Have Faith

November 28, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
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Author Comments

I've been thinking a lot about being faithful in something versus striving to find relief on your own.


I did try both ways to win it,at the edge of losing faith all the time while i was trying to figure it out on my own.I saw you all say it wasn't that hard and all shit but it was damn hard for ME.I actually started drawing down the routes i take after several minutes of aimless and luckless wondering,and it helped,not only with finally beating the game but also with putting up with the boredom.
It was,really,boring.
But well,since the drawing part drove away part of my impatience,finding the exit could be rewarding.
The theme of the game is good and deep and et cetera,but the gameplay is so boring.;___;

Like some others have commented- It's to find faith in yourself and see what you can truly achieve :3

i don't know if it's pretentious or not. But it was beautiful for sure!

I kind of got this from the game. That you do have a better reward for striving t find relief on your own. BUTTT! to do that, and go through the failures, and to keep striving like for example the maze to keep failing but, having the heart and patience to keep going you have to have alot of faith as well, faith in yourself. So, i think the message is, well for me lol, it was ok you will win if you do them separately but to truely win at something, you have to have both together.

I love the idea of the game. The maze could have been made more complex to give the player a greater sense of reward. Not the best execution but great overall. Also, the BGM is Man with a Harmonica by Ennio Morricone. Excellent choice!

The maze wasn't really that hard...

It's telling that i used a rational, methodical way (namely taking the way to the left, whenever possible), instead of having faith - and won in about a minute...

very good game

Was this to tell you to have faith our find your own relief?

what the heck is that beeping noice at the end?/?

Love the game. The idea behind it was absolutely beautiful and emotion provoking.
When I first tried the game I took the easy way out. I thought it was a trick and yet there it was. I had won. I couldn't help myself and started over again; I wanted to see if I could actually win it on my own. The other way didn't really feel like winning. It felt too easy. Where was my struggle?
So I set off to try and win it myself. After about 5 minutes of wondering around the maze I found myself wondering if there even was an end. Why hadn't I taken the easy way? The fact that this game, with such a simple design, brought up emotions of doubt is what I love. The music was also a wonderful addition because it made me feel uncomfortable. It made me doubt my decision to not have faith and to find the relief on my own.
Wonderful. Your games always impress me.

Interesting little game. I will say that the first thought that occurs is "oh my god, that music, MAKE IT STOP", followed by "my kingdom for a 'run' button"...and then I realize that it's INTENTIONAL, that the irritating aspects of this game are actually the entire point: seeing whether or not you'll endure them long enough to win properly, versus just cheesing out.

Well done.

I like this game. At first I won the game the easy way & then replayed it so I could actually work to win the game. I found that actually working to win the game was more satisfying but definitely more difficult. Interesting game :)

:3 There were more than one way to exit, for those of you (like me) who followed the left hand rule first and thought "oh, left hand rule? Bah!", you exit from many of the places. It really isn't a hard maze. And those of you who say "game sucks!", art games aren't made for gameplay, they are meant to have a message. Stop hatin'!

This shows the meaning that if you take your time and do the work you will get a good reward :) Sweet game, but the music was pretty terrible>.<

The maze was really, really easy. "Cheating" with A + L skipped 1 minute of the left-hand rule, which itself was not a rewarding experience.

awesome maze! i did it without the A+L.
P.S.:cute ending.

To me I think this game's message or meaning is that...well...it might not even have one, I mean I did the A+L thing, but something inside of me just wanted to finish the game the right way...I did not stop walking around the maze until I finally found the end...I would had never stoped if I didn't find the end...and at the end I found the sweet relief of finishing the game and actually doing it the right way, as if the creator of the game knew I was not going to stop until I found it...and it was a sweet relief that blasted noise in the background *music* finally stoped and the agony of walking around on that pale white world finally stoped ^^

I always start games by doing exactly what they tell me to do, so right off the bat I waited and then pressed A+L. And I won the game. Easy as that. But it wasn't any fun at all. Then I went through the maze and found the exit, and I won the game. And I felt kind of satisfied with that.

This wasn't a very good game. In fact, it was pretty bad. The graphics were unimaginative and bland, the character moves painfully slow, and after awhile the whine of the music really started to grate on my nerves. And when I finally reach the end, I was rewarded essentially with the music stopping and with the color red.

But even though it was uninspired, tedious, and unchallenging, I still felt better about finishing it that I had when I was just flat out given the prize. The moral I got from this game is simple: the more effort you put into something, the more value you take from it. Maybe that's not what you got from this, and maybe that's not even what the programmer wanted me to get, but that is what I got. Not the most groundbreaking discovery, but I like the way it was presented, and that's why I'm giving this an eight.

Thanks you guys on the tip to turn left left left. lol. I only ran into two dead ends, so it didn't take me that long. Still....unfullfilling at the end. Is the moral relief is more sweet after HORRIBLE AWFUL AGONY?!?!?! :P

There is a difference between art and fun. These two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Just because this is an art game and made to make a point does not mean it has to be such a boring game.

I don't really get why this is special. It feels like a very basic flash game made more as practice. The graphics are beyond basic, which could have been overlooked if this had good gameplay/story/features/whatever. This doesn't have anything going for it, not even a tolerable soundtrack. Press an arrow, veer left most of the time, get to the end of the maze. The end.

I got through the maze in less than two minutes (more or less), without running into a single dead end (and without reading the comments to 'cheat'). It was ridiculously easy. If I'd known it was this short and easy, I would have just passed on this game.

I realize the creator was trying to convey some sort of message, but 'Hey, you're probably too lazy to find the end of a maze, so I gave you a method to cheat' isn't really a message. It just feels like an excuse to make a basic game seem better than it is.

I give this a three (instead of zero) because there is at least a slight challenge in the concept of a maze. Some people enjoy the simple challenge of trying to complete that, regardless of any 'rewards' at the end.

I know what the intended message was- have faith in human nature, etc. But it also brings up a point on the meaning of success. Is it really worth it to take the easy way out, while losing the journey itself?

The title tells you the lesson your suppose to take from the game. Have faith in others. I know it was an easy game. BUT think deeper than just oh I beat this game without pressing A and L i'm so amazing...



I love this game because I won at first try (LOL ...seriously). Having faith is one of the most wonderful thing. It's difficult for some, while it's the most liberating feeling for others. Nevertheless, our actions can never be fruitful if without faith and faith is meaningless without toil. Likewise, we either have to put our faith in ourselves or the author because otherwise this game will not progress.

I think what the author asks is good, but the answer is neither but a mix of the two. The answer IMO is to strive with all you got for what you want AND have faith in what you do (if you do good, it's easier than if you do bad), faith in what you do and faith in god.
I give a 9/10. The game idea was simple as the game and I'm pretty sure that's what the author intended and this simplicity is what was needed for this game, nothing more nothing less.
I take 1 point away because the solution to the maze isn't that hard.
Here's a tip: what pieces do you put together FIRST when solving a puzzle?.

Wasn't bad. Won both ways... I do prefer finding the way out on my own though. Possibly meaning I like to rely/ have faith in myself rather than someone else. It's more rewarding in that sense.

At the first time the easy way did not worked. Was great, with a message.
But them I read a review and saw that I have done the wrong keys combination.
Then, deception.

I get the same screen regardless but I cant help but prefer finding my own way through the maze than just holding two buttons. It really made me take a look at my personality and showed me i prefer the journey more than the outcome.

I really like this game :) I rarely win at anything, not without help anyways.. Oh wait I guess I sorta did get help in this game.. Jeez I never have a fair win :(

Beauty = 0

I want to say its "Good" but your sorta forgetting the meaning of an art game. It doesn't look like you put much effort and the end isn't worth playing through for. People act like just became a games an art game doesn't mean it gives you an excuse to not atleast add depth. Like for the sweet relief thing I'm sure you could have thought up of something better to look at when getting to the end instead of just that little heart.

I want to really say that I understood what you were trying to point out but the fact is that there wasn't enough effort of it to be considered anything special. Art means expression try to deepen your expression. You don't need to be a good pixel artist either you just really need to work on improving your ideas and outlooks so there stronger.

But I found my sweet relief. Is that a good thing?

Really wasn't that hard, I just hugged the left wall and was done in less than a minute. Either way to complete the game didn't give me relief of any sort. Ironically, since some parts of the maze made you think you were simply going in an infinite loop, I had to have faith that I was actually going the right way, and almost turned back right before I reached the end. I understand what you're trying to say but the game really fails to get the message across.

Good game, simple and to the point. Ryzell, I agree with you for the most part but the fact that this is an art game does not excuse it from being a game. Now I'm not saying to add swords and monsters but even though the aesthetics and music compliment the game meaning more, it does sometimes feel like a maze in a childrens book. (Talk about a run-on sentence). Now I don't have anything particular to suggest but theres room for improvement.

Okay I am not saying anyone that "you are idiot" but I saw a review saying "Put sword,monsters and traps... Maybe a nice idea but not for this game. It hurts me when I saw a review like that on an art game. The ones that finished this game both normal and with A&L buttons. I still wonder why A and L but never mind... They are the smart ones. They understand this game. Too bad that some heartless guys decreases your point...

Art games are beauty. But not all players can understand it. Thats why, it is risky.

Gameplay: 9/10
Why? Well, all game is awesome. And very deep. Gives a lot of meaning for a person like me. Only thing is that character was kinda slow..

Art(Not meaning): 9/10
The character design wasn't that great. But it was great for an art game. So It is a 9

Well... Maybe it is only me but HELL! That music was excellent! I really liked it. Well I think its because I am a fan of psychological horror. :)

Overall Rating: 10/10 Excellent!
Maybe it was supposed to be 9. But I am a human and I wanna give it a 10.

Keep up the good work ^_^

X - Ryzell

Well, turns out having faith worked in this case. I did what the game said, and one. However, while your idea is good, I think you could have done more with the idea of "faith"

Evolved it more, try to show the player a new idea or meaning for "faith"

you win......not saying i have faith though...i dont believe in that shit....not that its shit it just.....no one and nothing can prove it.....yet

the hard way is almost all left

all your games are simle yet the meaning is so deep...good job :)

I did it the hard way.

the key of this game is patience and good memories. well done

in this world stuff doesnt just come for you because of good karma prayer etc.you have to work for it.great game,music is ear rape.DX

From the music. Good game though.

Though it's apparently far too high over some people's heads, such as the guy below me, rawbutcher.

your games need more effort put in and you'd have some decent stuff

the maze was really easy done both types of winnin but omg the music AHHHH i still have my laptop on mute

*Warning, this review contains SPOILERS*

Okay, so I went through the intro, 'maze= hard', '5secwait, press A&L same time>maze', and then I got to "You're not missing anything", and 'Have faith in me'. I clicked again, and played the game.

Wonder why I gave speech marks to YNMA? Because it's WRONG.

The easy way: I pressed the magic buttons, and came to the black "You Won". Snore.

The hard way: Note: hard. This path led me into a dozen-1 dead ends. But I persevered, and finally got to the exit. Went through, and found the exit screen. Turns out I WAS missing something. I pondered on the differences, until it occured this was a REWARD. Then there was the relief, and I tell ya, it was worth it. Ah, the sweet relief.
So if you play the game, DON'T have faith. Have relief. Do the maze.

Why am I giving this 7? Because my ear was bleeding.
*ahem* Figure of speech. The music was awful.

the music gave me a headache
it was like being in a catscan machine without earplugs

But I felt the maze was waaay to easy, that or I'm really lucky xD in any case it was a good way to spend my time

I took the easy way out first. I was generally curious to see what would happen when you did-- the black, "You Won" screen was a misnomer. I had won nothing because I had not worked to win anything. I had simply pressed two buttons at the beginning of the maze to try and cheat my way through this game.

On my second playthrough, I restarted the game and went through the maze. And, as the text said in the beginning, it wasn't easy-- but the text was wrong about "not missing anything". I was missing something on that first playthrough. I was missing the experience and the work I put into solving the maze. I had toiled through the labyrinth and as my reward, I had worked towards my reward at the end. The sweet relief that meets you at the end truly feels gratifying, while the "You Win" screen never will.

This is one of the few flash games I've played that have actually had an impact on my thought process. Faith on the basic level of it is hoping that something will provide the answers to you-- it needs no contemplation, only revelation. The text in the beginning asks you to "Have faith in me", and if you do, you get the revelation (the ending), but without the experience that came from discovering it on your own. The ending when you actually complete the maze is therefore brighter and more uplifting because you feel that way yourself after completing it.

Well done. This shit was awesome in the best possible way. Ah. The sweet relief. <3

Oh please, if you're going to make something of being "faithful", I don't see what you're being faithful for. "You're not missing anything. Have faith in me." Is that what we should place faith in you for? Lame. I pressed the R/L button to "win the game", and found the exit myself, which is too easy in my opinion as you claim it hard. None are "philosophical" or "deep", it's just lame.

And the music? Jesus Christ. It was repetitive, and put me into sleep.

It reminds me of Leisure Suit Larry 2, when you could type "Cheat" and automaticaly beat the game :P
As for the maze... If I wasn't aware of the "Right hand rule" I guess I wouldn't be able to beat it... Nice artistic touch!

Another interesting concept about the meaning of game...

This was definitely an interesting flash, and I'll admit it shamed me a bit when I took the easy way out at first. I like how your recent stuff is actually making me FEEL something, like Covetous and Support Group.

Great premise! Bumping into edges sucked, though.

It's got a nice moral in it, but that's all it's got.
Oh, it's also cute.
But the music and the slow movement, and the short endings were a little disappointing. But who am I to judge?

WTF? "Hard Maze"???

The maze exit shouldn't have been placed on the outside; way too easy to find :-(

deeply beautiful experience,but heartbreaking,that's why i wont give it 10

I beat it in like 2 seconds though.

I dislike this very much.

I don't even know how the fuck did you manage to get this crap of a "game" here...
Gameplay is fucking tedious, I almost fell asleep while playing this (and I'm not joking) and the music just contributes to that effect.
Even if that was your goal, this screams FAIL! with every single pixel.

it was funny...but what a wast :P

This game has no storyline and people are continuing to ramble on about the 'philosophical concept' when it really has none. All it is is a maze created in about an hour then pasting a horribly drawn character and putting it in an over view. Then the 'philosophical concept' I think people are refering to is the music which is just repedititve music from a horror movie. But other then that playing the actual maze was quite tedis in the fact that the figure moved rather slowly I would of prefered you sped that up. In-fact that was a big reason the maze took so long to finish.

It's ok concept but it's very lame. Would be more fun with these tips
The little dude is slow wich makes you angry when u reaach a deadend and hafto go back.
Would be cool and original(I shouldnt say this) if the maze move every so often and if there were some monsters walking here and there around it, maybe you could have a weapon or so to kill them and some obstacles 4 example a boulder that rolls back and forth or doors closing every .... minutes or darts that shoot from the walls 1nce a second and as I said the hole maze is continuesly moving at the same time.
I didn't manage to do the cheat but who cares it was easy without it in anycase lol.

I like the idea of this game. Maze was to easy though, took me five minutes to beat it.

awesome game i thought that maze wouldnt have an end tbh xD

Attention to all people who gave this a horrible rating:
Don't you understand? This game is clearly NOT INTENDED to be just a fun way to kill half an hour. This guy made a game to convey a artistic, philosophical concept, and you jerks just took a crap on that.
You suck


I really love the concept and execution of this game. It's a very deep, philosophical, and moving story, despite the fact that it's given in two frames. Brilliantly done.

Many people have rated this game without understanding its purpose.

The objective is to show that is more satisfactory to find an exit by yourself than have it given to you.

