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Realtime 3D

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Move the mouse to change the rate at which you turn. Click to fly forward.

The graphics are rendered in real time. This is done entirely with ActionScript 3. Right now, it can only render wireframes, but it does so nicely, and with depth-based alpha coloring.

This will probably be more impressive to other developers than random Newgroundsers...

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Its immpresive but you should make a game based on it.

Wow...How Long did This Take? I Actually Thought You Used Java!?!? Can I Use This? I Think Id' Have a Good Idea.

Not bad for something done in AS3.

Many people know you for your music, but you also work in flash as well? I think a lot of people who are in need of programmers could use your talents and knowledge. (Example: Cherry-Cupid) It's something that you should seriously consider.

When it comes to the graphics, it isn't bad considering that it's just wireframes. Plus, this looks like a cross between an old vector game and Red Alarm for the Virtual Boy. However, I will suggest for any games that will use this engine is you throw in some sort of color variety. There isn't any sound that was used in this, but considering that it is a demo; I won't take points off. Finally, the content is neat for what it is. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is a mere demo, I can't give a full score. On the other hand, I acknowledge the effort that went into this and wouldn't mind seeing an actual game made out of this.

The Good:
-Nice wireframe
-Shows knowledge of 3D and Actionscript 3 programming

The Bad:
-The fact that this is a mere demo, which explains why there's no collision detection.

Overall: Here's a seven for the work that went into this, and an actual game being made out of this would be excellent. (3.5/5)

Surprisingly smooth for actionscript

Now if you can just figure out some collision detection, or functioning simulacrum, you'd have something.

nice base frame

It's extremely smooth and very nice looking. If someone could figure out how to implement something like this in a playable game, it could easily get full scores and even make front page probably

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2010
6:34 PM EST

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