The old TN episode 1

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Here is a new Series called Tomorrow's Nobodies. It features members of the Tomorrow's Nobody Production Crew. This one only features ben and Eric, but others will have more people, better jokes and better animation. We threw this together in a 10 hour sitting, Its 9 am now, we are going to sleep.. Please vote responsibly, and we love reviews.

Number 1 of the day! Thanks guys! And thanks for all the supportive reviews. Keep em coming :)
This Is a simpler version of what is to come, those of you who are thinking that it is an SOC ripoff.. please.. It's simple, but I drew it how i wanted it to look. It's a take off of simplicity.. Next episodes will be more complex in every way. Vote this movie based on it's own series, not someone else's similar series.


Funny as hell :O

I don't find that many flash movies funny either. Nice job.


My favorite series on NG/the Web. I liked the old TN more, but the new ones are alright too... seriously... it's just... sooo ****in funny and it ****in rocks soo ****in much and i wish i could **** it over and over **** yeah **** in the bathtub, **** on the table, **** on the **** until my **** can't **** another ****. Hah!

it was great

i tomorrows nobodys is going to be a good series and also i like how "fucking legs" was illusrated. and i also like the casual cussing, no beating around the bush( come on.. if you're missing you legs and "little buddy" you're not going to be like "draw me darn legs! darn it!")nor is there overuse of cuss words. (sayinf fuck 93 times kinda makes the word pointless) overall very nicely done. (u have made me want to vote again... serously, i'm not joking... i haven't voted in months.... but i'm voteing on this)

Very nice series you have!

I have watched both this and the others, and I think your catch on humor is really cool. Keep up the good work!


lol! pretty short, but still funny.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2002
11:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature July 1, 2002