But pressing two buttons isn't a game.
The one star is for the music.

What is the use of this game?
Read a couple of lines, wait 5 seconds and press 2 buttons??

This is horrible, sorry.

Graphics 0
Gameplay 0
'Story' 0

but you need to try harder to make a game

That maze was actually surprisingly simple, dont know what sweet relief youre talking about though. Simple and pretty lame.

got through the whole thing in one try it was way too easy the music is annoying and the guy moves way to slow and why would you go through and make it so u can win by pressing 2 buttons at once this was pretty bad

i wasted 5 minutes of my life on this shit

Funny.. Heheh.. But lame xD

im a little confused how this is actually making me feel relief if anything its just making me annoyed and the maze lacks any real creativity. Waste of time xD

I reached a room with an hearth inside, but then the game stopped with the sentence "AH, THE SWEET RELIEF.". WTF doeas this means?



Beat it

this game is most boring i have ever played its GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad music
Bad game
Boring game
It sucked

really it is
but kinda fun still

way too easy dude amp it up next time and the music got annoying really fast

i thought it was going to be so hard but it was so easy. This game is quite boring though.

Beat it in under 5 minutes hit two dead ends

The left is a dead end. (Only 2 left dead ends)

I beat it the good old fashion way

5 minutes to resolve... it's the basic rule for mazes... always left... sometimes is just take the obvious way... the one that it's longer....

I enjoyed the game and it took me ages to solve, i can b very thick haha
but yeahh, definitely enjoyed that side of it
only thing was for me that the gameplay was a little slow and the background music really annoyed me. Some people may like it, but give us a toggle option. If there was 1 i didnt see, then again sorry, i can b very thick :)
that aside though, nice game

My god! Honestly, for a second there, I thought you had played us. I literally, and I mean, LITERALLY, went the longest possible way. I ventured to every single dead end of the map. And I was certain that it was a rigged game. I was gonna be so pissed at you! And then, of course, the last possible place I go to is actually the exit. You weren't joking about not missing out on much. But I will give you a ten for the frustrating, yet determined experience I had playing this game. It literally was the LONGEST fifteen minutes of my life.

I want to give this game 10 stars, but then I thought naaaaaah.

I beat the maze, woot!
I actually enjoyed the background music.
Personally, I find that working towards a goal that you achieve yourself is much more satisfying than having something given to you. If there were some method of developing spiritual powers to do the things God does, then I would choose that method over praying to Him. Though the end result may be basically the same, what you've experienced to get to that point is what is truly special.
Hope this fuels your thoughts, thanks for taking me through this vein of thought.

I have to say this, I hate your game, and I hate you... good work?

i was seriously thinking of giving this game a -5 just because of the sound but, when i read your comment thats when i realized that this game had tricked me into hating it. good point chiurciu but this game will not be getting 10 stars though.

This game sucks. I'm sorry but where's the main point of it.

well its really creativ that kind of gameplay is really new
the sound is amazing but the graphic sucks

...that sound! MY EARS! MY BRAIN HURTS!
Need a switch off button, it becomes really annoying after 3-4 seconds.
The rest meh nice joke.

The great thing about this game is that it IS uncomfortable.
No exuberant art, a really annoying tune over and over and the most irritating playing movement possible. It is not about being nice to our eyes and ears: it is about you having to defeat a greatly inhospitable situation, when everything makes you just want to do the damn A+L stuff and finish it off. But once you do it, it doesn't feel any better!

Just like climbing out a bad depression: it's no fun, but you have to do it.

Good concept + simplicity = greatness.
Well done: your game is awesome.

I don't know exactly what to write...
After first using the "escape-code", I just HAD to move through the whole maze. Not because I expected something great, but to make the experience, proof myself maybee.
Dont know really. But you made me think too ;)
(and I'm pondering if you just 'brainfucked' me also ;) )

This is in my small world one example of how 'games' CAN be art. In this case: because there are many different interpretations from different people.
BlaBlaBla... I vote 7/10 could have been a bit nicer to the eyes and ears for my taste.

P.S.: Something like that about the uselessness of comments on the internet would be interresting.... :)

I just did the 'stick to one side of the wall till you get out' and it was fast.
huh...have faith?;this game is somewhat philosophic and it's kinda cool.
but if you added some obstacles and shit, 'think it's gonna be at least more interesting to the players.

I don't like the comments...
"you make deh left or teh right"
its a maze... no shit...

Author comment says: being faithful
aka set aside time and be patient.

didn't take me but a minut anyways...

start creapy gets boring .so boring that i stopped playing

don't get it.. is there something else that happens?

The maze wasn't difficult, it was just a big maze and a small screen, so your options ended up making a left or right turn, one taking you forward in the maze, the other a dead end meaning you'd have to walk back and walk the other route, so there is a high sense of trial and error, which I suppose is acceptable in a maze, but it's only due to size matters, I was never confused. The whole "press these buttons and you win" concept is original, but unusual. I mean, if I came to play a flash game, why would I take the option to just cheat? I guess it's a way to add an alternate ending, but wouldn't a better way be having multiple exits, each leading to another ending to the protagonist. And the canon ending confused me, call me ignorant, but I'm not sure what your trying to say with the message. I've also noticed that alot of artistic games that players generally dislike have been on the front page recently, which I find weird. That isn't subtracting from the score, just a point. I give you these two points because your trying to give a message that I myself don't understand.

Soooooooo boring.

I vaguely see the point you're trying to make, but with modern, accessible-for- everyone technology like Flash, you could definitely do better than this. Just add more colour and maybe it'll be okay.

It was okay, but the charracte moved so slow and it was pretty depressing... I think it would improve alot if it moved faster, with a more dificult maze (because of the lack of left turns =.=) and some catchy music or some colour. Its just my opinion.

>brownies< and good small screen game

Sorry that my first review on this site is a negative one, but this is just a dumb game. The maze is boring and pretty badly designed, and the tacked-on message about faith being bad or something? Completely meaningless, as the final screen is on par with those "You win game over" blank screens from the NES era of gaming. Artist, I think you could improve this game a lot by fleshing it out more, and maybe working your message about believing in yourself in there in a more significant way.

I agree that it was too easy, and dull.
Could of thrown some color into it or a background. Something.

not that challenging and music is creepy

Slow, not very stimulating or entertaining, only marginally original. I was in serious doubt as to whether or not it was solvable. But in the end, it was actually marginally satisfying. The sweet relief, indeed.

Except for that part in which you needed to take a slight right.
Also the maze kept on having a branch off tree pattern which i disliked because you can get lost EASILY! And ahhhh THE SWEET RELEIF!

i think that the game loops for some time. I walked for a few minutes and i was seeing a certain patern...
i belive it's about having faith on yourself and triyng to complete the game...
one thing im sure
pressing the keys after you start doesent work

way too easy and creepy

The sweet relief. <3

Good game. Creepy, but strangely satisfying.


Mostly, left turns

And the music is dreadfully intrusive.

(Blind) faith or hard work? Hmm, the choices the choices...

PS: Ennio Morricone FTW. You should've continued it all the way to the end of the track lol.

A complete waste of time, don't play it.

I hope I wasn't the only one that spent half an hour trying to find the end on my own

An exploration of a concept. A metaphysical submission to an unknown and unseen entity, or a rebellion of the soul to overcome something you don't even understand... a master piece?

The problem was, the sweet relief was in finishing it so I didn't have to listen to that music anymore, it was a little painful by the time I hit the 4th repetition.

Also the maze was supposed to be hard. THIS MAZE IS NOT HARD... IT IS JUST BIG, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE. Apologies for the caps, but I hope you understand that in a 2 dimensional maze like this there is nothing more difficult to it than simply turning left at every junction you come to and trying every dead end until you find the exit. It is tedious, not hard. In the end the problem simplifies to standing in the middle of a circle and finding a gap in it's edge.

Also I found the juddering motion of the character, lack of artwork or animation and extremely slow pace could all do with changing a bit. 4/1

The Sweet Relief.


I enjoyed it. Found the exit within three loops of the music, despite the 'difficulty' of the maze.
The music was wonderful, but this really needs a much longer, smoother loop.
I tried both endings and found that finding the exit on my own was much more satisfying.

yah it works you just gota time it right

The music makes babies cry and angels lose their wings and the slow movement + small screen makes its hard to watch.

People must have timed it wrong.
But anyway, I tried both ending, first the easy way, but that didn't feel right.
so I wandered the maze until I found the exit.
Felt good too.

that was eazy a+l dose work

But A and L didnt work for some reason, when I went through the maze I made it out in about 3 minutes. I wasnt too fond of the music, if you added more of an ambient type of song that played longer and smoothly it would have been more enjoyable.

TBH honest it could be so much more
it needs more adventure in it
good effort though


The game was very bad, maze was very easy, the A and L thing didn't work, and when I got to the end it was a heart and the screen turned red and said "Ah. The Sweet Relief" Then nothing happened.

it was a great comparison, the differences between putting faith in another higher power or putting faith in yourself and actually trying, it didn't matter that the maze wasn't that hard, you had to try to find out, the simplicity just helped to stay focused on the message.

I did not beat the game because i don't have time( and i had FAITH in you saying it was hard! Lol), but i do like the message that "ignorance is bliss"- and that is certainly true with these times(with religious views, political views, etc.). I like it.

It was pretty good but the maze was easy.

The fact that you used the theme from Once Upon A Time in The West is more than enough of a reason to give you an adequate score. The rest however, was lacking. Though I suppose I shouldn't really be complaining, you delivered what you promised.

Using the tried and true method of turning right at every intersection the mave can be completed in at least 15 minutes, a respectable amount of time for such a simple flash. Though I can't help but feel that I am missing the message being presented here, having done both routes to victory.

I give it a six because the maze actually wasn't that hard when you know how to solve even the hardest maze. Keep your left hand to the wall, people! You will always find your way out if you keep your left hand to the wall.

Video: 5/10 - In my opinion, pixel characters, including sprites, are more annoying then stick figures. There was no effort made in the creation of this game.

Audio: 4/10 - No length to the song, which actually probably belongs in a horror game, not a maze puzzle. On top of that, it got on my nerves faster then a barking chihuahua. Harpsichords and harmonicas are annoying! It would be better if you had used a song that was soothing so people could have more patience in this game. Either that, or supply a mute button.

Level of Annoyance: 7/10 The music is really annoying. The way the room moved about made my eyes hurt. This game just plain annoyed me.

I played this game all the way through. I did not enjoy it. Maybe it appeals to some people, but it did not appeal to me. I have thrown in my two cents. If you don't like it, then put it in the Take-A-Penny next to the cash register and shut up.

"Ah. The sweet relief. <3"

That's what the red heart in the room told me anyways. It's either that, or your RTFM win, which is a generic "I have no time for this shyt" win, and caters to the people who will forget this flash in a day or two.

Actually, considering that there's minimal effort in this, and I didn't exactly get a deep meaning out of it, it will be forgotten by me anyways, even in spite of the front page.

I can tell this was an attempt to be artsy, but there was no point. I waited for five seconds and pressed A and L, and I won. Boom. That's it. There's no deeper meaning. It's called "FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS." Next time you want to make an arthouse game, try choosing a deeper theme.

it was pretty good but i could have been better if you tried something else instead of man with the harmonica

i'm a boss aren't i. if i had used the power of faith i wouldn't have had the fun of the maze (which was mediocre but fun).

the music reminded me of the original Zelda when your in the dungeons :3

amazing game, although im not so sure about if you made it specifially so that if you stand anywhere with "a and l" but after half way through the maze i got pissed off, and tried that. it didnt work.

hmm, work out your own problems to the end? have faith in yourself? thats what i got, ive played 2 of your games and see a pattern :)

Is it sweet relief from the annoying music? If so, the mute button works just as well. Perhaps you were trying to make some sort of point but if that is the case, I have no idea what it was supposed to be.

this game isn't special it's really easy to beat the "hard" way, just keep to the left, only two times does it force you to go right because of a dead end, eventually you will win and the easy way is Shift + A + L, I assume most people just click A + L, overall not good.

i found the end, and i got "sweet relief" in knowing i can do everything fine by myself with no ones help MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

i beat the game in 5 seconds........

I played around for a while, it's just a maze and I got bored before I could find anything. I tried standing in the same spot and then pressing A and L at the same time, absolutely nothing happened. I think a game has to at least make you feel like you're achieving something while playing instead of making you wonder "what the hell am I supposed to do?" for about 10 minutes, after which people will just give up.

my life is changed for the better after playing this game

I cannot begin to understand this little piece of whatever. If you were tryin to make it epic or something then have a storyline. What was the thing with the a and l and what was the music all about? I felt like I was goin crazy, or at least goin crazy faster than usual. It wasnt fun, so ya didnt have that on your side. All i can think of for the point of this game is that it has no point and thats really the point, but what the hell is the point in that?

I understand the meaning of the game but you could make it more exciting.

It is not,I'm sorry,but I can't get it and my friends can neither

What's up with the fail games lately?
I prefered the ending where it said "you win"...

I would like to say this is a good game, and that the maze was really challenging, and that I had to do that A + L thing, but... no. The maze repeats itself, and there is a little hint whether on purpose or not, wherever the next part of the maze is visible, go that way, because basically the other way eventually leads to a dead end. It then repeats itself after the first 4 or so "levels" of choices, and then the end is this little "Ah, sweet relief" thing, and that's it. if you are going to make a game shouldn't you make it worth playing? The idea is good, but the execution is not. maybe map out a better maze, add a bit nicer graphics, just color maybe. and make the end of ther maze worth finding. Having faith lets you "win" but it doesn't let you "beat the game" so make beating the game worth the time. and maybe speed up the animation a wee bit eh? alright well, thats all I have to say. Better luck next time I suppose.

This game is really boring. Your character moves so damn slow to point of boredom. The background is...well, nothing, It's just a bunch of lines and a poorly made stick figure. After going up really high I hit two dead ends right next to each other. I tried to see if there was end to the maze but instead I just did what the beginning told me to do to save time. Why even have a maze if all you have to do is read the beginning and do what it says. There are no sprites other than that one stick figure pose. I mean you couldn't even give him a walking motion? He just slides in the slowest speed imaginable. Why couldn't you give it any color? Where you just gonna make the game that beginning part but decided to make a shitty maze just to piss the player off with it's impossibleness?(well I don't if it's possible I just didn't give a shit to try). The music is the kind of rippleing ass that sounds like something that belongs in and old NES video game. To tell you the truth I have no faith in this "game'.

I beat it but i went to the wrong way only ONCE! lol

Well, it sees I'm faithful 'cause I bear it the first time ^^
Good game btw!!

i beat it only went the rong way 2 times good maze

not fun just preachy

This struck me as less of a game and more of an exercise in a persons judgement. There are many times in life when we are forced to make a decision, trust someone's judgement or strike out on your own. It could be as simple as trusting a persons directions to somewhere or choosing to find it on your own, or accepting that the paint is indeed wet or touching it to see for yourself.

For those fustrated by the maze, you can beat it by simply going left at every junction, only going right when the left path is blocked.

it took me ~3 minutes to end this!

i was expect a face to pop up because of the music so yes it was "ah, the sweet relief."

This game is easy to interpret, atleast for me anyways.
It's saying that you could simply have faith something can get better, when it really won't.
Alternatively, you can put up with the arduousness of life and find relief on your own. (in this case, the music and the complexity of the maze to find the heart.

instead of saying the maze is really hard, it should just say, really long and really boring...
why did i try complete the maze in the first place fml

i thought this was a shock game ^^ i was waiting for the scream but ithere werent no scream at all haha the music scared the hell outta me o.O its creepy

at first I followed the directions and was like wtf

then I tried doing the maze and eventually found the exit and was happy that it even existed :D

Not going to give it a good or a bad rating. It was... interesting. Either the A+L ending, or finding the heart at the end of the maze. It's just interesting.

