:Darkness: The Game

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An epic masterpiece of epic proportions. What took months and months of blood, sweat, and tears is finally on Newgrounds for all to enjoy!

S= Jump
A= Spin Attack
W= Aerial Dash
D= Run Faster

Use the arrow keys for movement.

Special Moves:
When your energy bar is full, your custom created character will transform. With this transformation comes new powers.

Space Bar= Slow Time
Type "weapon" "vehicle" or "power" to gain them
F= Speed Up Time

Henry Hogan= Designer, Art Direction
Ron Anderson= Music
Nelyi Patel= Programmer

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I can't play :( nothing appears on the screen...

is it me or does this game not work.

My fellow clock is right!

This is such an amazing masterpiece! I mean you have potential to become one of the best might I say on behalf of the ENTIRE cock crew. Blow job...I mean good job!

Quite queer but funny!

This is a very funny idea! I will definatly make a post on this. I feel genorous today so ten FOR YOU MY YOUNG FELLOW!!!

oh shyte

on of the best games i have played on this site, why didnt it make front page? keep it up man!