One Chance

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Arrow keys to control.
Space Bar to interact.

One Chance is a game about choices and dealing with them.

Scientist John Pilgrim and his team have accidently created a pathogen that is killing all living cells on Earth.

In the last 6 remaining in-game days on Earth, the player must make choices about how to spend his last moments. Will he spend time with his family, work on a cure or go nuts?


Good but...

The game has a good concept but it still has a lot of bugs.
I replayed it a few times by cleaning my cookies and seen at least 4 endings but in the process seen bugs like the game restarting when i come back to the house or the daughter being killed and then appearing on the last day or appearing on the dads back even if he goes alone to work. The wife is killed then appears on the bed the next day or sometimes it just disappears. I don't know man, it got me confused sometimes.
Still, i liked it very much because it has a message. Congratulations and thank you.

Interesting idea

But as for replay value I have no idea... I wandered around and went to work, got no option as to how I would spend my day by going to sleep and it seems as though the game is frozen no matter how many times I reload the page.

One chance.

I enjoyed it. The concept I mean. But the good ending is very ambiguous. It doesn't explain a lot at all... Missing plot.

In any case, hate to say it but uh, it isn't really only one chance if one were so inclined to delete their flash cache history. :)


Me and Molly made it, but thats it. I near cried while playing this...

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So help me out here,

I seem to be stuck on the 4th day I think:

Day 1 - work
Day 2 - man kills himself
Day 3 - went home as instructed by the boss
Day 4 - went to work after confronted by people, ignored lady and went to work. Came home but no options were open at all, leaving me walking room to room. I can't even go back outside and molly and the wife is still sleeping.

When I close the game then play again, I start from the beginning.

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
10:51 AM EST
Adventure - Other

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