Maybe adding a little more to it would be better. I don't know.

This Maze is the most easy of all!!
only you wait five second, press A+L at the same time, wait ..... OH!!! You won the game!!
The good of this game is the endless maze.
Good Game!

I feel like the idea could have been more, maybe if the game was more than a few lines of text and pushing two buttons at the same time. The song makes you want to end it as soon as possible too, maybe if it was geared more toward a mood that was more enjoyable it would have been harder to choose the "easy way". I understand your message, I just think there may have been a better way to get it across with more of an impact.

I tried the maze for a while, got fed up, sat around trying to move, wait specific amounts of time, then hit a+l, with the music eating at my soul, but it wouldn't work for me... so I shot myself.

ah, the sweet relief.

thats the ending message when i finished it, the maze is really easy to beat, i was expecting something more challenging

is it hard to reach the exit or there are many here? i followed a path and found the exit after a few dead ends

waited 5 seconds and first then pressed a+l, i won, lol

Keep it up

Yes, I see you tested a point here and probably got the result that you were expeting.
As a flash game I think it failed terribly, nevertheless since I guess it was your intention to make it as frustating as possible I give a 4 on the effort. You could've given more effort on this, like a more complex game to prove your point, there are other games with a hidden messages in them and those are great games, simple, but great.

I totally get the message you are trying to convey about how space pirates want to steal our brownies by telling us we should have faith that they in fact are not attempting to steal our brownies. Apart from that we should all try to align our inner auras with that of the Great Sexy Hairy Wolfman to further our studied into scoring with chicks...
For your amazing ability to convey these messages through such a simple design I give you 10, bravo good sir

sat there for 20 seconds with my fingers on A and L. that's what i get for having faith.

anyways, this was slightly dull but its a great time waster and yes, i do kind of see the whole debatable message behind it. haha love the idea, gameplay and graphics are a little boring and uninteresting to look at, but otherwise, not an bad game. good job. :)

But it's pretty easy. If you keep on going left and occasionally go right (when ever there is a dead end on the left) then you will make it... If the player moved faster than that'd make the game play a bit better too.

In my map! Only 20 rupees:


For true Maze Unfaith-Punishing Waze, you could try to have each player's maze randomly generated and stay that way with a cookie (unless manually deleted, re-generates a new maze). Or even better, generate one of maybe 8 maps, so reviewers are always counter-reviewing to argue with previous people, but at least reaching some chaotic sort of concensus.

Pros: Good way to waste time while I'm stuck on the phone
Cons: Characters were a bit 2-dimensional

The question I pose to those who dismiss this flash: What if this is just an ugly metaphor for a beautiful truth?

The moral of this story: Faith in, or discovery of, an issue can never be more satisfying than the issue itself to that person. And which one is the more satisfying, depends on the person.

I'm giving this game a 10 because glomag is so fucking awesome.

Also, this shit is hard as fuck.

If you keep going left, and I think there's one time when you don't go left, just do some trial and error, then you will eventually get to a place where the maze just stops and there's an empty blank space. Just walk right over it and go up to the heart, then a screen comes up that says "Ah, sweet relief"

I beat your game Mr. Mastermind guy!...Well, I found the heart...seconds are hard to count, anyway, it's an interesting game, I like ^^

I gave this a 3/10 since it was a mildly entertaining game and that's all. You showed an interesting point of view. However, you showed a point of view that has already been argued too many times. All you did was repackage the idea in the form of a game. I am not rating this on the ideology behind it. If you want to spread your ideas, then that's fine, but don't post it in the form of a maze, and an almost TOO easy one at that. That's the real reason you're getting a 3. This wasn't even a challenging maze. If you absolutely insist on showing your artistic ideas in the form of a game, then at least make it entertaining to play at the same time. GregoryWeir executes this idea perfectly. Look at his games and then come back with a better game of your own. Sorry for the harshness of the review, but I hope it was at least useful.

// \\
result:|| ||
\\ __//

It doesn't infinitely loop. There is an actual end where you enter a room, touch a heart, and get the message "AH. THE SWEET RELIEF." The mave has an end!

Found out that the maze infinitely loops.
This isnt that great.
Do A better job next time.

So, there is a crappy stickman which is not moving, jiving along the maze (no maze is really hard when you have a pen and a piece of paper) with some just-for-fill music. And you can finish it in first five secs. Why duh hell could be this thing ok?
Well only one thing remains: meaning. Author tried to say old Latin message "Per aspera ad astra", but he didn't try to give some more work into game itself.

Well, Austin, you should really try harder next time.

Waste of my time, that was the most boring thing i've ever had to deal with on the Internet.

I thought it would be a lot better.
But I just ended it just like any other maze of the sort.
And no, I didn't use the AL easy way -.-

You can make all the faux depth of thought you want and incorporate it in any way you want, but it does not make for a good game. So instead i'm going to base this on the game itself and not it's cliche and obvious message.

Graphics: 1/10: You play a black stick man sprite and try to find your way out of a series of thin black lines.

Sound: 0/10- No.

Gameplay: 0/10- Mentioned under graphics.

Story: 2/10- The 2 is for the pretentiousness of the author in an attempt to impress people with his "brilliance". It didn't work and pissed off the people who have seen boring games like this before.

all in all, you might be better off playing something better. I'd name a few games, but that would take too long; every game on Newgrounds is better than this. Even "Pray for Fortune."

I got the meaning behind the game and everything, but... there was actually 3 ways to beat it:
- Through effort
- Through the easy way
- And finally, the smart way

So, there's actually a little thing you can notice and beat the maze pretty quick, making it easy and at same time relying on your own efforts. In other words, making all the meaning fail.
I've found this trick before I could try the other ones so I couldn't enjoy the meaning =/

I think I can relate this to a pampering parent or pampering teacher who spoon feeds the young ones which leads to undergrowth. God isn't pampering, He told me to pick up my cross daily. He brought me from the mountains to the to the valley to train my patients and stuff etc.

It was great that AustinBreed didn't reveal the alternate ending.

There's a point where all this pretentious artsy crap has to stop and we're clearly past that point.
This is not deep or meaningful.

Very interesting game, at first, i hated it, but then i saw on the reviews that there is an ending, i kept trying and trying, and i did it. I really liked this, it makes you think, it tests your patience, and getting to the ending is definetly something that makes you proud. This games is simple, but it deverves a nice 9 for the great challenge that it gives to the player. Congratulations.

You have achieved what you wanted. Reading the comments, everyone tried to get out of the maze, not believing A and L would win the game. I pressed A&L after standing there for 5 secs, and the YOU WON THE GAME screen appeared.
I had faith ^^.

one of the worst games I've played and the music is really annoying

first thing, the A L thing dosent work, and part of the maze keeps resetting you back at the front, its a good system but you may need to overlook your programming again.

dont give this game a o or a blam guys i think its good because of the simple controls and originallity...yeah i cant say this its a peice of crud

To be honest, this game lacks creativity.. But none the less, it doesn't deserve a score as low as everyone else is giving you. It took me about 10 minutes to finish the maze, which means it WAS a little challenging, it should keep players occupied for a while. Like I said in this other review I've made. This website is Everything, by Everyone. No one should complain over a type of flash you're not used to seeing on the front page.

6/10 4/5

this is a very simplistic game that doesn't pose a challenge at all. the maze isn't even that hard, also the message that you are trying to convey has been done many times and with better results. i believe graphics can be overlooked if gameplay or point of the game is brilliant but unfortunatly there isn't anything that this game has to offer that pleases me.

Anyone giving this a high mark must be new to the website. There are many other submissions that do "this" in manner which is either more creative, more engaging, or simply better to look at. Dude - don't get all existential on us when you've simply adapted some others' concepts into this junk.

I understand the "easy way out" but it is kinda silly. Plus the only option ever is out of 2. Life does not work that way, if thats the commentary you are making then make it more realistic. *Spoiler alert* the real end is a little different. If you wanna find it fast always go left.

thats right life is harder when you are free but you live happier

The maze was to easy. :( the music was kinda fun though

I knew there were trustworthy people out there!

Is the idea that you can do a trivial pointless dull and frustrating task, or 'win' and avoid it, identical to quitting? That either way there's nothing interesting, that it's dull regardless? I feel the message was too misunderstood and ineffectually applied.

Nice concept, but very plain and stupid. No gameplay etc.

I did not enjoy the actual gameplay, but I was pleasantly surprised by, and excited to listen to, an 8-bit version of the "Once Upon a Time in the West" theme.

Being hit over the head with a cliche isn't exactally a fun game.

The Sweet Relief.

Is this music an 8bit version of the live intro to Knights of Cydonia?

I Finished it! Wow! In 5 seconds! Record Time!

If you win the game by getting out of the maze you should get a Red screen with a Heart in it. It Prays: "Ah. The Sweet Relief."

This is less of a game, and more of an artistic work. I didn't get much pleasure out of playing it as far as pure entertainment goes, but there is a neat sort of message to it.

This game was alright. Not bad, not good, alright.

Audio - Man With A Harmonica, not a bad choice in song, but the loop did get a little annoying fast. Maybe a longer loop of music would have been nice, or a different, catchier song. 5/10

Visuals - Not much there, just black and white, and a maze. 4/10

Game play - You hyped up the maze being really hard, and after I did the press A & L bit, I went ahead and tried the maze, and I was pretty disappointed that I finished it pretty fast. Only took like 2-3 minutes. It would have been nice to have a longer maze, or heck, even a never ending one to really annoy people. And the walking/scrolling, while smooth, went very slow. It would have been nice to go a little faster. 5/10

Overall, not terrible, but it would have been nice to have a challenge in the maze, for those that go ahead and try it.


This review is based on all the NG movies/games/imgs i've ever seen, so don't be upset if I give you a low score after watching masterpieces animations like HappyHarry's, Egoraptor's, "There she is!!", "Mastermind", "Tar-boy", and many others.. Think of this as an constructive critic, not a trolling spam.

Sound quality: 1/10 (my ears are stilll hurting)
Animation quality 1/10 (no pain, no gain Rocko)
Storyline quality: 0/10 (None)
Effort: 1/10 (Ok, maybe there was some)


Work harder.

It's kind of like purgatory.
It's not good, but it's not bad.
So so.
More or less.

This maze was so fucking easy, It's just silly.
It seems like you didn't put effort into the game, But I understand it I suppose.
Overall, It wasn't bad, And it had more meaning than some of the games.

My overall advice, Step up your ActionScript, and maze making xP

Slow pace pissed me off.
No mute button pissed me off even more, that... "song"... I guess is annoying.
I do love mazes but make it faster, jeez.

LIES! There's an alternate ending if you don't press A & L! Don't be faithful, don't be faithful at all!

That was easy.

This game is awful...

You say the maze is difficult. It isn't. At every corner, you have two options - right and left. This makes it easy to remember where you have gone. Furthermore, because it never turns in on itself, and your screen never turns either, it's impossible for you to lose your sense of direction.

Other than the false advertising, everything is good. By which I mean, the music. There's the music and the maze. There's a lot to be said about simplicity, and I like it. I just wish you could have made this more challenging.

in my opinion, trying too hard to make a game without much going on mean something.

it would have been kind of cool if the hard way really did have a better ending or something with some thought behind it.

Of dumb trolls in the comments, I'd hope. It was a good game, regardless of them.

To me there are many great games in this catagory, but although some games made for art are just that, there are many that fall very short, like this one. The ebst art games, are not made for art, but after a long gameplay and after a connection is built with the player, a form of art develops that is beyond anything that can be planned

its about taking the ezey way out or going left and doing things the hard way

I didn't find the maze that hard. I didn't care for the ending. I replayed the game just to see when I give in to faith. Easy to understand by simple terms, but for the game to have a impact, more details of faith/independence are required. Normally detail critical analyzing or a new perceptive can hit hard.

The game was remarkably simple. Yet I feel you could have made a much stronger message if you put more work into it. Not necessary graphics wise, you don't have to do that, just details.

The music is annoying after a moment. Put in a mute button.

... but that doesn't help the game, which is very much boring.

People say it's art... I guess I don't see it.

Another one of these?

THIS IS NOT A GAME. Hell, it's not even art. It's just something lazily slapped together whilst being as vague as possible so that people will eat it up like it's the greatest thing on earth for being all artsy fartsy.

Perhaps I missed something, but there doesn't seem to be an actual finish if I wanted to "strive to find relief on my own." The only way to win is to have faith in the narrator. As if people cannot accomplish anything if they try on their own.

Again, maybe I missed the exit, but this is how it seems.

i actually beat it the hard way(go me :D)

Okay so the gameplay obviously leaves much to be desired, but intention of this game is not to create an amazing maze game. If I had to classify a game like this, it would be an art game. There are many games (both 'professional' and flash) that are amazing and fun and I cherish, but art games are a special thing all their own. They focus on creating feelings within the player and by making use of the interactivity to do things other mediums could not.

I personally love the auto-win mechanic and the background music honestly chilled my soul.

However, I think the message I originally got is different than the one you intended. I would have loved the idea of just completely invalidating the 'goal-oriented' mindset people have; as in, I think it would have been better to have the end-maze screen be the same as the auto-win screen. At least that way, any 'joy' the person feels from winning the 'right' way would be self-induced and not a result of some bonus reward (like a different end screen).

I suppose the message you intended though was much like your 'good fortune' game, in that you seem to be invalidating 'faith'. However, your message is scrambled, as in this case, 'faith' actually does result in "success", though apparently this success is not enough, as success is only rewarding through hard work. So a secondary message I seem to perceive is that old saying "it's about the journey, not the destination".

Either way, I appreciate your games as they always seem to incite some thought within me rather than simply providing a quick distraction.

Very easy. Thanks for the game.

Ah, the sweet relief.

If the goal was to inspire faith, it sure wasn't in a good flash submission. Cheat to win or go it alone? What a bleak message. The "inspirational" music got old real quick. The controls made it hard to continue through. The maze ultimately wasn't hard, with a little patience and thought you made it through your trek. Kinda how it works out in real life too. I would have labeled the game as a test of patience rather than a lesson in one's belief systems or views. The concept might be better done in a flash movie about a guy in a maze, you could be more symbolic there and better direct the point you wanted to make with the concept. I admire your bravery however, it's not easy to put your work out there and receive criticism, be it constructive or otherwise.......

The message is: know what to pick and when to stop.

I'm not sure if I interpreted the game's "hidden" message correctly, in fact, I don't even know if there is one. You have a 2 points bonus for the "Once Upon A Time In The West" soundtrack cameo.

I get the point of it, but the game kind of fails to get it across.

If I'm to understand, life is hard but there is an easier way (putting it in an EXTREMELY simple way). Well, as others have said, the puzzle is easy as heck. You just made the character slow.

The "faith is easier than doing it yourself" thing is across, but the "doing it yourself is hard" thing is NOT. A little more effort and you would of had it, but I think I understand it.

The game itself though. I know it was meant to be more of an art game, but I just don't think you put much effort into it.

3 out of 5

I found my way out in less than a minute by going up and left, fuck faith, Character all the way!

Easy enough maze, pressing A and L at the same time didn't really give me a sense of accomplishment but the maze was easy enough to find out that going forwards in the wrong way would cause the maze to reset itself. Knowing that I found the right path in 1 minute.

and i learned something about myself too. :D

not a bad game.

