Nimball: Rewind

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This platform racer is all about Speed, Dexterity and Skill. Gain speed with every curve, time it right to get a perfect flow.

If you finish a level fast enough you will unlock the Challenge mode version.

- 30 levels of unique content
- 2 modes (Trial and Challenge)
- Hidden Shortcuts and Secrets
- Rewind Feature - (correct your mistakes)
- Pumping soundtrack
- Ghost Replay
- Clean and Crisp Art Style
- Smooth and Robust Gameplay

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amazing game!!!

I cant stop playing it. Make all my hands sweating. I love this game. Very body who views this game should have a try!

bad start to lvs

I don't like the way the lv starts counting down before the thing drops you into the lv it should start counting down after it drops you.


My biggest problem with it is that rewinding time doesn't actually rewind time which doesn't add challenge to the game but instead makes a feature that could be really helpful absolutely useless when restarting the level is the only way to meet the challenge if you die or miss a jump.

Great game!

Very well put together and addicting- I had to beat all of the levels. I love the rewind feature- something I haven't seen before- and its done very nicely

5/5 10/10

Note to the previous guy- sounds like you rewound to right after you did the action- you just need to rewind a little further! I felt that awkwardness at first then just learned to go back a little further- you still have whatever momentum you had before which makes since. if you rewound you wouldn't just be sitting still- i thought it was awesome-

not bad

Good clean graphics and it's a good game idea but I found the rewind to be pretty awkward.
When you rewind to a point, it repeats your actions that you were doing at that point. Meaning if I rewind to a point just when I was about to jump, the ball does the jump and I'm in the 'lava' (or whatever) once again and have to rewind again, and again same thing happens, lol.
I found that to be quite annoying. I wish that it would just stop all actions at the rewind point because right now the rewind is just making me watch my failures like 3-4 times in a row, lol :).

But I guess the rewind feature is needed only when you fail, and not failing is the goal of the game so I suppose it's still a pretty good game overall.

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3.88 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2010
7:01 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle