One Chance

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Arrow keys to control.
Space Bar to interact.

One Chance is a game about choices and dealing with them.

Scientist John Pilgrim and his team have accidently created a pathogen that is killing all living cells on Earth.

In the last 6 remaining in-game days on Earth, the player must make choices about how to spend his last moments. Will he spend time with his family, work on a cure or go nuts?


Beautiful..Sad..Great..I like it.

Don't look at my rating, I didn't know what to say. (This review has spoilers in it. Please be aware, if you didn't finish all endings or at least mine.) So, basically, I spent my whole time with my family, and not only did my family die, but also a guy named Jim was hanged in my room. At my final day, I wanted to go to the park, to see the last of nature, but accidentally clicked on work, since I had no choice, I tried to develop the vaccine, and I didn't work enough on the other days to save myself, apparently. It just seems bad to see your character, sitting, with his eyes closed, and on the computer having a giant red X. Since I watched Markiplier's video about it, I realized that there's no saving everyone, because on one day, you had to watch your partner die, and the lab was locked. Hm. Didn't make me cry (doesn't mean I never cried on a game), because I already knew what the outcome would be. And the choice tag on the game kind of fits, but kind of doesn't, because you have no hope of the whole world surviving, since you couldn't make a vaccine.

Look good!
Sadly game ever made
Editor's Choice


Very emotional.

This actually made me think. I was so motivated to cure the disease and wanted to work everyday. But seeing the world collapse and watch as people fade away actually made me question whether it's the right thing to do. What if i cure the disease when there are only few people left, torn apart by grief and sorrow? So in the end i gave up, not wanting to let my daughter die alone. So i went to the park with her to spend our final moments in peace.
I'm usually not the type of person that gets emotional, especially over games but this really got me. Great work! You really delivered a small masterpiece in my opinion.

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
10:51 AM EST
Adventure - Other

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