The maze is not hard enough to where you should have faith. the mazes aren't hard at all, just hug one wall long enough and you'll solve it. I'm disappointed

Interesting idea here. The music made me feel down and prepared to give up. It tested my perseverance by tempting me with an easy way out. I wanted to find my way on my own without help and the result felt more rewarding. (although I'm not quite sure what happens when I try to take the easy way out)

Not the most interesting game in the world but for what it set out to do I succeeded very well.

It's a very interesting game. now I know how does it feel when you get lost on a maze. good concept.

I like the idea of the sprawling maze, with a lot of trial and error to find what it is you're truly looking for. A very well-done game. :D

Do I get bonus points for making it to the Sweet Relief Page? <3

Is to quit, and do something else.

I have to disagree with a lot of people and say that I enjoyed this game. It's not necessarily about how much time you put into a game, it's animation, or it's generic entertainment factor - it's about what the individual takes out of the game. I, personally, enjoyed it and liked the meaning behind it as stated in the comment. If others don't maybe the missed the meaning or, as an individual, it doesn't speak to them. The simplistic style downplays the game as the meaning behind it rises to affirm itself. The character moves slowly to represent the journey one has to take in order to reach their goal, in this case, relief. Whereas one could press the key combination and be done with this game in about ten seconds from the game loading. By doing that one would have put faith into what the game had expressed at the very beginning. As seen in other various games, film, and literature, characters who converse with the audience directly, including narrators, are not always trustworthy. Because of this, the disbelief of what was said, because of the possibility of deceit, drives one onto the longer journey. The maze itself is not designed to be overly complex, but merely to be long and contain several dead-ends that should make one turn back. So to those who wish to find a cheap thrill or something to kill a few minutes, you probably won't like this game.
Also, the music was amazing, save the 8-bit twang to it that seemed to ring loudly in my ears.

..yeah.. idk.. I guess you just wanted to tell someone how much you were thinking about being faithful...............

..I can say I found relief on my own... and that's just sweet.

A better title might be "Get Bored", the 1 out of ten is for the music, which was ok until it got grating. I wouldn't qualify any other aspect of what you presented as a game, it's more of an endless, meaningless loop.

Innuendo aside, this maze isn't hard at all, just long with a slow moving character. Right hand, right wall, walk. Easy-Peasy.

So I think that confuses your message somewhat. Diligence and knowledge vs Faith gets the same result? Why bother trying something at all if you think it's going to be difficult? Faith isn't necessary because things aren't as hard as they seem? What are you going for here?

With a muddled message, intentionally tedious game play, no graphics to speak of and a 60 second loop as your only sound, I can't give you much more than points for making an attempt.

The people who says that the music is annoying has obviously never seen "Once upon a time in the west". Ennio Morricone is a fucking genious.

Between making a simple, thought provoking game, and spending no time on a game, hoping the audience will think it is "deep" and "artistic". Bad collision, annoying music that cuts off at abruptly, no animation whatsoever.

the graphics are really basic, and I dislike the game. The concept was good but not executed well mainly by the fact that you don't have a choice whether to have faith or finish the maze, because standing still and pressing A+L doesn't do anything, so it really doesn't present any sort of deep psychological thought like I think it was meant to because you don't have any choices. The music creeps me out too.

I finished it out and sighed one of the deepest sighs i have ever taken. I wish my guy had moved faster but i realize he didn't to make the game have a more stressfull and difficult to play feel to it. It was atruly refreshing game in that it tried to convery a concept that made you look inward, rather than just walking through a maze. It helped me learn a bit more about who I am and renforce that which i know before. This is truly art.

I was bored after 2 minutes

I found the relief :) This game proves that sometimes fancy graphics and music and names and all that storyline crap are not important.
You can have a simple yet effective game :)

It pleases much in the same way like small things such as snow or clear sky at night do - you need to stop, pause, look at it fro a different view and there's your smile :)

It still manages to have it's own kind of style. The entire package is almost as if it was lifted straight from an old nintendo and who doesnt love nintendo geeks :) They are in my college uber-cool xD No, really, they are :)

For all the people who cannot do it:
BE METHODICAL! Don't give up hope, remember which way you went and go the other way. It doesnt get simpler than that - game is actually quite easy.

I like to actually play things through especially when you have that sweet relief at the end. :D

While the game reminds me of old school. I was a tad bit disappointed on how easy the maze was. When it was said that the maze was hard, I was expecting a challenge. But alas, within a minute or so, it was completed.

As others have mentioned, this would be great to have on a cellphone or similar device.

It's interesting how old-school gameboy graphics, primitive graphics, chip-tune music and a basic concept can be so inadvertently thought provoking. One of the more quirky NG games in a while, and that's a good thing :)

I found my sweet relief.

Just because you lack maze skills doesn't mean you should blam this.

this is they kinda games they should sell for cell phones and stuff

so you kinda cant find the end and the "a and l" options doesnt work...

when it said you have won the game, it made me lose the game. thanks a lot. -5/5

In a world of treachery, faith is something we must never give up on.

Man... that maze... sucks. As a game it would certainly be terrible, but that's not really what it is. Its one of those abstract things that you do. But still it doesn't look like a whole lot of effort was put in. As far as a game that is meant to make you think goes, it suffers from its own shortness. Yes, that is the point, but then you forget about it as quickly as you came along. The style of something like Grey would pull you in and keep you going. This doesn't have the same draw. I'll give it a 3. Which isn't bad considering the amount of time it likely took to make.

I beat it the 5 Second way and also went all the way to the end (which is different, but still nothing spectacular). I think I get the meaning behind it, but still.....

Where is mazE!? this is left/right slow game, no maze at all.... i vould give it MINUS 10 but its not posible.
Boring, slow, not funy, not brain usefull, it just random walk from left to right!

...but not whatever message you were trying to get across.

And yes, the little guy moves too slowly.

Guys Guys Guys...

For those that havent finished under 5 seconds... you just didnt understand the purpose of the game!

Actually quite a brilliant SHORT-game.

Way too short. I won the game in like... 5 seconds.

WTF this was about? It took me 2 minutes to find the "exit", since like maptik said it's a copy based and crap maze. The two endings can be more annoying than the character and the music itself, and I was wondering why this thing is in front page. If you try to send a mensage to the players, you just show that you can do a Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V in a flash game, and i guess that some people can do this more better than this thing you just created.

this game was boring, the player moved slow the music was annoying the maze just repeats itself and there is no point at least they could put a enemy chasing u, time, or medals to win making the game much more interesting.

whoever made this game didn't put any effort into the levels. this game is not bad if it was made by a 9 year olds first.

The music, which I found slightly annoying, was significantly lowered. It's not solely for the song itself, but there's others sleeping around me. Really, couldn't turn the volume as high as others did with light sleepers.

The gameplay is pretty much trying to find the proper "exit" to a maze. The maze itself seemed like it repeated its first pattern, which made me wonder if it was an infinite loop. Really, the part where we have to have faith in you, the creator of this, is whether or not you actually put an ending in the maze. Having that repeating pattern was great, if that's what you were going for. At the same time, I'm still disappointed that it's still pretty much a copy/paste job to recreate this effect.

The avatar walks slowly, which only aids on to the annoyance of the completion of the maze. Interestingly, once you reach the room with the heart, if you decide to have faith, then you will only feel abandonment. Touching the heart gives your character sweet relief though.

The visuals seemed to also be lacking, which helps aid the purpose of this game. Sometimes there will be a wall jutting out and sometimes you can see a gap in the maze. Especially with simple art like this, there shouldn't be these inconsistencies.

In trying to create a game about "being faithful in something versus striving to find relief on your own," you've made an irritating game. The message got through, but the value of the message isn't appreciable. Having "faith" with you that there's an easier way to win means doing something simplistic. With an interpretation, it says that having faith means people get their way faster.

When people strive for relief, not everyone makes it to the end. Some have to backtrack. The reward is finding an inescapable room with a heart, the one visual in the game that's red. Touching the heart brings us silence and a message.

Because we have the choice of renewal, we can go through the game and now know to choose the simpler way of pressing A and L, unless you want red on your screen. Basically, if you know what the choices are, go for the simpler one. If you want a challenge, it will stop being a challenge and only be more of a chore to solve the second one. There's no penalty in going for both, other than not seeing the other ending without replaying. In this way, it's not so much of a versus when curiosity will get to us and we will "replay" the game, even though one ending takes less than 10 seconds.

Really, telling two different viewpoints of the same story would have helped get this point across, rather than this game. It's not poorly made, since the game seems to be made to irritate, but it's not a fun game. There -are- ways to make fun games with deep meaning. There's even ways to make games fun and seem like they have a deep meaning, even if they don't. This just wasn't one of your more appealing games.

One person suggested adding zombies. I would suggest something to actually have faith in when playing versus actually trying, kind of like having a test on Monday and having faith you'll pass it/will have an absence excuse or trying to study now (it's Thursday today) and letting this knowledge be soaked up. Even if your faith is strong, you won't really know what the outcome of the test will be until you take it. If you've studied and worked hard, you should still have faith in getting the right answers, which isn't always the case for everyone. I don't know, maybe have some middle ground next time.

This game is dull and unsatisfying. The music is boring and the maze is hardly a challenge. As someone said before, the only relief was to not hear that dreadful, droning music anymore. Because of these things, the point you tried to make with this game had no impact on me whatsoever.

the maze itself wasn't that hard, I just stuck to one direction and made it to the sweet relief room ... the only reason I did it was to spite you and prove I could do it on my own. Music's alright for an 8 bit game ... needs zombies though, hat's why you didn't get 10

cool game, music was a bit annoying but it was a good way of wastling time at 4 in the morning But why is there so much spam beneath me?

The only sweet relief was getting the music to stop

not too bad, just kinda boring... maze wasnt that difficult. as for the faith part, I didnt bother

honestly though, i only spent like a minute doing it the "hard way"

Yea i won after someething like 10 sec. xxDD
but nice game i bet the two endings!
but first i had faith

The concept is nice and all and I beat it "normally" once, but I want to see what the easier way is but it wont work. I keep pressing the keyes but nothing happens...

really easy, just go on the right side of the maze wall! thats how i beat all mazes!

Boring game with two ways to win: cheap cop-out or tedious chore. Plus, the music is unbearably annoying, so that's nice too.

The Sweet Relief. Heart.

I don't know why i wasted so much time beating the game the hard way, except, "ah the sweet relief."

Cool concept. Dig the 8-bit version of the "Once Upon A Time In The West" song

This game is amazing, and also incredibly terrifying to play when under the influence of marijuana. The music is fuckin trippy.

the "sweet relief" was no better than the "won the game"

The idea of the game is very good and I liked but to really work out,you have to show how the hard path is more rewarding than just chaeting and etc...

Because my conclusion was...Well,trust the cheat.
That will get you (almost) to the same place

first you take a left then you take a right and your left should be to your right if your lefts right, right?

I'm not sure if you were trying to make a statement, but I was not entertained.

I thought this was a really brilliant game, and these nay-sayers just don't understand it. I'm recommending it as an art game. I really liked the concept and while I didn't like the choice of music, I discovered why you used it in the end when I won.
And for those who want to beat the maze, here is a cryptic clue (take it very literally): Follow your heart.

I can't decide whether I find this game incredibly clever or dumb. We are rewarded for having faith in you, but its more fun to find your own way then get everything handed to you on a platter... and being faithful does not yield automatic rewards in real life. Eh, just dunno.

I would give it a 7, but I took one away for the choice of music.

I'm pretty sure he's making a point that if you just have faith then you could find the easy way out and essentially "win the game" however, if you choose not to have faith in anyone and do everything by yourself you'll go on a "neverending path"

it was ok as maze games go but what is the song playing ? its really good

...are too logical. They didn't see the art and the message in this game. This was an interesting test of making that leap of faith-sticking your neck out based on the word of others. It leaves you thinking and to me their is no better game than one that makes you question yourself as a human. 10/10

i did the maze whithout the easy way and it only took my 3 minuts

What is this? The maze is boring as hell and the "easier way the win" is just pointless and annoying. I don't even understand why you put that in there.

Another crappy game to add the the Newgrounds wall of fail.

This game is really not front page material if you ask me. The graphics suck (and I don't really care much about graphics but come on) no animation, the song I admit adds eerie atmosphere but it is extremely annoying, slow and boring controls, and its not fun. I love the concept of you knowing how to win the entire time in a game, but you didn't do a very good job at executing it.

Nice music. But the Maze it self ia boring and the alterative way of winning seems pointless. I don't know why, but I found it somewhat interesting. I think you should spice up the maze a bit.

Overall, its interesting, but it hardly deserves to be on the front page.

If it weren't for the great music this would be blamed in no time. But it is the music that makes the games so good and scary. I love it how you are honest at the beginning telling right away how to win and what can we expect if we try to actually escape the maze. I didn't know if I should trust you or not, and that scared me in a weird way. The character is so simply drawn that I actually think that it is actually me in the maze. The simple style is what it makes so good. Let's be honest, if it had over the top graphics but same premise it would be just generic. The atmosphere really sucks you in. Now, I haven't tried to beat the game the regular way but I've seen enough to say it deserves to be on the front page. I understand why many of newgrounders doesn't like it and rate it low, but to me it is very atmospheric and to me that is more than enough to leave an impression on me.
Bottom line, very scary and eerie game. Well done.

but yes, the games isn't the greatest. But there are some ways you could make it better. For instance, you could use som flash drawing advice, so it looks better than just a plain gray and white maze. Also, speed up the arrow controls a bit, so it doesn't take forever. remove the automatic victory so people dont take the easy way out. Also, it needs different styles of music

Let me tell you why:
1) Terrible graphics
2) Little meaning (I beat it both ways and the "real" end is equally lame)
3) Music that sounds like pushing nails through your ear canals
4) No characters
5) No plot
6) No innovative controls, programming, puzzle concepts, etc.
7) No animation whatsoever, just static objects
8) Even for a maze it had little entertainment value

Please, as Mr. Pico so crudely says, "Blam this piece of crap!"

That is all.

everyone says it sux and i gotta agree, maybe if we culd see more of the map at a time or if there was sum sort of path finder thing where u culd see where uve been this wuldnt b so bad, also the guy moved waaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow for the size of maze u have here. and the easy way to win didnt work rite so sumthin u shuld fix next time

Yay! Isn't it great to play such edgy and original games, where the gameplay is slow and dull, the playtime is short and the challenge nonexistent?

Hell no. As of late, people seem to think that if they make their game "artsy" then its abysmal quality will be excused. Well, guess what - it won't. The game, however simple, must look good, be interesting and at least moderately challenging.

...but I swear the only thing that compelled me to push through the maze is Ennio Morricone music.

no offense here but, this isn't really a game more so then it is just some random flash interaction.
the music could be better, at least something catchy. The graphics weren't that terrible, but again, not a game but a flash interaction.
i did exactly as it said and it took several tries. so an easier combonation or just one button one suffice.

I won the game the easy way! :P

From that god awful screeching noise. Does that shit even constitute music?

I jest, it in fact, does not. If it was your plan to annoy the hell out of me with shitty background noise, good job, you did it. And your maze was easy as hell.

I seriously think you're just trolling with this horrible flash.

Weell if getting the heart and having the screen turn red and say " ah. sweet relief" is winning i jus won lolz. U should make it to if u get to the end with out the A and L cheat/leap 'o faith, after u grab the heart the screen expands and show em that maze in its entirety, cause im jus guessin from my many dead end encounters that its quite massive lol

Since I expected that the creater of this would expect people to follow the right wall I simply followed the left wall and quickly found my relief.

