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Experimental kind of fighting game.

I've been working for a bit on this one, played with the physics, and I present VS. Red ^_^

For the record, as of now, the score is 1.65/5. But let me set it straight that I made this game in three and a half hours over the course of two days, and in Flash 8, and it easily passed judgement with a score of 2/5. If this does get turd of the week, then it's an epic turd, but I really hope that doesn't happen. But when you play, think of that, three hours of work in AS2 made something moderately good... I think it does deserve an award for speedy developement ^_^

The reason I didn't tell you during judgement is because I knew it would effect the score.

Graphics are a bit cheap, but you can still understand what's going on, it's very difficult.

Press A to attack/select
Press S to avoid the deadly waves
Use arrow keys to move

Pretty Simple.

I made everything in this game, no help except from Bomtoons and luis, for inspiring me to create this game (Cave of Wonders) Do not Compare this to Cave of Wonders, keep Reviews based on this, please.

File is titled "Boss Fight Sword" because I was originally planning a projectile as a weapon, but that was a disaster, so your weapon is a "sword."


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it needs some serious work

everything else= not so much

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Thanks for the music compliment ^_^

But your review needs to be more in depth, this isn't like youtube where you can just comment, it has to be a review, and it has to follow the guidelines, that's why you have a rating of useless under you.


Well I actually managed to beat it within a few minutes. The attacks were simple patterns so it's not even that difficult. I basically spammed jump, and held S and A at the same time. Other than that I don't find this game that great. I kinda liked the music at the end tho. Better luck on your next game =/

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Well, the AI is about as smart as George W. Bush (bad joke), but I am glad to see that some people actually read the description. Thanks for the compliment in the music, I appreciate it ^_^

dude really?

what is up i cant get by the first level to many things to do to many flashing lights to obscure your sight to many things flying in your face!!!! it sucks quit now

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

I am not sure what you are saying with the "it sucks quit now." were you saying it sucks, I quit now, or were you insulting me by telling me to quit making flash, as a personal bash toward an artist? If it is the latter, then your review should be removed because of abuse of the guidelines. Maybe you should read the rules before you do something reckless.


I'm not sure what you were going for here, but the end result is just a jumble of flashy lights and sounds. Maybe I'm not your target audience, but the whole thing seems like a bit of a mess.

I was able to survive the first few attacks but there's seems to be no purpose but to just keep dodging and blocking.

Music was pretty cool though...

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

While it is refreshing to see a score higher than 2/10 from these reviews, I need to reiterate that you need to pay attention to the description, I already said that this is an experimental fighting game, so the AI is about as smart as a 3 year old chimpanzee, it is just animation, no coding with the AI movement. But thanks for the compliment on my music, I appreciate it. ^_^


How do you play? I don't get it at all.

The graphics were horribly bad, but I'm giving you a 1 for effort.

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

You need to read the Commentary/description, everything you complained about is discussed there. A to attack, S to dodge, arrow keys to move, I already mentioned the cheap graphics.

Why is it so hard to understand that?

Do I need to hold your hand through every step?

Credits & Info

0.80 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2010
7:52 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS