Giga Miner

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You must mine your way to riches by mining for minerals and gems to sell.


It was a great game, I played it before and found it lack luster, but after making it through that first town it was better than I thought. Seems many people have problems with the movement but I found no problems there except in the later mines, but the color seemed to be to indicate that it was harder material to dig through.
The big problem I had was with the losing of health. I get that the dynamite hurts you when you use it, but there was no indication that you would be damaged when you hit a rock, you do.
Seems also everyone had a problem with money management, I made it to the third mine and had the game beat, I only kept playing to finish it all out, and made it to retirement with 126K. All I can say is be careful with your money and don't waste it on health potions, just anti venom. If you always keep 1 dynamite it'll take care of the rocks and there is no need for the jackhammer.

So all in all, not a bad game, just a slight one trick pony.

This was really cute and just what I was looking for. My only critique would be that it would be great if the game was entirely controlled by the keyboard.

lol bad moving animation XD

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does anyone know of anymore 3rd person mining games like this and not motherload (I LOVE IT MOTHERLOAD) i just want a man

Eh. I've played worse.

Gotta walk over the spot for the hidden gem. Don't rely on dynamite so much.

I played it, beat it. It was ok.

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3.02 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2010
3:23 PM EST
Strategy - Other