That's what you really are thinking when music stops,and you trully have cleared it,because this thing has no mercy for mistakes ;D
6/10 for the author laughing his ass off when someone goes on a very long dead end :P

In order to really pass the maze, you have to have a lot of faith. Its really repetitive when using the wall-following technique, at some point I thought that it is looped and there is no way out, at another point I thought that it was teleporting me from place to place..

But I had faith and I found my relief.

Also, there are hints that it is not the same pattern (sometimes the lines do not connect)

Dude, awesome saundtrack, isnt that from once upon a time in the west?

for thoso that say that this is a waste of time... this is more like an art game, if you don't get it, you don't.... nevermind, this is a really good game, and the true end is really relif...

is not hard from the easy way, is not easy from the hard way......


just press A and L and you win? don't see the point of this one.

i won without missing a way, thats way too damn easy for me

not even that hard after 5mins
uh...do you seriously like left?
just keep going to the ones with different paths :l

How to finish it:

UP,LEFT,UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP,LEFT,UP,LEFT,UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT till the end, and then just take the heart.

TIP: on ANY maze, begin following the lower left "wall" you will find the right path fast.

Not that bad OP, not that bad. good game..... weird music...

Not really worth the effort to go through the maze. There's no skill involved and the maze is very repetitive, I almost swore the maze was repeating while going North-West when I saw the exact same layout a few times, but I finally reached the end.

Just a screen with some text? Really? I was hoping for atleast something cool, but it seems this game is just a lure and an attempt at some witty way of being "philosophical" but it doesn't really change my thinking in any way, nor does it entertain me at all. It fails as a medium of philosophy and entertainment. The idea itself was interesting but the presentation and everything really, including the repetitive creepy music just was bad. Sorry to say, but it was overall not a very good flash.

I see what you say; blind faith gets you little in terms of reward, but struggle, perseverance, and patience (and a bit of cheating on my part) will bring about a much better reward.

If you follow (hug) the right wall, you get an infinite loop, if you follow the left, it will take you to the end, hope this helps!

It was good. How the maze was the same once you got through the first part though was annoying. Although made it easier. The heart at the end was a nice touch though.

but it is a bit boring going up the maze.

There just wasn't any reason for me to care about any of it. Either I "cheated" or I went sooooo sloooooow through a maze that I couldn't get through...in fact, I bet there isn't a solution and all the people in the other reviews don't want to admit they didn't beat it. Anyway: I didn't finish it, and I don't feel particularly guilty about it.

I choose the labyrinth. :)

Well at least I enjoyed it more than the other game that was on the front page the other day.
At least this one had meaning.

I see what you did there. There's a lot of subtle things going on here, and if you see/hear what's going on you'll get a lot more out of it. Good job.

I beat it on my first try on the right path the entire time.

:D It was great. What an adventure.

I love what you did with the "maze." Brilliant in fact. And the satisfaction of figuring out the maze and then successfully finishing it is almost tangible. Although likely not intended for the mainstream Newgrounds user, it is in fact very well and beuatifully done.

Really easy.....

For everyone that thinks there is no end to the maze, there actually is...though it takes a little trial an error to find it, just like any maze for that matter.

I'm not really sure what to say about this game...but I think you got your point across. I'm sorry I could only give you an 8.

I think that we all understand what you're trying to do, but it's way too short lol.
I was thinking about it while the page was loading, and after 7 seconds it was over.

The music is a little creepy if you think about it, but it suits the game - strangely.

Good job either way, but if you're gonna try something "different" try to make it a little longer. (That's what she said .__.)

Is the point of this game to actually lose "the game?"
...just wondering.

but how do u expect sum1 to have faith in sum1 they dont know

A five minuet made game made in a sorry attempt to get a foolish message across to people who don't care to listen.

Yeaaahh... Sorry, I know this is probably one of your first games or something, so I guess I can't criticize it since you appear to not be that experienced in game-development. On the positive side, I loved the music, very eerie and at one point I also thought that I was teleported back to the beginning... Like it was some never-ending maze.

If it actually WAS a never ending maze, we would all be so mad! Haha! Unless the maze was decorated to look like a mansion... And you had to fight off zombies... In that case I would LOVE the game! Maybe that's an idea you might try to create in the future? I would love that! Do it! <3

I appreciate the try here, but to be honest it just doesn't belong submitted on newgrounds. The conecept is well done but seems more personal (for you, at least) than anything else. The music was well used and the simplistic graphics were put to work. But that's all I have to say.

In other words: It's nothing good, nothing bad.

Faith in a possible event happening lacks the satisfaction of fulfilling the event yourself.

it is... But i dont get the point to this.

Read the instructions very very very (very) well and you will get it. You have to catch it. Ok game. But the guy is way to slow. P.S. idk if there is an exit

I found my own way out the first time--took about 2, maybe 2 1/2 minutes--Neither of the endings feel very rewarding, but the music is perfectly eerie for a maze game, and for a bit there, I thought it had teleported me back to the start of the maze. this could have been a pretty creepy addition to another maze game or survival/horror game, but then I tried to see if that was really the case and found the exit.
Very disappointing.


If you trace one side of the wall as you go and keep going like that, you will find the way out (if there is one). However be careful NOT to stop tracing the one side you started with. This game was easily beaten that way and so will any other mazes (if they really have an exit). 17th century and doctor and a physician tested and found this solution. Please do consider this if you somehow managed to be gotten stuck in a maze.

the easier way to win is to not play. AustinBreed try harder to make a game.


Next time make it harder.

AM I only the person who actually likes the audio in this game? Maybe because I really like "Man With A Harmonica" which is what the song is based off.

Needless to say, I found my way out lol

The concept of the game is cool it's just not portayed very well, and since the concept is the only thing this game has to go on it's a big problem.

I mean you either press 2 buttons to finish the game straight away or go through 20 minutes of boredom, not much to do with faith, more like tenacity or self fulfillment.

Not the best graphics, or the best music, or even the best controls, but there's some fantastic message about what you do, and what you get...

iguess this is a interesting game but not really a game.
but wat is the moral of the story?
have blind faith in total random situation nd u will win? idont think thats the best idea ever..

I really like the concept of the game, at one point I was about to surrender but then realized that would be kinda lame >:D! Anyway, I love the concept of the game and the music is good, it isn't as anoying as the music in some games.

The only thing I have to say: Man, lucky me for choosing the correct side to start with!

But I think the faith vs. striving on your own thing is a bit more complex than what is suggested in this game. The point of this game is already stated in the title of the game ("Have Faith"), but there are times when simply having faith isn't always going to help, and this game doesn't really reflect that, imo.

You guys are just too stupid. Not all games are about 'shooting plasma' and 'jumping on monster's heads'. The graphics suck, and the game is very simple, but look at the reflection, the message, the meaning of the game itself, what he wanted to say:

"You can have faith and win with ease or do it on your own and the prize will be much better."

Please understand, Newgrounds people, that not all games have health bars and upgrades. This is deeper. If you cannot understand such attributes, you should not even play this game. If this is frontpaged, it is because someone with a brain liked it.

Music: Good for the ambient, but repetitive.
Graphics: Simple, also good for the ambient.
Concept: Fantastic!


First off, the entire purpose of the game is stated in the author comments and in the beginning of the game, do you want to win through faith (i.e. hope that standing in one spot for ten seconds and hitting A and L at the same time will take you to the end) or win through self perseverance (i.e. beat the maze). the graphics are completely irrelevant as is the music (hit mute if you don't like it) it's a simple choice for you to decide. with that said, I beat it both ways and thought that it was pretty decent for what it was meant to be. although the guy moved ridiculously slow, and it was pretty easy to systematically figure out which way to go.

Damnit I lost the game.

i mean i guess you tried to be funny but i dont like it, sorry dude, sometimes this sort of stuff is just hit and miss . you should keep tryin though. btw i really hate the music

loud annoying music, and the visual presentation seems completely effortless. Giving away a literal 5 second cheat seems rather pointless too, I'm not sure if it was supposed to mean something, or just be simple for the sake of simplicity, but i have to say you missed the mark, whatever it was you were aiming for (imho).

Interesting. I've always had an amazing intuition about mazes. I hit one dead end before I reached the end. But it was an interesting game. Faith is an important quality to have, after all.

That's all the time I gave it. Not sure what you were going for, though I sensed it was some allegory for religion, which annoys me almost as much as that terrible music.

I did walk but I had to use the reviews to reassure me that I could actually make and wasn't wasting my time. I had faith, but a little less than others I guess? Complex and deep in its simplicity.

hm..total pointless game. There's to much artsygames around NG now, why?
This game didn't bring gameplay, music or graphics.

Sorry this was so bad, dull..boring!

funy isnt enough. i got a kick out of the whole stand in one spot thing and all of a sudden you win when you press "A" and "L" but its just too simple. when something as easy as that is at the begining of a game its not as fun but props on a kewl maze game

I don't like the meaning of this game.
"Why do all of the hard work when you can have faith in someone and skip it all?"
This is not a fantasy world, hard work is needed to get you anywhere decent.

Don't believe this bullshit... You won't get anywhere by "having faith". Maybe in the gaming world, but damn, real life isn't a game... Not a good game, anyways...

Besides, graphics were horrible, which I'm sure was on purpose, but if you're going to make a point across, don't make the game so simple. These new "art" games are getting annoying. Put a little effort into them. Gracious... And the music is repetitive and annoying... ... ... ... Look at all of the ...'s I'm using.

I got to where it says, "Ah, sweet relief." I doubt that is the end though. Still fun, and one person was right, you should make achievements for this game, but you don't have too.

I submitted defeat around the third long hallway that lead to nothing more than a dead end. Damn it!

you should add medals... just sayin :D

I just made it

it can....YOU just need to *insert title of game*

I first won the game by what it tells you to do, but then i found it almost as easy to get to the end by walking! but ya, this is real cool.

the sweet relief indeed, sorry not as interesting as i hoped.

For a game that could have been drawn almost entirely with Paint, this is surprisingly good. I can see the actual point that the game tries to make, and with a name like "Have Faith" I can't say that I'm disappointed by either ending.

When looking at the idiotic reviewers throwing around the 1-Star rating, I think you ought to take into account the fact that when they clicked it they were probably expecting the browser equivalent of "Dragon Age: Origins".

I just thought it was very clever to put "you just won the game" because I JUST LOST THE GAME.

You people are so oblivious. How about I explain it to you?
Many times people often complain on the difficulty of thier work and wish they could just not do it and get the reward that awaits them.

This gives you the reward but what satisfaction do you get with just the reward? Where is the achivement? What have you done? You gained something meaningless and of no value to you.

HOWEVER you are given to option to earn the reward or just take it. When you take the reward you feel no joy or accomplishment. When you earn it through effort and work you feel achived. Like you managed to do something and get somewhere.

I may be wrong but this is the message I see from this game. I really appeal to these life /art style games. Or this could just be a game where you get your own thought from. Or maybe im completely wrong. But this is my thought.

First off I'd like to say, I understand the point you were trying to get across. You could always cheat your way through, but the reward will never be as sweet. I liked this game, and I thought it well displayed the idea you were trying to get across. I realize theres not much to it, but sometimes there doesn't have to be :)

The message is to read the directions or don't cheat, that is, I think it is...

This game is simply annoying. Nothing more to it. I get that you wanted to put a message in it, but it simply feels empty.

Crappy music, way to slow movement, maze was extremely easy, you put absolutely no effort in this game at all especially the way it's presented. 1 point because you had the balls to post something this bad.

I appreciated the meaning of this game, and thought that the message was interesting. Yet, I feel like you could have made the game better. Just because it's an art game doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Your character moved too slowly, the maze is big and empty, and whatever ending the player gets they still don't feel particularly rewarded. I just think the art would have had a better impact if the game was more interesting to play.

the only reason that i gave it a star was because of the fact that it is technically a game..... horrid music, disgusting graphics, i had absolutely no reason to play past the initial 5 seconds

I don't know if it was just me but the maze repeated. I tested my theory by going in the same direction every time and it pretty much repeated itself.

The sweet Relief. <3

This has a deeper meaning? No it doesn't , it's bad game bade by an amateur to make us loose our time, PS : just go left and you'l get to the end...

i cant play this game the music kills my ears, do everyone and your self a favour and never make a game again thts 3minutes of my life i aint getting back

, but I like these message games. Side note to other players, there is no trick. The end is the same whichever method you use and the maze isn't as hard as you might think.

I trying to find a way to criticize this game without being an asshole. It's not your fault, it got the front page, so it's their fault for building it up. The maze wasn't difficult at all, it took me all of three minutes to solve. The music was annoying; I almost took the shortcut just to get the music to stop. The animation was definitely sub par. If you claim this is a difficult maze, you should increase the FPS of the character.

It was a great idea, but you need to spend more time on it. Add some color, shadow, whatever. Make the maze more difficult. For God's sake, change the music.

I can't really give this game stars because it doesn't deserve any. This game is one of those jokes one can't give constructive critique because there is NOTHING to give critique about.

I will start with the music. I want to clear everything: I don't like to be ear raped. The music is exactly that: Ear rape in a box. As I hate ear rape, I just turned it off.
Damn, that was traumatizing.

Next I will say that the point of the game is HORRIBLE: I mean, I see no philosophical or fun meaning to it. I just tough like "WTF?".

On the last part, I will say that I was more entertained in writing this review than playing this game.

P.S.: Not to offend, but uninstall flash, now.

Oh wait, it's just a relief.

I mean OK, there is some kind of "Faith vs Effort" subtext, but the way you made this game... Well it was just plain lazy.

Either there's a hidden sense, something that i don't understand, either you actually prove the point of your game: you yook the easy way making this up, and it sucks.

And yeah, the music was awful.

I enjoy the message but all you get is a heart. Then again better than getting the shortcut end. Also did you plan to have us just keep taking the left passage way or would i get the same result staying on the right path? Music was annoying but if that was the relief we could of just press mute.

This was a really great game, somewhat underrated, it does have a deeper meaning, if you care to play it.
Great job at keeping it simple, without upgrades and that kind of stuff, i enjoyed this.
Sweet Relief.

it sucks monkey balls!!

the sweet relief.

solved in 2:47! dunno if there's any alternate ending, the key thing didn't work!!
btw a bit too plain. it remembers me someway of the old pocket games...

It May BE :D:D:D

The game is a relation to everything in life. Think about it, Sure you can take the easy way out of life, out of everything you do. But, where does that get you? You'll never have a sense of self accomplishment. The easy way seems well.... easy. You can get through the maze.

it would have been a good easter egg if you didnt explain the al thing in the beginning

1 star because i smiled.


sorry to have to admit it but for once i agree with all the critics: i can't find any interest (not even philosophical) to that game

This game is stupid,the only thing you've to do is wait 5 seconds and press A+L

This game is totally senseless .-.

seriously that was too easy.. and why the a + L trick? if you press it you need to refresh your browser to restart..

I lost the game

I feel trolled. I went through ear rape music, a slow character and a simple maze for a message saying Ah Sweet relief. NO THIS IS NOT SWEET RELIEF! The only relief I had was by turning off my headphones and Closing this window - but that would be unproductive so instead of giving you a review with 0 and saying you suck for making this game I'll try to give you advice so your next flash gets a better score.
If you make another game like this... Take into fact these tips of how to make this game better.
The game itself was easy only hit a dead end once first time through so i never used the A+L trick a game improvement would be to make the maze more larger.
The game has no options e.g No god damn Mute.
There is no storyline - therefore no motivation to get to the end.
The maze is simple.
The character is slow if you do make the maze more larger then increase the speed of this slowpoke.
And finally the music Deserves applauding i don't think i would be able to find music that has more ear rape power than this on the internet other than Justin Beiber.(gratz)

Actually I must admit the only reason i think people would want to do the A+L trick would be to get out of the maze faster so they can get rid off the music.

