Ogres Musical Adventure

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This is just a test of my ability to use actionscript to scroll the screen. the background was made using some of the album art that I had just laying around my hard drive. Its not enjoyable at all and i would understand completely if its blammed, but hey, atleast im honost. Its for a class so please dont kill it too quickly. Also,, I have no idea on how to put a preloader. Im sorta new to flash, so if any feels the need to tell me how to put on a preloader,, please do so.


Not a real game

Nothing action

Really there isn't anything I could say, only this game is extrange,there is no music and the only thing you can do is move a freaky face.
For me, I think you can do something more exciting, for example, when the face is on a picture,I think there are from a band or a song, the song most popular of that band start sounding and then the player can enjoy or not the game.
I hope you can fix this game.
lol,despite what I said I've enjoyed it anyway.

Still not the worst flash I've ever seen...

In fact, I think this has potential as a way to view your music. I think it would be a nice twist to scroll over your music library in this way, then after you click the album you want to listen to, scroll up and down the song list to find whatever you want to listen to. It may take longer that way, but to me, the old media players have gotten boring. But, unfortunately, there is no music. That is actually the main reason you didn't get a 10. However, what saved this from an even lower score is that it has potential. I hope you don't drop this project and if you ever turn it into a music player, let me know :D

There is no music

- I was stuck at first. I think it needs some text in the bg that says: "use arrow keys to move."
+ The action-script works.

- Music would be nice in a musical adventure.

+ picture quality isn't bad,
- Some pictures are too mature for the Teen rating.

- lack of content

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Mortician97 responds:

Thanks or the time it took to write all that. Im working on that right now. im figure out how to attach certain songs to certain locations based on the background art. Also, still havent figured out preloaders btw, need help on that one. On the pictures, I tried to make the pictures smaller instead of bigger to preserve quality, and as to the pictures content,, i was debating for awhile to put teen or mature,, but now that someone else says so, I rethink my decision.

Thank you for your time again, and Im working on it.
--Mortician97 =)

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1.21 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2010
12:38 PM EST
Action - Other