Aquaman Episode 8

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Aquama, Arshes and Green Hair Dude are rescued by a special force called "The Special Force against Diloza" They realize this group ain't no Social Group, it's a group of competition, brains and power. Aquaman, Arshes and Green Hair dude take on Team Verde and Team Yellow.

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aside from a few grammatical errors i thought it was pretty good, but you probably should come up with more original names. (it took me a while to realize the first song you played was kingdom hearts XD)

cackletta responds:

Yeah I know, but Aquaman is actually a fusion of two people. Athough you are still half way correct about him because i've never actually gave away the human part of the fusion's name yet (for no particular reason) . Although I named him "Lento" it just hasn't been mentioned yet. It will be mentioned in the next episode.

Less of a movie... more like a bad webcomic.

When making an animation, you need to follow these simple rules:

The characters need good, semi-original names. 'Aquaman' and 'Green haired dude' don't cut it.

The quality of your art speaks volumes to the community. Put more effort into character design and the makeup of the actual graphics. MSPaint has it's place, and it's not in the animation community.

DBZ is overdone. I realize how popular it is, hell, I like the show too. You have to create your own style in order for it to look good. DBZ characters/actions used in a non-parody format make your creation look cheap.

Stock images are for the unimaginative and the lazy. Surfing Google for backdrop IDEAS is nice. Surfing for the actual backdrop and pasting it in is extremely childish and makes everything look like crap.

Jesus, push F7 once in a while. Spellcheck is embedded in most programs now, make some use of it! Poor grammar and spelling sets me on edge. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so the occasional typo is fine... but every dialogue bubble shouldn't contain five of them. It just shows that you're using words you don't quite understand yourself.

With that out of the way, let me say that you could have a nice movie going here. Change up the format somehow... and work on the dialogue. It's understandable that you may not be able to have voice acting, some movies don't need it, but you should still write well. Flaunting knowledge or research makes viewers feel upset and stupid. In a real conversation, would you say "I noticed that the other teams are colors, but in different languages..." and then proceed to list them? No, you wouldn't, because you'd look like an ass. The receptionist surely knows the correlation between the two teams' names. Pointing it out in such a manner would be disrespectful and offensive. I know you were probably doing it for the audience's benefit, but remember, they are supposed to be like a fly on the wall. The audience merely observes the world you create and the actions the characters make.

Finally, work on your animation technique. The whole thing plays out more like a bad webcomic than an actual movie. Things move rarely. It gets boring and reveals how shoddy the whole project is.

Anyway, work harder and you should have some good stuff up.

cackletta responds:

Your right about pretty much everything. I am infact going to give Aquaman a name. (Well actually aquaman is a fusion of two people but only one of the fusion, currently, has name.) I agree with the google stock images thing whole heartedly, I only started using those in Episode 7 I belive, it seemed to have increased the score, but I am going to scratch it soon an rely on my own skill even if it sucks, but it has iimproved over the months. My microphone sucks so voices are a huge no thats why I changed to text however text does make it boring and leads to many typos, but i'd rather have a boring text dialouge system then a terrible, breathy ear killing microphone voice. I also know things rarlery moved in this episode, but this was basically because I wanted to kinda pick up what I left for so long that no one knew the storyline to (because the first episodes were explained badly and kinda builded on from a badstart) and kind of make a new storyline This is why I introduced several new characters in this episode and killed off one. Flightman was once Aquaman's arch rival, but being so long that they've met each other, I changed it to Verde.

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Dec 1, 2010
5:58 PM EST
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