If you improved on these points of the game then I would rate it far higher than this review. You also tried to get a message across through this game, however the game was so bad most people would say they wasted 3 minutes of their life than learn the message from this game.
In conclusion i hope you spend more time on the Game than thinking of a message to put in a game. Feel free to flame/agree/comment on this review.

Anyways i wish you luck Austin for any future attempts of making flash games/animations

the game were TOO easy. i made it without the ''waiting 5 sec then press A and L'' thing. after passing the fist part, then just continue on like the first part... said it like that so i dont spoil anything... but the point is, to not trust anyone more than you'rself.. that way of learning it is actually good. but you should shove them that there is a end of you'r own faith in it. it seem to be the same pic when i came to the secound place

I'm sorry, but just adding at the end of the opening scene 'Have faith in me' does not make this a good game. I can sort of see what you're getting at (If I try REALLY hard) but it really wasn't a deep game or a good message. It was shoddily made and not anything special. If I wanted to play a good game with a good message, I'd play something like depic1.

sure i get the concept, and the message your trying to send, but its still pretty lame. but then again so is the concept of faith in general any more, so to make a game based off of "just stand in one spot and then press two buttons and everything will be just fine" would be equally weak.
although i suppose i do still give you respect as an artist for putting this out there. good job on that, but the game is pretty weak

I managed to get out of the maze, and without the help of god.
I am the architect of my destiny, it is much more satisfactory than be helped <3

I really enjoyed the message of the game, how you can immediately win the game without any effort, or find "relief" on your own. After I got the "easy" ending, I kinda felt obliged to at least try, but when I did, I felt pressed to use the easy way out again.

Im still not going to rate this very high, since it's not really high quality, although I really want to compliment you on the great message

The game was good, and had an interesting message, but the ending was too sudden IMO. Making a final cutscene of some sort would not only make it more consistent, but it would help ppl who didn't get the message to understand it.
PS: To all you haters, "faith" and "religion" are different things. You can't assume that anything with the word "faith" on it relates to religion.

henry your right this is horrible. not deep

Because as long as you don't have to think, everything will be alright in the end.
"god" will do all the work and you will reap all the benefit and profit.

I LOVE the music you had choosen its is great but a little bit too loud also I like the minimalistic style which is very clever from you so you let the gamer thinks about your game which i consider as better than to put in a big fat story and than making weird sentences that should have a big meanig but is made so cheesy
all in all: your game is nice too play for some minutes but thee is missing a good ending

So simple, yet so deep.
You, sir, are an artist.

And I agree, too many people are missing the point.

So many people playing this are doing it.

funny game play but it wasnt sooooo hard.... ah the sweet relief <3

I understand your message, but you assume that having faith will always make life easier...

You know you can win it right?

Go left and then a fwe more lefts and rights.

At the end is a red heart and "ah. the sweet relief.

"Not a lot to say that other reviewers haven't already. It's certainly not for everyone but the message will ring true for those who understand."

I hope you are not talking about some ignorant faith in god.

I tought this was going to be one of those messages about having faith, about how god would help you find a way out, yadda yadda yadda. Well, turns out it wasn't. And I like it.

nice game, wonderful music and, yes, this composition is meant to be annoying especially in a gun duel!

Not a lot to say that other reviewers haven't already. It's certainly not for everyone but the message will ring true for those who understand.
Also, that music is the intro to 'Man With A Harmonica' from Once Upon A Time In Mexico, is it not. I have a feeling that must mean something but I'm not sure what...

They stole every word I was going to put in.

the music..... why? it was seriously annoying :) but i liked most in this was the fact that it had a good meaning example taking the easy way out? or make (hard) choices trying to find your way to the end. to most people that doesn't ring a bell but this game actually pretty well shows what life is all about. thanks for a good game and keep up the good work.

I think this is a great conceptual game. It's not for everyone, I agree; most people aren't usually impressed by this, but it's impressed me.

Truth is, I'm still having a hard time understanding the true message of the game. The moment it fired up, I immediately pressed A and L together, hoping I got the right choice. I won the game, sure, but that was it. It felt terribly frustrating. The second playthrough I spent almost six minutes figuring the maze out. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I always kept bumping on to dead ends. A couple of times I was tempted to choose the easy way out, but it didn't feel right. Still, I managed to win the game, and it felt good at least.

I'm replaying it now, I'm laughing my ass off when it says, 'don't worry about the end of the maze, you're not missing anything'. Too true, Still, it's a bit of a relief. The end wasn't what made me happy, it was the 'figuring out the journey' that really made this special.

Lots of the guys here got different takes on what this game is about: religion, finding your own way, etc. For me I think for me it's simply about just having faith. I don't think there's a 'right' ending to this game at all, whether you chose pressing A and L together or scaling the maze. The game is about thinking what faith is and isn't about, and it was interpreted pretty awesomely, I think. Good choice in music too. It's creepy as hell.

this was quite good, the message wasn't really new, but a good way to illustrate your point... good idea, just work on the message next time.

And got the "heart" pretty easily. I'm assuming that's the second ending, apart from the A+L alternative?
Well, seeing some of the reviews, this game really isn't about being "entertaining", but as a medium for your ideas. Though I must say, I do think "having faith" and "striving to find relief on your own" are equally good things. :)
I'm still rather puzzled over the real meaning of your game, but I thought it was good of you to make it to convey your thoughts. :D

As another one of these "Art" games, this is alright. Nice choice of music, though I doubt Mr. Morricone would approve.

i loved lookin at the negitive reveiws on here and seeing how they completely missed the games point, even the subtle difference between the easy victory and the earned victory.
a game doesnt have to be pretty, it just has to convey its message properly

I love games like this. something new and interesting rather than the same ol stuff that gets put on here

Okay, am I missing something? I followed the instructions at the beginning and the game was over. I reloaded(since there are zero controls. no mute, restart, nothing at all.) and actually played the maze and it was not a fun game. The controls were not very responsive an the music was painful. I gave it a 3 because I'm thinking I'm overlooking something, like some redeeming quality that I missed that got it moved to the front page. If I didn't miss anything and saw the game in its entirety, it deserves a one. Sorry, but I find nothing entertaining or enjoyable in this piece of programming and I thought that is what this is supposed to accomplish.

I'm not too sure what to say about this.

It's got annoying music
No proper ending
And a small screen

I think this game could be really good with a lot more art around the maze, a bigger game and bigger screen.
It's a shame such a good idea like this, didn't get the effort it needs.

I Hate poeple that see only the one side of the things and write stupid reviews of how it has only one ending. You earned front page. may be simplistic, creepy music. But i love the real ending when you strive for something it's more colorful and fullfilling than the shortcut. it's not to have faith in the shortcut you gave as but to have faith that the maze will end someday :]
+Some info for some "people" : there are 2 endings

I made it through the mazi in about 2-3 minutes.
It was worth it.
Just stay left all the time.

The music got horribly annoying after about the first 5 seconds of listening to it.
The screen should of been bigger. Nobody likes a tiny poop screen
The fact that all you do is just stand there for about 5 seconds is how you win the game.... is pretty darn lame.....

This would of been a slight bit funner if the music wasnt some high pitched dying whale song with electronica in the background and there was a little more piazza to it :/

also the fact that there is no actual ending besides just pushing those two buttons make it seem a little less desirable to play

Don't get me wrong I like artsy games even if they don't have as much game play and are more simplistic they always seem to have some sort of message that is sometimes haunting but usually is something you can relate to or a minimalistic yet emotional story. This has the simple message that you need to have faith and you can beat the game by just following the instructions, they aren't lying either if I had simply followed the instructions I would have gotten an equally satisfying ending. The character moves painfully slow through the maze and reaching the end is meaning-less. If you removed any of the messages and just put a start button it wouldn't even be an art game and it wouldn't have made the front page.

Too put it simply just because a game is artsy doesn't make it good, and I'd be hesitant to even call this game art. Next time try to make it engaging, entertaining, and worthwhile.

realy hard.... yeah....realy long is a better word.
anyway.. i found a heart thingy? that the real ending?

I did the maze first. Mostly because I didn't read the directions.....

Anyways, then I refreshed the page and "had faith" the maze was way more fun. I only made two mistakes on the way.

Sure, I don't really see the point but the author does of course and I'm sure other people do. I wouldn't call it an "art game" but it's not really my choice, is it?

I wouldn't really call this an artistic game, rather a commentary game.

I personally found this game to be interesting. Not in the game itself, but in how other people go about it. Would they rather the instant gratification of winning, or take the longer, harder route and earn the win? It's a shame there's no way to see how many people took the time to complete the maze, and how many put their faith in you instead.

People who are looking at this as a purely religious thing need to remember there are multiple definitions of faith, it's not all about religion. Princeton defines Faith as "complete confidence in a person or plan etc", among other things. It doesn't mean anything but you're trusting the Author to reward you for faith, rather than do something horrible.

As for the gameplay, I found the music irritating, and the movement slow. If there was a little more to it, whether it be graphics, gameplay, or even the music, I would have scored you higher.

This was a great game and I had a lot of fun with it, but was very simple graphics.

I did it in about 6 miniates, and really do not see how this is hard.

The red hart was cool.

Good as always, keep up the great work Austin!

And for the record, since some people are stupid, that maze only took me 5 minutes to clear, as opposed to "half an hour, oh no, boo hoo wah wah slit my wrists and cry"

I love how art games are becoming popular, bringing new things to the field and showing that video games are a medium that can do anything.

This however, is garbage.

First off, while some art games are little more than just holding a single button (The Graveyard comes to mind), they present excellent atmosphere or a hidden message to make them... well... art. Sometimes, the message is pretty obscure or open (like Love) which leaves it open to thought. Your game doesn't do ANYTHING other than give me a headache, and your message is so blatant and unclever it falls short.

Second off, being artsy is not an excuse for horrible game flaws, like the fact that your character moves at a snail's pace. This is not a matter of entertainment (art isn't always entertaining), but a matter of you failing to immerse your audience in what they see. I really wanted to see what the end would be like, but I'm not going to spend half an hour crawling through a maze because every time I reach a dead end I have to slowly watch my character move backwards.

Finally, your message doesn't really seem to work... Being faithful doesn't mean you're instantly rewarded... In fact, if you're perhaps talking about religion, you have to wait until you die to see a reward technically. And being faithful doesn't mean you don't strive to find comfort. You can do both. Even if you're perhaps suggesting that faith and religion are just a quick way to mentally deal with big issues like death instead of dealing with them logically, I can assure you that that is not the case.

If you have anything to say, please respond, I really am curious to know what you were thinking when you made this.

You can have faith in the author of this flash.

Or you can have faith in the people who made the reviews. Interesting. Its not really deep as people say it is, its just a social experiment.

Also, the end of the maze is on the left.

Somehow this game was dreadful.. Finding the end is alot more enjoyable than pressing A/L, although if u added a graphic instant kill scene instead of a win, it might have been better. (Comedy points etc)

Try harder next time.

that was awesome ^_^ i found the end of the maze theres is an opening the end and when you walk through you end up in like a lil room thing and theres a heart and you get the heart and win ^_^ YAY so happy with my self especially since i didnt take the losers way out :P anyways great job its a thumbs up from me ^_^

But pressing A and L didn't actually do anything for me once I tried it...

and I found the exit in about 30 seconds by just sticking to the left...

Herp Derp

Really like the Once Upon a Time in the West rendition. Other than that I can't say I'm super impressed. More of an experimental movie than a game. Actually trying the maze, I do agree that it's tough.

Everyone who's saying this game is boring or stupid or whatever because of specific reasons (like being told how to win) are clearly missing the point of this. It is, obviously, easier to beleive that someone will take care of your problems than to do them yourself.

I hope that people will take a second look at this and realize this message.

The maze isn't hard, you just move really slow so most people are too impatient to attempt the maze after hitting a dead end or two.
Faith in others is a great concept, but I feel it was poorly constructed in this game.
Unfortunately, I think your faith in the bulk of the NG community was misplaced (as seen by most reviews).

I really didnt care for this game at all. too boring and you tell the way to win in the the first two seconds of the game so not very hard to win.

I wont in like 5 seconds.
and what's with all the Fuzzz! the dude with the long review... whch wasn't much of a review but more of a rant on... randomness? anyways
5/5 for music and originality.
+10 because it had a purpose and it served it very good.
-5 because it lacked art and it was ...short.

As a game, it fails. I don't think there's much of an argument there. Either you get lucky or spend forever trying to find the exit, so in the end it's just busy work.

Furthermore, the game doesn't say anything about faith at all. Faith is not something that rewards you immediately, so being told to hold two buttons for a couple seconds to win, and then winning right away doesn't represent faith at all. There are much better "art games" on newgrounds that deal with faith and trust by testing it. The game tells you to do something, but it lies sometimes. Perhaps it lies to you the whole way. Perhaps you are punished for believing in its aid, but are rewarded in the long run.

Point is either create a strong message, or create a strong game. If you can't be bothered to do either, then don't bother at all.

Or message, or value of any kind.

This is just another one of those "pretend to be deep" with no real full meaning. What you are all doing is CREATING a meaning for this otherwise lackluster "game" It was a maze which makes it a game so thats fine. But what the creator really did was fool you into thinking it was deep with eerie music and....well thats it. I refused to vote on it without finishing of course so I did. I got to the cute little red heart and shazzam game complete. Lokado made a great "art student" deduction of the game it being based on the creator's view of religion but really there was nothing like that in it at all. I could give you the quote "Dont worry about the thunder. Jump!" and some may say it s bout someone killing themselves or how when risks arise that you should go for it but thats all a fabrication of what I meant. What i really meant was When thunder is coming jump so as to avoid the strike, which doesnt make sense either. What I mean to say is everything you are placing on this game is a fallacy you are making up for the game. Its easy. Write a poem about driving down the highway alone and the guy next to you will think its a deep message about how the road is about life and being alone is my feelings. Nope wrong it was a highway and thats what I wanted. Go read a play called "Waiting for Godot" and you can create any genius idea about it you want. Hell you can create a fascination that it actually represents how when the author was in WWII it was how he felt while in trenches and hell look at you in the eye and say "No, that is not what it was about at all" But really the play is about NOTHING. And THAT is what makes it great. Its meaning is the lack of meaning. This game along with another recent game about walking in a straight line and realizing "oh shit I killed my wife lol wut suicide" is a pretender. They want you to create a meaning for what they made so later on theyll say "Oh my god you are so correct I cant believe you got the real meaning." Give me a break. This creator is a troll and hes trolling you all hard.

In fact chances are I was the one trolled the most because I took time out of my day to write this up. Trolls just want to waste your time and laugh at your expense. me going through like this does it for them 3 fold. So take head those others who play this game. You are in for a disappointment or a fabricated "realization"

great game...but i felt better finishing it on mah own. i also like how u can choose da lazy way out, or work to get wat u want. good message in all, but its a hole lot worse if u look at it da way i did

I searched EVERY SINGLE INTERSECTION AND DIRECTION FOR LIKE AN HOUR AND STILL CANT FIND THE END!Still, cool game though. Can anyone tell me where the exit is?

I guess the maze was alright...

I read a lot of different takes on this game in the review section so i'll just add my own to that list.

I like how you many simularities between having blind faith (and faith in general) vs. absolute free will there where. Being blind in faith won't get you anywhere, but you'll finish. Being stubborn and explorative takes a lot more effort, but you'll find things you otherwise would not have.

Nice take on religion i.m.o.

