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Twat of the Walk

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When this came out a decade ago, it was pretty fuckin hillarious. When I just stumbled upon this again, looking through random smut, still pretty fuckin hillarious (and maybe even more rellevant now, but twatting more about their byoofyfühwl booties instead). Another decade later: this will still be pretty fuckin hilarious.
If there may ever come a day that this won't be pretty fuckin hilarious, then I don't know, but it's gonna be one hell of a shitty day.

Five stars. And where the fuck are you? You just disappeared. I hope everything is ok and your happy where every you are.

Funny bro

5 stars for the funniest concept of this animation. IIts such a blessing and a cur... Oh its you... you still wish to read this comment? well you can not... I am done you leave.

Dew you want to fuck mah beautiful pussy?

Yes me too, she has a beautiful poosie.

The voice and the dudes facial expressions totally sell this. Other artist with this idea would be 3 star material.