Aurora- chapter 1

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Who is Aurora, and why is everyone so afraid of her? You probably don't want to be around to find out, even though it seems as though she's very interested in meeting you...



The artwork is magnificent, I must say. I've never seen a Point 'n' click adventure with so much soulin it! Who is Aurora, and why is everybody so scared of her? I bought bullets for my gun, thought I could shoot my way out of this mystery. Turns out the only way out was fleeing. I've played Aurora 2, and it isn't disappointing at all! Keep up the good work, the soundtrack was spot on! Really good Cowboy/Ghost town theme...
Puts a mellow and rather spooky shadow over this game. But I can't figure out how you're gonna end this story. We know so little about Aurora! In fact, I don't wanna know why you can't escape if you meet her. Some things are just meant to stay in the dark. Whatever you do, don't hurry. Quality takes time. If I must wait a year or more for Aurora 3, I'll do that. Time is the key

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A mysterious and dark mood carries this game

For how short the game it does an air of hopelessness and immenent menace very well. Its setting and creepiness are alot like an old game called Silverload. I like the story and the setting. I feel its a bit anticlimatic, and the item placement could be more creative for such a small map.

A fun, creepy western, point & click adventure.

Thank you PastelGames, for such a fun, weird, creepy, and unforgettable adventure, I feel like I lived out a Twilight Zone episode, which is a good thing. In a way, the main plot made me think of that old song by The Eagles, Hotel California, in a sense that in the song, the mistress of the hotel was in fact, The Devil, and the Hotel, was hell, once you checked in, you could never check out, you were there forever. As with Red Hill town, you are warned that once you meet Aurora (Possibly Satan?), you can never leave Red Hill town, it made me think that this old western ghost town was hell for 1800's America, and all the inhabitants you meet are forever doomed to be stuck in Red Hill town (Hell.) With that said, I got a sense that this ghost town was hell, and the people were lost souls, and it really gave me a creepy, uneasy feeling on edge, one of many reasons I'm rating this so high.

I got a sense of Silent Hill from this game too, in the beginning it looked like a regular old western town, moments later through the game it transforms into something different, in this case being an old abandoned run down ghost town.

Good job on the intro story/comic of the game, well drawn, and a great way to introduce us to the story of Aurora, and how we ended up here, most point and click mystery adventures start you off in the middle of a mysterious situation, and I always think why am I here and how did I end up here? I hate that feeling, it has never worked for me and always falls flat, I'm glad you didn't do that here, I got a pretty good idea how I ended up here, even though its a mystery as to why there is a tornado out there picking people up randomly and sending them to a RedHill town, oh well I know enough for now. Maybe the main character died?

Sound: Awesome theme music, it fit exceedingly perfect with the falling apart ghost town with inhabitants. The music was part old western cowboy, part eerie and scary ghost town, I loved it, never got tired of it playing during my adventure.

Gameplay: Fun, it was never more or less than a simple point and click adventure, and it was never too difficult, it was a satisfying experience, but the game could have been a bit longer, and there could have been more environments to explore, like a few more outdoor areas, and the town could have been a bit bigger.

Art: The design and artwork was well done, and very creative, the area fit with a ghost town mystery, the town looked really old, almost in shambles, the night sky was very inviting in this sense as well, it added to the creepiness and mystery. I had one small issue with the artwork, the exits and some of the windows to some of the buildings displayed it looking like it was daytime outside, when in fact it was night when you entered the building, a little misguiding and off balance. If there was a reason why you intentionally did this for some point, then explain please.

Extras/questions: The general store sold a few extra items that were seemingly unneeded, like gun ammo, pointless to buy, also you get a sheriff's badge and a gun through the story, but they really did nothing, what is the point in these extra items if they cannot be used? An easter egg maybe? Tell me the easter eggs if you don't mind. At one point I tried combining the gun with the bullets, but nothing happened. Also I thought Aurora would show up if I set all the clocks to 8 o'clock, I didn't really think the clocks served a purpose either, why this feature with no point?

Despite my explanation of the unneeded items and daytime display through certain parts of the buildings I thought this was a very fun, engaging, creepy story of desperation, hopelessness, and the want to escape before you are stuck forever, I experienced all this whilst playing, and it was unforgettable and great, I hope part 2 is just as engaging, creepy, and fun, with the sense of wanting to escape and figure out the mystery of Aurora; I hope you plan more than just two parts of this amazing game in the future.

10/10 Stars.

5/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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tis fun

I really enjoyed it :)


took me a while to realise how to make the bomb but amazing game

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Nov 29, 2010
2:59 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click