I made my way to a sweet relief. I think I got a subliminal message behind this maze. There are those who put their faith in others, following what instructions are given to them. There are those who prefer to follow their own paths and find their own way in the world. However, for either method to work, faith is required. Without faith, you will not achieve a pleasant result. I don't care much for that kind of choice.

I wasn't too sure what to expect at the end... Truth is, I was actually expecting the exact same ending at the end of the maze as I got from taking the easy way (which would have conveyed an entirely different message). Of course, the "real" ending is, in itself, no more rewarding than the "fake" one, but the message is clear - making an effort can be rewarding in itself, so the "real" ending feels better.

Not surprisingly, the simple implication that "faith" is the "fake" ending puts a lot of people off, but I don't think it's necessarily a question of faith versus lack of faith, but a question of effort versus lack of effort. If one believes in something from birth without ever asking questions or facing challenges, that person will feel unfulfilled, as if they are missing something. But if one has to work to attain faith, that faith will be rewarding. This is not a game about truth or belief, but about effort and satisfaction.

As deep as the message is, I can't give this game a full 10/10, since... well, it just isn't that good of a game, quality-wise. It does gain some points for the music, though, which gives it an atmosphere that effectively conveys the idea that it's meant to be a metaphor for working your way through the labyrinth of the mind and the challenges of the world. Put the same mechanism and concept into a better-developed game, and this could be a true winner.

And that kind of thing seems to make the frontpage no matter what nowadays
Having tried for both endings, idk, I don't feel particularly satisfied with either.
Just another poorly made "deep" game with very little gameplay
But some underlying message that you're supposed to be like "oh wow man"
Sorry dude, but i quit smoking weed so you won't get that kind of response from me lol

Faith, without action is among the most despicable virtues propagated by various religious denomaniations and creeds. The concept that everything is in god's hands and that only though blind faith in Jesus or whomever one can be saved is a load of crap that needs to be given a good looking at.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, just like there is a end to this maze, but faith will not get you there, it will only delude yourself into thinking you have no control in the matter.

This game deserves to be placed in the art section, it's simplicity is it's beauty.

I assumed that working my way through the maze would have gotten me something more, but that "victory" screen was no better than the "trick" one. At least the trick screen actually said that i one. This game reaffirmed my belief that it would be better not to even try. :(

ah The sweet relief. %u2665

Deep. Seriously deep. You know, people say that religious experiences are about the only thing that can truly change the way a person looks at the world. Faith, whether it be in religion, government, or even one's self, exists almost indisputably in most humans, but it's always prudent to examine it. Faith can lead people into trouble, or you can try to find your own way in this crazy world.

I really enjoyed that theme here: "Sure, you can go ahead and win, just have faith that you won." Of course I pressed A and L to see what happened. It wasn't until I actually won that I got the sweet, warming relief. You managed to capture that in a tight, streamlined package.

The atmosphere you created with this game is also remarkable. Am I on an empty quest? Will there ever be an end? The music worked wonders in your favor.

The only points I'm docking you on are for the length of the game. I sure as hell don't want that maze to be any longer, but a little more depth (maybe a locked door or something) wouldn't have gone unnoticed. I really didn't want to play more than once, but I'm assuming replay value wasn't a great concern for you.

This is a fantastic concept piece. Congrats!

But it's not that hard if you know the basics of how to find your way in any maze. Following the only tip I remembered brought me to the end in under 2 minutes.

Anyway, like the title says, this game is obviously not looking for strong gameplay but would ratheer be something more, um... "intelligent" and it is an intelligent game. Good work.

Since people are already debating on the philosophical aspects I just wanted to add that that I had fun trying to find my own way out and it was much more satisfying finding the answer by myself than to rely on a cheapened victory.

Simple and effective. Music began to aggravate pretty quickly, and maneuvering was a pain in the ass, but the point was made very well. High marks for this one.

has a very thoughtful metaphor in an easy to understand video game. its clever, true, and awesome

faith does not being lazy as hell!
how is following the games dirrections equal being faithful?

I dont know whether you are for or against faith, or maybe debating between the two, but the fact that there was no satisfaction from beating this game by pressing the A and L keys, nothing is achieved, what you call "faith" seems to be a way to reach a goal without effort, skill, or knowledge.
As stated in other reviews, the gameplay is almost non-existant. and seems to be a minimal effort. I gave it a one because the guy moved when I pressed the arrow keys, but for no other reason.
Anywaiz keep on thinking, cause it seems you have a way to go. ^.^

its really large!...
but i made it :D
Great game

christfag. shutup. Good game Mr breed. Made me think or something.

The voice of your game makes a bold statement and poses an interesting thought, of whether or not it is truly right to blindly believe in something or to go out and search for the true solution. You excellently showed the fact that to blindly believe in something is instantly rewarding and easy to do, it is very shallow and gives no real happiness to you, while struggling for an answer, working hard and diligently, through the distractions and annoyances in life, is not easy and will take time and dedication, in the end it can be more deeply rewarding and can grant true happiness. I rather like your idea, yet I rather think that even though blindly having faith in something cannot be deeply rewarding, having faith in something, especially oneself or your mission can help during your mission, especially the difficult and trying times.

if you remain faithful, its not as fun haha
if you go through the maze its a lot more interesting.
maze wasnt to hard, took me about 5 min

As it is a matter of following instructions. There's nothing special in the art of game making when the whole hook is "Press this button and the game ends". I hardly even think it's required that my opinion be voiced here as this is about as much a piece of spam as "B".

Have Faith in yourself.

According to this game, you seem to think that "having faith" is the easy way out. I don't care about "faith" in general, only in Jesus Christ, because he is the only place to find relief. In the real world, you cannot find relief on your own.

For this game to be closer to reality, the maze should be endless, with the little man eventually dying while pathetically trying to hold onto his pride, instead of giving his life to Jesus.

Jesus is not the easy way out. He is the only way out.

This game is just terrible. The fact that is has 20k views and counting makes me mad! I could make this game in 5min or less!! It makes me mad!!!!!!

review because i finished it on my first try in like 2 minutes.. but i liked it! go with faith.. in yourself.

for people who don't get it, which seems to be the majority, this is an artistic statement.

i guess the statement is that it dosn't matter whether you just blindly believe in something or try to figure things out for yourself except that if you figure it out for yourself, you're doing it right..?

i dunno.

The gameplay is absolutely horrible. and you CAN win the game by simply holding a and l for five seconds. But you win only in text. You say we win, but we don't. It's a hollow victory and there's nothing there because we put nothing into it. Meanwhile trudging through your maze is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience. It seems to be completely random on which way to go.
But here's the thing because i already did the a,l thing i don't want to do it again and that's why i keep trudging through the maze. So finally i reach the end and i feel a little happy. Why? Because i actually put effort into this.


The thing about satire is you're always going to lose half the crowd. I wish it was funny, but I like the theme.

8 bit "Man with Harmonica" was awesome! Do you have the rest of the song?

I dont get it haha i just found my way out randomly

it wasnt hard, but very annoying the guy moved way too slow, i think you could have made this much better by putting some effort into it rather than throwing something together in 5 mins

I lol'd so hard at how many christians didn't get this.

Atheist ftw?

As proof that I found my own way: "Ah. The Sweet Releif."

I put faith into what I was told to do, but I found no satisfaction in doing just that. So I opted to go ahead again and find my own way to beat the maze. Then I truly felt like I won.

but this was just pathetic. almost no effort was put into the game. the music was loud and annoying. the character just "slid" across the maze, the was nothing to make me feel for the character. most other art games were really well written, and give you a good sense of who the character is. all this did was give you a black and white plain maze with a almost no effort slapped on stickman who did not even have a frame to walk in. I am trying to find a good point but the only one is the message you attempted to send across. I suggest if you want to get better is to take a look at all the wonderful flash submissions and games you see on this site, and learn what they know. quality beats quantity on this site and i don't want to put you down dude, but you need to put a little effort into what you submit. I realize that not all the things on newgrounds that made front page are spectacular, (half the time I wonder why some of the stuff gets there) but that doesn't mean that everyone should take a lesson from that and just spam the portal with mediocre flashes. Hate me if you want, but you know, I know, hell, half the community of newgrounds knows I am right. If you can ask yourself "am I proud of what I submitted?" and say "hell yea!" in response, then submit it, otherwise, take it back and tweak it until you can say "I am proud of my submission!"

What is this supposed to mean?The music...and suspense...whats going on?
Btw the game was real easy.

This game made me cum on myself. I would give this an eleven out of ten if I could. :')

This is sad. Faith should not mean that you don't have to do anything. Your world is as two dimensional as this slapped together game.

p.s. The maze was easy.

You get a full fucking ten out of ten for the Harmonica theme alone. Good on you sir.

But I just hate to have to move so slowly around the maze...

I tea bagged my computer to convey my dissatisfaction in this 'game'.... and as for the hooker comment. At least a hooker gives you a happy ending. Crabs too but fuck it you get what you paid for right? Glad this game was free...

Blah blah bla, stuff other people have said, good message, bad execution, blah.

Looks like someone's gunning for the art collection.

No offense (I won't pretend making games is easy), but I didn't like this. Maybe try again? I wouldn't want to discourage you.

You showed your point beautifully. Enjoyed the maze. I like what your showing but my problem was after you beat it maybe a few more slides to help people better understand what your saying.
I liked it.

The description lured me in like an old hooker with promises of skilled performances but I found it to be quite boring. I tried the quick way and found it unsatisfying and I also completed the puzzle and found that it was easy but annoying because the character was so slow. I believe you had a deeper hidden meaning of work and reward or cheating and dissapointment, however I felt that to be lost in the execution of the game. I give it a 6 out of ten for putting together the game and for trying to incorporate a hidden message but I hope future posts will be more fruitfull.

This at first was a disappointment for me, however the drive to find out what was at the end kept my eyes glued to the computer screen, "Ah, sweet relief" indeed, I made it out the maze on my first try. This was a pretty good game no doubt about it.

When your game first loaded for me, I was initially impressed. I was told that a challenge would be presented to me and that it would be difficult, but if I followed the instructions I would succeed easily and quickly. I looked forward to a difficult but rewarding challenge and a good way to perhaps kill half an hour.

Then I started the game and was bitterly disappointed. Instead of anything that I had expected, I was given a maze that consisted of a sparse amount of straight lines, and my character was nothing more than a slow, 8-bit stick figure. The music was bland and repetitive, and after thirty seconds I was thoroughly bored.

Take each component of this flash apart, and you have a decent message with an awful game behind it. If one were to submit the game without the opening comments, one would not have to be a genius to infer that it wouldn't last an hour before being deleted. As a gamer I urge you to pour a few weeks into that cheap maze, turn it into a game that one would enjoy playing, and then incorporate the message and submit. You may then find that people will focus on not just the quality of your message but the quality of your game as well.

Picking a maze for this wasn't the best idea. Mainly because I know for a fact there is an easy (but very time consuming) way to get out of a maze. Basically if you were lost in a maze just put your right hand on the wall and don't let go as you walk. Since the maze is just a big box with interruptions on the inside, it's the same as if you were in a four wall room going to the door on the other end. knowing this I decided not to choose faith just from your description of the game.

so this game was pretty much logic vs. faith. I found logic to be MUCH more satisfying.

Personally I can truly see the message. See the point is when you simply stop and press "A" and "L" your doing it cause your impatience but to cure your impatience you must wait five seconds and be patient which isn't really fair which is why you get such a feeling of 'This wasn't really worth it' but when you do it on your own your own self struggle to finish this task is eventually solved by your own working giving you a feeling of 'This was well worth it even though it was so difficult' and you get that feeling because you resolved it. The real message is faith solves your true problems but solving it yourself may put you through stressful and difficult times but it makes you feel you truly earned it. So do you want it to be over already or do you want its real reward is the question.

I have to say, this was amusing for a few reasons. Namely, I expected the maze to have no exit, and spent a few minutes exploring to find myself in the same stretch of hallways after traveling some distance from the start. At that point, I thought you were being sly and had a path set on an infinite loop. To test, I followed the same pattern I did the first time and actually found myself at the exit. A pretty clever way to throw someone off if the loop effect was intentional.

I wouldn't give it more than a 4/10 if it were just a maze. However, the idea of 'faith' was a bit clever, and it did make it more enjoyable when you discovered that the maze wasn't unbeatable.

I beat the maze :D it was pretty entertaining.

You're getting very unfair reviews... for some odd reason ;)

The message is clear. Either you get it, or you don't.

If you have the attention span of a 5-year-old, then do something else. Art is not your thing

didnt care enough to finish it but here s a five for including that song from the sergo leone movie, what was it, once uopn a time in the west?

What's the point in it?

I hit A+L and won the game, feeling unfulfilled, I read the instructions, it had asked me to press A+L, so I did, winning the game. The maze didn't seem to really play a part in the thought process, whether or not there was an ending didn't seem to matter, for I had already won. When I began to question my victory, I challenged the maze, I eventually hit a dead end, so I pressed A+L, but it was far too late, I was left trapped to wander in tedious boredom, just what was at the end? When I found it, the relief was overwhelming, I was truly happy with what I had just accomplished.

Funny how the mind can create the wonders for a game when it supplies none, because what I just spewed forth was straight up bullshit, yet the game seems so much better now. Really makes you think, because honestly... I just read a walkthrough in the comments and beat it easy, it wasn't satisfying, so I was left to think. That's when things got interesting, which I guess was the point. I really am just rating myself here, you supplied the start and the end, but I was left to create the game.

Yeah. This was not a good game

OH MY GOD MUTE BUTTON PLEASE!!! that music is REALLY scary i'm serious, I can't play it or hardly wright a review, i'm to worried somthing is gonna pop out or somthing x-x

If you personally are on the side of faith, I did not enjoy this game. I assume you are mainly because of the name of this game.
I enjoyed striving to find relief rather than depending on faith.
Plus, striving to find relief only seems so much better after you put effort into it.
Just like this game.
Striving ending was gewd.
Faith ending sucked.

No matter how I win, it just feels pointless and unrewarding, like I shouldn't have bothered playing. I think I get the message, but there's still very little substance to it.

I like art games, and usually I'm willing to cut them some slack. But this...it feels lazy.

I think I might get what he is going for, which is that an easy victory is bland but a victory that you have to work for is gratifying and worth while. The only problem is that the victory that you have to work for is *not* worth while and did *not* make me feel accomplished in any way. It just wasn't worth the effort.

This "game" could be so much better if the end reward was actually worth taking longer than the five seconds required to push A and L to accomplish.

But artistic games can be FUN.

I beat the maze easily. I also tried the "faith" method. So what's the point? Having faith will fix your problems quicker, but with perseverance you can solve them yourself? Well, in the real world, faith alone never solves anything. You can have your faith, but you still have to put effort into solving your problems or they'll never go away. Even as an "artsy" game, this game fails.

only average, the maze isn't hard just tedious. The ending could have been better as well, just a heart and the phrase 'Ah. The sweet relief.' with a red background is too simple for all the slow wandering around you have to do in the maze. On the up side the song you've got is fantastic and that more than anything kept me playing, so good job choosing the music.

I beat it easily, i didnt need A+L o.0
People are complaining too much really..it's not a big deal..plus i dare them to do it better if they think its SO BAD. :3
Also it's not a loop, you're just too impatient.

Read the directions and won within 6 secs easiest game ever, there should be an achievement for winning within the first 5 secs of playing the game.

you and your artsy games...

honestly? I don't expect much from an artistic game in the gameplay department, no even in the graphics department either. But at least give me a god damn massage! I mean this game has nothing. No graphics, no gameplay, no meaning that is any deeper than a 5th graders bad poetry, nothing.

ok Ive been on this site for 7 years now, Ive played an awful lot of games here and i hardly put up reviews about it. i understand that you prolly made this and just wanted to put it up on some website but honestly this is pointless, i give you an A because it was different but whats the point in giving someone the answer at the beginning. maybe if you would have made an effort you would be getting high scores instead of pissed of players.

