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DungeonStory - Ep. 1-1

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Author Comments

This is Part 1 of Episode 1 for DungeonStory, my MapleStory Flash project that will include such Maple animators as GreenCream, Dray86, and MapleMissile. It will also feature original Maple characters, like Aran and Evan.

This first part of Ep. 1 is Claros' intro. Next, we will move on to the leader of the secondary party, a magician who will remain anonymous... For now. Feel free to comment with your ideas on who this will be and what importance they will have to the story!

This took me about 6 hours to do, and a LOT of learning. (This was my first time ever using Flash CS5 Pro, so I had to wing it with a lot of stuff.) As I am not very familiar with CS5 Pro, I wanted to keep it short, allowing for a smaller file-size and a faster loading-time. If you have any tips and/or tricks that you want to share with me to make my future submissions better, then please! Leave them here!

So, I hope that you liked it, (I know that it's not the best, but that doesn't mean that I didn't TRY to make it good), and that I get some support for making the next few parts!

- 2br02b

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I'm not the biggest fan of MapleStory, considering the fact I've played it too much and it ruined my life. This episode was too short, way too short if you ask me. The animation itself is pretty nice, but next time try making it with a little more effort and depth.

DuskSpirit responds:

Yeah, I feel ya there, (about it ruining your life, that is), but I love it anyway.

And, about the length of the episode, I just wanted to get a feel for CS5 and it kinda snowballed... I'll definitely try to make them longer in the future, as I was a little disappointed in this, myself...

Thanks for the feedback, though!

- 2br02b


very nice
i'm guessing you used Bannedstory for your sprites.
i look forward for more flashes from you, and seeing the other animators you named, look forward to seeing some trumpets.

DuskSpirit responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I made sure to mention BannedStory in the credits, so...

I personally hope that I don't get shot because of how nooby my animations are gonna look. (I'm specifically worried about Dylan, a.k.a., "MapleMissile...") Sadly, I won't be adding any spectacular fights, but I will be making some pretty in depth and active battles that will be a little bit more flashy, (get it?), than the game, itself...

Oh, and don't you worry. There will be trumpets.

- 2br02b

Thats it?

I would like to see more of a story developement in the first episode.
This one was barely an intro.
It looks like it might be an interesting story, but too short of a segment.

DuskSpirit responds:

Yeah, I wish that it could have been longer, but... Well, like I said in another reply, I was just getting the feel of CS5.

I was planning on introducing Claros' first companion, (coughcoughtrumpetscough*), here, but I got paranoid about loading times and file size. So, I figured that it would be "better," (not), to make it short. But I apologize, since you were expecting more. I'll make sure to put more time into actually making it a STORY. *thumbs up*

Thanks for the ratings, though!

- 2br02b

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2010
9:29 PM EST