Radical Fishing

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Grab your fishing hook...and your gun! Cast your fishing lure and get as far down as possible. When you snag a fish, try and grab all the fish you can. When they fly to the surface, grab your gun and blow the crap out of them.

Use the mouse to move the fishing hook and use the left click to increase/decrease the speed of sinking. Aim and shoot at the fish, using the mouse.


Pretty fun.

I played it for quite a while but didnt really get addicted to it like most people. Still pretty fun and MANLY game.

Rock on n***as

it rocks more upgrades then it would be a ten

would have been a good game if

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this hunk of shit didn't come up every time i clicked the white arrow, also I thought I would be nice and play this game on your site instead of newgrounds, but then again, that dreaded wall of shit error comes up when you just try to click on the link on the home page to play the god damn game. ALSO your site is REALLY laggy, just so you know.

Please fix this.

I love upgades

This game is addictive

Seems fun but...

although i have fellings this would be a good game, for some reason i have this glitch that everytime i clock the sreeen opens a pop up, and ruins the game play, is that suposed to happen or what cna i do about it?

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
6:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun