Megaman X RPG: Arena Demo

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30 NOV 2010: Fixed the auto-rez, losing screen freeze, and Forge glitch. (If this doesn't show up on the patch notes, clear your internet cache and reload the new version).

29 NOV 2010: It's been over a year since I published Chapter 1, and this, unfortunately, is not the latest installment. This is just a demo for all the changes that were made and a way for me to test them out before completing Chapter 2. And there were A LOT of substantial changes. So while I hate releasing "unfinished" work (in the sense that there's no story - it's just the Arena mode), you will be doing me a huge favor by giving me your feedback. So let's go over what's available here:

- Completely overhauled game engine. Everything you loved about Chapter 1 - but better!
- Brand new Arena mode! Test your fighting ability to win prizes!
- Unlockables!
- New shops, including the Forge, that lets you craft new and unique weapons!
- 75 Upgrades and over 20 Battlechips that let you customize your characters to your liking.
- Excellent music by some of the best artists Newgrounds Audio has to offer!
- In-game tutorials!
- Free pony for every person who LOVES this game (free pony may or may not be a complete and fictitious lie).
- And much, much more!

*Note* - The save feature does work, but (since it's a demo), they won't transfer to Chapter 2.

Lastly, there are probably more than a few bugs that need to be sifted out. I've been working solo on this project for almost three years now so it's impossible for me to find them all. Just send me a quick PM if you find one and I'll try and have it fixed soon. Thanks again!



cant wait till its done

here are some problems/glitches i noticed:
-somehow, i managed to get my money total to say NaN, meaning i could buy anything i wanted without limit (which was fun, but all the same something you should fix.) it happend while i was selling some items, but i dunno how.
-my save data was deleted with my storage space set to unlimited.
-the ghost robots on tier 5 boss blend in far too well with the background, making them hard to see.
-the very last unlockable reward option which is "???" does nothing
-PTR-14 always does riot grenade, and never riot burst (and thats after 30+ times)
-when destroying a whole group of enemies with one attack, they dont all explode.
-there should really be a way to get reward exp right away and not have to get it one level at a time after battles.
-on zero's limit break description it says "amelee damage", theres an extra a.
-a "crush" attack tried to hit X, but it missed, yet i still got the crush debuff.
-there should be some kind of signal when the reward "upgrade shop" can no longer be upgraded.
The battle system is great, and i cant wait for the whole thing to be finished, keep up the good work.

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Not only awsome game but im lucky i clicked on this cuz it looked interesting (i search megaman x rpg chapter 2 and 5 came up and of all them i picked this one WOOOOOOOOOOT!!


only there's a few bugs
1.when u lose u dont go back to arena screen so i have to reload the game(same when u try to flee)
2.sometimes opponents do NaN

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this is so fun! and it just the demo the real is gonna blast!


I think I am in love with you.

Your work for the megaman x series is just all kinds of amazing. this may just be a short demo but it is still very fun. Can't wait for the full thing.

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Nov 30, 2010
1:15 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
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