Mother Judgement

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Take control of Josephine the Nun, as she explores a church in discovery of the source of a zombie invasion. Battle through arenas, defeat bosses, evade traps and unlock new weapons as you venture in this epic quest to save the world.

Mouse - Aim and Shoot
WASD/Arrows - Move/Jump

Space - Bullet time (if unlocked)
Collect zombie brains to fill bullet time meter

Esc/p - Pause

Around the time that I finished Jeremy Bongstarr, Xeptic contacted me with this idea about a Nun who shoots up a church full of zombies. It was a really awesome learning experience for both of us, as I had never done a real platform game before, and Xeptic had never coded one. Thanks for taking the time to try it out, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. I also want to say special thanks to Evil-Dog, who really saved our asses with some last minute glitch-fixing when Xeptic went away to South America for 3 months, just as we finished.

I hope you guys have a fun time playing our little game


Great game

Well made but can't get through the first boss.

id gots say 8

Its all perfect BUT when u die on a boss he still gose when u restart


I can't get past the first boss, that is the only reason why I didn't rate ten, so don't blame the game, blame my awful gaming skills, but it's still really awesome!

best zombie shooter

just play it
white screen? wait for a sec

Flemsteen strategy

Here is a good way to beat him at final stage.

First when he is still under the body and guise of "priest fleemsteen", he will try to shoot you will missles and ninja you with his Katana. Jump arounf and don't let go mouse. Youc ans hoot down his missles. If you stay still, I suggest move it cause he will try to stab you, and when he tries, jump towards the direction he tried to stab you at so he will have to run the other way which means he has to run more giving you more time to get of a few rounds. And if he uses that smoke screen you can get off 1 or 2 shots at him. Afterwards he has ripped out of it and he shows that he is Satan. Then here are the tips:

This is not in order and he does not have a predictable fight style as he does in the first round. Good advice, keep on shooting.

He tries to shoot you down with 3 needles, just jump once to advoid the first one then double jump to avoid the other 2

He shoots out spikes from his chest, try not to be in a small spaces close to the lava or he will double hit you, try to jump to his other side if you can and keep shooting.

He also has this rushing attack with his horn and there is a trail of blood, try not to get caught, you can avoid it if you double jump, but don't do it too early or late and oif you jump over just a little you will still get caught by his legs so ry to jump as far as possible. Note: If you gte caught trying to jump over him early, be sure its in the middle and he runs you over because if your near the lava when he does tat, you will hit the lava and double damage ._.

He rarely summon zombies to attack you, but if he does, consider yourself lucky as you probably might get a holy water and some brains to refill bullet time

And finally when you get him to really low health and it shows yellow, look out he will take a pitchfork and use this spinning move which is relatively low so you can jump or double jump over it and while in this stage he is always vunerable but get caught will low or medium health hasta la vista!

Hope this helps, good luck.

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3.56 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
6:47 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun