One Chance

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Arrow keys to control.
Space Bar to interact.

One Chance is a game about choices and dealing with them.

Scientist John Pilgrim and his team have accidently created a pathogen that is killing all living cells on Earth.

In the last 6 remaining in-game days on Earth, the player must make choices about how to spend his last moments. Will he spend time with his family, work on a cure or go nuts?


Good game but...

Seriously. At the end, I went to the park and then he just sat there and did NOTHING! Then I tried refreshing the page to play again, but he was still there on that f***ing bench like a hobo. Even while I write this comment, he's still on that s*itty bench.

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AwkwardSilenceGames responds:

He's dead bro.

Denial is the first stage of greif.

Pretty Lame

Now I'm a big fan of one time playthrough games, there are a few great ones on this site. But this was pretty lame, there were no real choices. It was pretty limited. Good game as far as creation and quality goes. Just the story was not there is all.

no subject

i didn't like the game, maybe if i had more choices to choose from like one of the first choices i wanted to do and probally 80% of everyone on the first day wanted to jump off the roof, i then felt like i was forced to play. I also tried to walk, crash my car, i couldnt kill ANYBODY, shoulda added a punch button so i could beat people to death.

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A grasping piece of poetry

As a first note, for people who CANT LIVE WITHOUT REPLAYING MORE THAN ONCE. You have two options, play on another computer, or wipe the flashplayer cookies, by googling flashplayer settings manager and going to the macromedia site.

That being said, I think this game DESERVES to be replayed. There's far too much poetry to just play it in one way, and NOT experience more of it. My favorite ending, was when you go to work every day, but go home when the scientists all come to your house, and than go to work the next day. There's so much to it.

It truly is poetry.

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theres a bug where you get stuck in Mollys room. When you try to leave the game instantly shoves you back in.

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
10:51 AM EST
Adventure - Other

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