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Rotoscope Compilation!

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Author Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hello to everyone!

This project is about a compilation of animation using rotoscope technique where we did for our Film & Animation Design class assignment. Well, each of the works will be around 15-30sec length. Well, since most of the artist are not familiar in NG, so i'll put their deviantART link according to their name here...

http://haizeel.deviantart .com/


http://hilmi-atudisma.dev iantart.com/

http://myakuza.deviantart .com/



http://lazendar.deviantar t.com/

http://excidart.deviantar t.com/


We have to compress most of the file so we can upload it here in NG since Tom upgraded my limit to 23Mb. Thanks to Tom Fulp for increasing my limit & replying so fast to my PM.

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Loved this work guys! Young people making cool short animations, loved each of them, I liked the audio, the animation, the colors, and most of all, the menu!! That menu was super cool, loved the voice, it was a pretty good way to present the members of the collab!!

I don't have much to say, it was a good job, liked ALL of the animations, I liked a lot the songs, you guys have chosen the songs very well, I liked the second one, the "Whoo Hoo" song, I forgot it's name now but it'san awesome song. Also, I heard "Horse With no Name" from America, in a modern version... Loved it.

Keep the good work up guys!!

-Member of the Review Request Club-


akoRn responds:

thanks.. that wohoo animation is by Ayai, he also do the voice at the menu. THANKS! =D

Polished, clever too!

I'm really in awe at the artistic skill something like this must take to create. I know animating frame by frame takes me hours, so I can't even imagine the kind of effort that goes into creating something like this.

Some of the bits were really funny. I especially enjoyed Hilmi's Superman segment. Originality was evident, and if there wasn't new ground broken, then there was a ton of style shining through. Ayai's dancing segment was just plain cool. I loved the squiggly arms. However, a little more cohesion among the bits would not have gone unappreciated; if there was a common theme or symbol, you'd have a movie, and not just a collection of animations.

It's a shame that you had to take a hit on the quality. An HD version on YouTube or something would be really cool to take a look at. I would have liked to see just a little more with the entire presentation, maybe a developed intro, maybe a credits section, something to make the experience more immersing.

Other than that, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Review Request Club

akoRn responds:

thanks~ ! I'm sure to pass the compliment to Hilmi n Ayai! :D
thiis is a link to a slightly better quality of my own piece:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujLZw2 yQoc4

not sure if other upload their to youtube

Good work

There's some great little sample piece here - I hope that all of the artists submit their own little pieces here, so we can see them in less compressed beauty, so that we can appreciate it in better video and sound quality. Some of the pieces did suffer more than others and that does drag the overall quality of the piece down, though I'd love to see what you guys are capable of with more time and remit to create your own things.

You all have some really nice skills here and showcasing them like this does help to get the group more exposure, but as just a few seconds of your material, with more credits than anything, I struggled to see more than just a quick animation demo.

As for the interface, I'd have liked to see a "play all" function, allowing us to run straight through them, as opposed to having to click on each character and view their piece like that. Sure, it does help with showing who wrote and animated what, but it seriously compromises the flow. Perhaps consider watermarking the name or tag over one corner of the animation, so that people can give credit where it is due.

[Review Request Club]

akoRn responds:

Thanks for the fine review, Coop. And yeah, I kinda low my personal piece so that the others can b shown in best yet low quality as possible. And thx. I'll make sure to make a play all button IF we'll make another compilation with another assignment.

Not bad

Well, you're the ones who took the class, so you all would obviously know a lot more about this kind of film editing or animation style than I do. The clips are semi-interesting to watch, but not really overly entertaining. Most of them were dancing, which is kinda cool, but not really anything interesting to watch by itself.

It kinda felt like right as the clip was about to be something worth watching that they cut off. I'm assuming this is due to the fact that these were all just assignments for a class and not meant to be something for public entertainment. I mean...it's obvious that you're all doing well in the class and learning things, but as a collab of all of your finished assignments it really isn't anything I'd want to watch again.

Overall a good collab of your work in school, but little value for public entertainment if you ask me - due to a lack of any real plot or humor. Keep up the good work though.

akoRn responds:

thanks.. this juz to practice the rotoscope technique. so no real plot is needed, but that juz our opinion anyway.

thx for the vote , 7-ed n review

Interesting Compilation

This was quite an interesting compilation consisting of several artists. All the skits looked like real people turned into 2D characters, very interesting. For such a large file and amazing piece I'm surprised not many people have even reviewed this gem yet.

There's no real storyline but each little skit consisted of something different from not drinking to simply jamming out to music. Very nice there.

The choice in music was vast which is great and the way the people's names are said at the title screen is nice since it becomes clear to the users how to pronounce a user's name.

Overall this is a nice piece of work.

akoRn responds:

haha.. thanks.

*immitate the menu's guy voice* SCTE3 !!!!
(the voice guy is Ayai)