). Also wierd range bugs in some places. No challenge, as you get further it gets easier which is kind of unusual, what is the point of the game?

What were the boxes?

Too easy

I single tesla coil will be able to get you to wave 11 or 12 on most levels. put in a single ultimate machine and you'll get nearly to the end.

The enemies need more variety: phasing, spawning, regenerating, etc. just increasing their speed and health makes game play very stale.

Easy defense

First of all too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the tactic, which u can use to beat every level: 2 long range tower(dont upgrade them).... go asleep till level 14... build 4 ultitowers... upgrade them, doesnt matter which u upgrade first. If u dont have that many waes... just follow this plan until the level is over.
It is definetely a tower defense, but it has nothing special. No special towers like poison ice stun etc. no differnet enemys with their weaknesses. u cant see how strong the tower is and what the upgrades are for. the boxes vanish too fast. u cant turn off the music during the game. the design of the maps are always the same ( u should have tried other designs, like an icemap vulcanomap etc.). the first two towers are totally useless. u just need them for the first level when u got not that much start money. In my tactic description u can see, that u just need 2 towers... each other tower makes it more difficult... does that make sense? Next point is, that u have almost nothing to do... to win u need ultitower, but to collect the money to upgrade it takes minutes. so i just sit around and wait for it... Next point is the worst: it kinda seem to me, that mass towers are more effective than upgraded towers... i mean WTF that may never happen in such a type of td.
As u can see there is much to do, till u can call it a good td, so go on. 3/5

It's not a bad game, but...

It's ridiculously easy. I was in class when i started playing this, and once you have enough money, you can buy the laser turret, which killed just about everything. When you get far enough to where it won't kill everything, you have enough money for about 5 more of them. It's not a bad game in essence, but the difficulty just didn't scale well... or at all. So it got boring. Sorry.

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
9:45 AM EST