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Legendary Penguin

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Author Comments

Somewhere in the cold North Pole lazy people tend to sleep outside.
But there is a saviour a legendary penguin using his rocket launch.. erm his snowball launcher
to wake them all up.They won't know what hit them.

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this is fun!

this is really fun :)
some i couldn't figure out, but then i figured out how to make it bounce off of things and i did every level
my score is 140131 :)

Not bad

This game was decent and with a few improvements could be really good. I thought that the graphics and controls were good and I liked the main character (+1 for choosing a penguin, I love penguins).

My main criticism is the lack difficulty. The fact that there is not a limit to the amount of snowballs you can fire makes it pretty easy to complete a level. Also, some of the levels are a bit repetitive and the difficulty did not seem to increase that much.

I think the best way to improve this game would be to provide a limited amount of snowballs per level (for example some levels would give you three snow balls and others could just give you 1 to complete a level). Also, adding more variety to the levels would be nice. Overall, this is a pretty good game and a good first submission. Keep up the good work.

It was ok

The gameplay was simple, and the graphics were pretty decent. It happened twice where two different levels were the exact same as previous levels, and that cuts down a little. It was too easy, considering you have an unlimited amount of balls to work with. You didn't have to do much to wake the eskimo, considering your ball could barely be rolling and tap him, and he would wake up.

It was an ok game, and I'm assuming it's your first, as you don't have any others up. Fort a first game, it's pretty darn good.


the same level concepts are used over and over. Rebound or hit a giant snowball to wake him up. Unlimited snowball allow for very easy levels, because you can just rapid fire and easily get one snowball in.

A certain amount of snowballs per level on par with level difficulty. different level concepts such as maybe having bounce pads or contraptions like that to make the game more fun and strategic.



Level design was blah and you seemed to recycle a couple of levels. There was no strategy to the levels. Just keep launching one snowball after another if you get stuck and eventually one will roll or bounce into the eskimo.

The artwork was pretty good. Maybe rethink your puzzles and you'd have a pretty good game, but this sort of thing has been done many times already.

Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2010
3:35 PM EST