Contra Rampage

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I can remember the release of Contra in 1987. After pushing the cartridge into the system and turning it on, my mind was immediately blown away by one of the coolest video game title screens of all time. Armed with huge guns and tight abs; two soldiers, Bill and Lance, take on an enemy force known as Red Falcon.

I played the game's gun-and-run marathon time and time again. We were monsters -- unstoppable war machines with precision accuracy, but as time went on I found myself asking, "How would it be on the other end of the gun? Would you run for your life or carry on the fight?"

I would have run screaming the moment I saw a machine gun triple front flip.

Without further ado, I present you with an animation depicting the events of level one from the Red Falcon's point of view. It took some time to make due to what little experience we all had with the animation software, but we finally got it put together. So watch and enjoy. Have to reload it twice because the background was to small. Sorry about that.



Who killed me?



Epic Win!

The animation was smooth and hilarious. It definetly kept my interest all the way through.

The lolz. Oh God the lolz.

I swear, I've seen this probably twenty plus times in the past three months, and I laugh like an idiot every time. I first saw it from Johnny Utah's favorites, and I couldn't understand why he liked it at first. But I watched it a couple more times, and I just gotta say, it's grown to be one of my favorite animations on the site. I fucking love the ridiculous animations and expressions, and the voice acting is wonderful ("I have- I can't fit in there, it's too small!" all time favorite line). I quote this all the time. The music was fucking perfect. My favorite part is probably the bridge explosion, the high five followed by the girly screams was beautiful, and the music seemed to make that scene all the better. I'll never look at Contra the same again, and I'll never be able to play again without feeling like a horrifying, superhuman monster. Thank you for the laughs.

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kalabor106 responds:

Hey thanks. That really means a lot to hear how people like the animation and are still watching it. ;)

this is really good

the animation has a lot of filled out frames that make the animation jittery but always motion full so it like its never boring I love hoe the characters act and move it ridiculously funny. Totally reminds me of the game just more real i guess.

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Dec 2, 2010
6:29 PM EST
Comedy - Parody