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Just a little game I made in 10 minutes. I was in a rush so I forgot to put voice in.

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and the extended one too

You must include voices, improve the graphics and gameplay. A health meter would be a good idea.

Did I hit him?????????????????????????????????????

You should add a HP bar to the first boss or something because i don't if i killed him or not, at LEAST make the boss do a white flash when he gets hit because i get really confused.

P.S. Add a HP bar to the hero guy for the first and second boss so it can be a bit easier

Like the style but

Good style and funny characters but no offense bro but before you put a game on you need another person to test it for glitches cause man theres alot lol but its still fun and I do understand that it was made fast.

Best. Game. Ever.

i likd da prat were u wakled bai da man w/o doin nething lolololololololz