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Cornflakes Of Agony

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Gary is killed by an evil villian who poisoned his cornflakes.But in death he lives on and asends to the afterlife where he is denied entrance into heaven under aledged homosexuality by none other than god himself.

At the same time a grand battle is brewing.

A battle that will shake and change the very foundation of the hereafter.

Watch the whole thing before voting.You will not be dissapoint.





The pure awesomeness of this stuff can only be grasped after the viewing of a naruto and a one piece episodes.


you have an obvious talent here man, you must keep on making more this stuff....amazing., i thought it was going to be another half assed animation at first but i could tell by the shear weirdness of it that something was different and then ...it really got good...this pretty much made my night, amazing

A ThrowOff

Really threw me off at first, I thought it was gonna be some vugar big gay joke crappy drawn cartoon. But even with the silly art there was some epic moments even in the style and it's consistency really made it more worty and worthy of watching down the line. I still can't believe I got all that out of a clip called Corn Flakes of Agony. Nice really caught me like a whole episode would.

truely awesome!

at first i was like what the hell is this...but then i watched and epicness unfolded before my eyes. even tho its poor quality it was an awesome story. this is goin in my favorites nice work man!

Wow, thats it.

At first when i saw that the art was a little bad i thought it wasnt gonan be a good flash or anything but i decided to give it a chance. Oh and i was blown away by the combat and the atmosphere that you managed, Great job!!!

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
7:27 PM EST