The maze is a loop. You cant win by finishing the maze. The only way to win is the "Have Faith" and do what it says. Its making a point that often people in the world don't have faith. The people in the world feel more secure when they do things and they don't trust other things. Thats the point of the game. I give it a six though because this is the game section the the philosophers section.

I loved the concept, the idea of an empty victory against a seemingly hopeless amount of effort that might never pay off.

Thing is, for most people exploring the maze WON'T pay off. Having slow movement and visibility might make for decent artistic subtext, but frustrating gameplay.

A good idea, but as a the patience required to complete the maze was just frustrating, even if we were warned in advance.

Started, waited 5 seconds, pressed A and L, then it said that I won. Upon refreshing I played again and somehow I won on the first try went in no dead ends. And realized its a loop.

To be honest....it was to slow, theirs really nothing it, and above all the music get annoying and really....its nothing but a time waster if your bored or just have nothing to do. i spent around a very short time on the game and just....it was a waste.
Sry but needs alot of work, such as speed up, purpose, and better music.
Hope to see better in the future.

sprite moves too slow.

Of course the maze is hard, it takes Aaaaaages to cross every corridor, one would die by starvation before find exit.

Come on: agnostic people is quick and fit, for this they will prevail over superstitious people even with broken english.

The game was interesting, in that I find other people expressions of their ideas interesting. However, it is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to create a truly difficult maze that has no obstacles and never changes. Following the simply guideline of "always take a right turn" lead me to the end with only two dead ends.

It's not a bad game, I'll say that right now. At least it's not just "walk in a straight line"...

However, here are a few flaws. While I liked the blandness of the easy ending, the fact that the ending you had to work for was equally bland confused me. Are you trying to say that effort doesn't matter? Or that

Also, "Artistic" doesn't have to mean "easy as an educational game". You can make a minimalist, beautiful game, just make it at least worth playing. Really make me WORK, and make the ending worth working for.

If you want an example of a good artistic game, try the Colour series by silverstitch. There is an example of the minimalist art style so many games like, coupled with something meaningful. The real kicker is that it still qualifies as a GAME.

I would like to remind all the programmers that an artistic game should be a GAME first and ARTISTIC second.

Also, the music was annoying as hell after the first five seconds.

not a bad idea but the way you produced it lacks a lot of things. but the music - man with the harmonice by ennio morricone in midi version is kinda funny


I thought it was going to be like Uber hard...

It wasn't. xD

That was one of the better games I've seen.
Plus I was so glad to get to the end. The music was creeping me out.

Here are my actions through the whole game,

"Hard maze? darn..........wait.............. AN EASIER WAY!?!? wait..... how do I play? *ENTER*........*ENTER*.......*ENTER-E NTER-ENTER-ENTER-ENTER*..............
.....*SPACE* GOD DANGIT *CLICK*.......... this is easier way?........ cool, I guess *CLICK* I have faith, buuuut I am kinda worried about the END of the game......*CLICK* o GREAT a little pixel guy like ALL of the new games on the front page are. ok *moves* *stops* A and L I said A AND L!!!!!! SHEEEEEET ok..... maze time......*moves for about 5 mins. with a few small dead ends* ill try this way O, I think this was the way!!!! ok........another Two way path then another, another, another, k one dead end wait............. THEY ARE BOTH DEAD ENDS DARNIT! down, down, Down, Down.
FRONT PAGE MY BUTT!*Reads reviews* OHHHHH...............HOLD A AND L *refresh* *holds* YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!! SO SOPHISTICATED RIGHT!!!! if there was a back page It would be on it but it is not bad enough to be blammed"WHAY DID I PLAY THIS GAME!??!?!? AND RATE 6!??!?!?!?!? ARUUUAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relief is the shit.
I have no faith

One of the best games I have ever palyed (?), well, not really, but I love to have faith and I love easy games, so this was a good experience for me.


if i made the game a+l would kill you

i found love. or more especificly: "AH. THE SWEET RELIEF"

Irritating music, super easy, and bad basis for a game, sorry bro

you are a silly sausage.

I just won the game :D

I mean i love mazes it was a little too easy im not gonna lie it took me 2 minutes max try and make a leap of faith game =p

This game was pretty retarded, mainly because having faith doesn't work like that, you can't just sit there and have it, you gotta do something.

I really like the message behind this game.
And I see a lot of people below think the music is annoying.
In my opinion, the little music loop perfectly fits the gameplay.(:

This game kinda sucks...unoriginal... boring animation...took 5 seconds to make... horrible controls not very smooth at all...and it seems to take a stab at religion for no reason at all other then this person possibly being a self righteous atheist.

first, the music is awful, a boring game, and I play it even further to end up with a wish to find little heart, you kidding me, did I play over and given a chance maybe to something else is but you have only the routes cut off. the game (we call it that way) has nothing. ooo I'm sorry forgotten it haves 20 dead end and a dull end and not to forget a disgusting music oh yea and a super cheat A + L. try to make a game that does not kill him if he plays

The message in this game is fine but the game itself is lacking. The games "Loved" and "Depict1" have a similar message and good gameplay. The more interesting the game the more the message is conveyed.

I like the message... Pro tip- To win any maze just follow the left wall, eventually you will reach the end.

I like the concept and for all the message. I don't need explosions and cut off limbs to get what you are trying to say. The graphics are low, but how is our life in any way more colorful and exciting than this game? I think you really got something here, and it annoys me that my english sucks too bad to express what I really wanna say.. ah to hell with it, but it is clear that many people do not get the idea of this game. or it is just me being all melodramatic and philosophic again i don't know ^^

Please, for the love of our ears, pick something that doesn't have a migraine inducing wail on a very short loop for the music of your next game.

It's not hard, just tedious. Stick to a wall and you'll eventually reach the goal.
Of course, there is a way that is both easy and rewarding:
Have Faith In Me, but not blindly. See for yourself, and spread the truth.

Honestly, it's not a bad concept, but this game looks like it's had zero effort put into it. The maze is easy, and the music is annoying. The visuals are just plain bad, I like pixel art , but when there's such little effort put into it, I just can't appreciate it. The game is boring and the point is convoluted and hard to understand.

I don't know why there are so many bad games on the front page these days, I used to not write reviews because all of the games were, essentially, good. But I guess this recent influx of bad games is causing me to take some action in expressing my views.

The maze was easy. The "meaning" was simplistic and underdeveloped. The music was irritating. The "good" ending was unrewarding. It's like you didn't even spend any time on this at all.

As far as programming, graphics and originality go there's next to none, but I guess that can be excused because this is an art game. But even the message wasn't very good. You didn't convince me or shock me. All you did was, as some pointed out, a jab at religion, and well, what can I say. I play a game to either have fun or very rarely be educated. But this "game" did neither. Maybe this would've worked better in a different way, but the way you presented it... frankly, it sucks.

Can't give you stars, why or how would i?
Even the soundtrack is such a pain in the ass.
You had to make it through the graphics so i'd be interested to play for some more time.

The maze is definitely hard,but i believe the message is that everything in life is not given to you,where is the sense of satisfaction in pressing two buttons and being told youve won the game?no,not for me!This is a test to those who are lazy,i believe when you "win" the game in the beginning,it is mocking you for taking the easy way out.That is why i give it a 9,because you have successfully driven a few people along the less trodden path towards victory.Bravo!

I like the idea of the game, basically ending up being a simple choice. Trust the voice enough to be left in the dark, assuming everything's okay, or figure things out yourself, finding what is really at the end of the maze. The whole thing, to me at least, seemed whether you can trust this spontaneous being.

However, the presentation of it all seemed lacking. Only black and white, not that I mind that, but the black and white style was not used well. You had a shaking stick figure and straight lines making a maze with numerous branches, though always split by segments of two. My advice would to be to make a more traditional maze, less agonizing with some mistakes but a lot more difficult in the end. It would also be advised to add anything to it, as even more than simple, it seems bland.

To all those people that are downvoting it because of the graphics or "lol wat's teh point derp derp?", this is a game that is more about the deeper message than you might first see. For example, "having faith" in the mysterious narrator that tells you the easier way to beat the game simply shows a black screen with "YOU WON THE GAME"
on it. However, if you actually take the time and complete the maze and find the goal (it is indeed possible) you get a much nicer message, and you really do feel better about completing it on your own.
So if you guys can't discern blam material from a deep, powerful game, then make everybody's life better and go back to watching porn and playing CoD.
On a side note, I enjoyed the music as well.

I realy don't like conceptual AND minimalist work, you have to choose man : weird concept OR rush work

i like the game alot for its simplicity just a relaxing challenge and warkirby go F yourself so what if it wasnt some epic game no reason to insult someones work

I got both endings, but I'm less than impressed. The lack of content obscures your message. It's curiosity that drives a gamer, which your game fails to address. Instead of finding some awesome, game-changing reward at the end, I felt cheated. You could say it was an anti-gaming message, but that doesn't work either, because most of what a game is is the entertainment factor brought into it. I'm more annoyed that this got on the front page than anything else.

It's like a 10 year old's attempt at postmodern irony. Shitty visuals, shitty controls, shitty gameplay, a soundtrack which entirely comprises the half-baked creepy atmosphere you were trying to create, and which grates quickly.

The message, I get it. I totally get it. It's just nothing worth bragging about. So you can make a sideward jab at religion? big deal.

I liked the idea of the game though I hold a different view. What I want to know is why you did two different endings, one if you did the maze and one for "having faith" I ask because the way you did the screen for completing the maze seemed happier and was to me a more pleasing screen, especially with the heart. Was "having faith" supposed to be the good thing or not seemed questionable.

it means that you mustn't think that if you're looking for miracles you have to do them yourself

I see how was supposed to deliver a 'message', but the bad thing is that the 'message' was told like 1000 times in a lot of other works. The way this game presents the idea is not very artistic or deep too. Should I mention that gameplay, graphics and sound are also bad?

ah the sweet relief of getting that soundtrack to stop.
that was really annoying, but the maze was easy.

Rly cool, i got the message;)

The trick is to always do left and right, and you'll get the good ending.

...the sweet relief

The music was too annoying - the game quickly began to grate on me and I stopped playing because of the soundtrack

I won both ways and I didnt think that the real maze was very hard. Still you get curious tofinish the "real" way just because of the simple cheat in the beggining.

This is Why I'm an Atheist... I have no Faith.

The music is a bit annoying, but you made a good game. Nice idea of the finding the relief for your own!
Sorry for the bad english

I won in both ways. The faithful way wasn't fulfilling (in my opinion). It was a black screen saying "You won."
I also went through the maze, it took a while but I was so happy to see the end of the maze rather than more forks in the road and dead ends. xD
The ending without using your faith was a lot more rewarding in the fact that even though it took a lot more time and thinking, and you ran through more-or-less many dead ends you got there.
I love the message in this game.

Critique; the music got kind of annoying and the graphics could have been a lot better. But both of those do not take away from the message.

Good job. (:

But you should have had both ways of winning the game result in identical "You win" screens, to make the contrast and difference between the 2 ways purely emotional and physiological. I did it both ways and was severely let down by the stupid heart and words, the exact same ending would have been much more emotionally engaging to me.

Really, I love what this game does to the player.
As for as I understand, you'd be expecting most players to still play the game because they'd be too curious to be content with just the easy "cheat" ending. I like this concept because you can really play with the players of your game when you put them in a position like that.
What bothers me though is that the maze itself is not a lot of fun. That you made it hard is understandable, as it is necessary in order to challenge the players to finish the game without trying the code at the beginning. The music, controls and art, however, are just awful. You should've put more time into the look of the game (you could've made it more interesting to look at, maybe invite the players to come and see what this mysterious maze is all about). I would've prefered music without the annoying, painful high tones. And your character gets stuck behind corners very easy and should've been much faster to control.
The concept of the game is absolutely great. The execution, however, is rather dissapointing. This could've been MUCH better. I do humbely ask of you that you make a sequel with the above criticism in mind; with some additions and alterations, this could be a very good game.

nothing interesting, or amusing, even in the most mild sense of the word. the graphics were obviously a 0/10, the music was annoying, and overall it was like some crap someone came up with a random dungeon generator, and ms paint.

believe it or not, i complete the maze in about 1~2mins at the first time i play this game(oh well u may need some luck)
i will explain how i can do this,

1. you have three choices at first (left/right/down), i didnt go down in the whole game, which mean i go to right-side or left-side and moving upward
2.as u move along u will see roads divided into two like a "Y"shape, which mean u have two choices right or left
3.memorize which side u go to when u passes through each "Y" points e.g. "right, left, left, left, right, right, left....." and keep speaking it in your mind
4.if u did step 3, go can "restore" ur position to anywhere with ease if u meet dead end
5.if something happens that makes u lose faith / doesnt make sense, think about the title

Uh.. I don't know if I were lucky, but it didn't took me long to find the exit =D
i just found 4~8 dead ends

Really, I bet no one that played this game was satisfied with winning the easiest way, without even trying to get to the end
I wasn't...
I think, after starting, they only use faith after getting tired of going to the wrong way

exellent game, but it's stil missing something......

only if you could move faster

the message was good but the music ruined it

Working through the maze was a lot more satisfying, and curiously, the longer I played, the less willing I found I was to consider using the faith win as a way to restart the maze (it wasn't until after I finished I realized that wouldn't have worked anyway, since it doesn't present an option to try again).

The message is whatever you want to take from it. The message I took was that it's more fulfilling to seek answers and overcome challenges myself, rather than putting my faith in others to do it for me.

I won the game both ways... and realized how different the victories were, yet both victories.

I had faith and did what i was told, and I won with a screen saying I did... good job for me...

but i also won by completing the maze; although the victory might seem similar, just another win, it is with this one that the reward is felt the most. It took much much much longer, was frustrating from time to time when i hit blocked paths, but with this victory i saw things that i otherwise wouldnt have seen (including the heart symbolizing happiness at the end) and the act of getting to the finish line was more rewarding.

so i could've won both ways, yet one wouldve given me a greater reward, although i would have to invest more of myself to get there.

that is what i managed to get from this game. the graphics werent so good, but you dont really need good graphics when such a strong theme is already in play. good job, i liked the message very much.

i tried to give up with the a and l thing but it didnt work >.< never go back! lol i love the game and the message in it

It's always better to work to find your own relief instead of relying on faith. Cuz even if you fail on your own you'll always learn something and grow personally.

There would be no doubt. Doubt is the foundation of free will. Faith is the MEANING of life. If you are faithful, you are not afraid from death. But if you are doubtless, Orwell will be right.

the good
-good message to people

the bad
-if you wanted to finish the maze yourself, the animation was very rigid

It's very religiously symbolic, and for that to be pulled off well is quite amazing. The music is intriguing, as is the reasoning behind it. Although, it's strange how a simple rule of thought nets someone the exit...In a way, following a path like that is a lot like staying devout in your beliefs as well.

The graphics were not the best, and it was quite easy to get caught in the walls.

And, after seeing both, [[ or at least two,]] endings, I'm not sure which was better. Obviously, having faith is quite important, but the relief ending looked quite warmer...Then again, that might be part of it too.

Quite symbolic, in all. I'm likely seeing more into it than there is, though.

6/10 3/5

i completely aore the religious undertones that are brought about in this game. My only thing is that I want more color, possibly a faster moving character, and maybe some dialogue that pops up at an intersection that could influence which way I go.


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2.24 / 5.00