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Achtung die Kurve v2

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I first got my eyes on this game when I was introduced to it by some of my classmates. At that time, we were playing the version by TorskMunken, which contained a large amount of bugs. I then decided that this was a great game with a lot of potential but just neeeded further development. So, this is the final result, and will be my first and last project in AS2. I am considering adding features as an introduction as of how to play the game along with multiplayer control, but that will be when this have gotten some critism to base off eventual fixes and/or more possible features.

CONTROLS: Adjustable as you like, but by default player 1(blue) have arrow keys, player 2(red) have A and S, player 3(green) have J and K and player 4(orange) have Numpad 8 and 9. You join by pressing 1 for player 1, 3 for player 2, 5 for player 3 and 7 for player 4.

EDIT: The hard drive where I kept all of my project files burned the other day. So I won't be developing this any more. For the test version of AI, visit: http://davidbjerremose.co m/flash/adk2.swf.


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holy bobby
i have playede v1 years ago! (good times)
and this one is just as good.
but it can be better.
i think some 8-bit audio goes better with the game
and some other game modes like the v1 and a 1on1 turnament and a online.
sorry for my bad grammar .

dabproductions responds:

Thanks for the review! Right now I am in the process of making AI for it, but I'll check up on the audio someday.