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Cyclone - Pattern Gen.

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Author Comments

Introducing Cyclone -
A pattern generator based on persistence of vision and the interplay of rotation with motion, this applet will allow you to quickly create and share remarkable patterns through little more than a few swift swipes of your cursor.

Be sure to review the instructions found in the top right for a quick idea of how it works and what to try. Beyond that, go wild - feel free to populate the pattern database with as many interesting creations as you can bring about (though please keep it E rated).

Forewarnings; on less capable machines you may be restricted to simpler patterns before slowdown begins to occur. This is generally not a problem, but be aware that performance is liable to fluctuate - I know of no way around this issue. I suppose there is a chance when loading unknown pattern ID's that you may stumble across a particuarly vivid and fast pattern - if you think this may adversely affect you please remain cautious.

There are a couple of amusing easter eggs which you won't find by waving your cursor in search of hidden buttons. They will be added here as they begin to become common knowledge.
...I'm relatively new to actionscript in general, so constructive reviews will be very helpful!

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Different and cool!

I really had fun playing with this. By drawing, changing the speed and drawing again you can come up with some really hypnotic stuff. I played with it all day at work. I wish I didn't have to type in a value each time I wanted to change speed, maybe just click on an arrow- other than that... It was rad.

frozennova7 responds:

Mm, I toyed with the idea of a slider or somesuch for the speed - but actually, the precision is pretty necessary. 1010 is massively different from 1000, while many speeds look very similar by virtue of being useless for most patterns - there's no real way you'd be able to divide it into a series of settings without limiting its functionality. I placed what I reckon are the most significant speeds in the help to assist the issue, but I'm at something of a lose for other solutions that wouldn't be overly complex.
In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That's pretty nifty.

Very cool idea. I had a lot of fun making patterns and watching them dance around the screen. The idea was original and the execution was fine.

Mesmerizing but not for long

It's fun to see the circular patter form on the spinning plate as you hold down the mouse but I think there's room for another shape, whether for the plate or the dye. I do like the color pallette and that you can change the obsurity of the dots, though, so good work on that.

frozennova7 responds:

Something other than circles? You understand that both the canvas and (hence) the orbs are constantly rotating, as the fundamental principle of the applet? Making anything aside from circles effectively become circles as they are rotated?
Not sure you grasped the idea here, I'm afraid

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2010
9:41 AM EST