A Fable II Experience 2

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EDIT 3: Just in case this is actually an issue...there is MORE to the cartoon after the OPENING credits. It's not just the Dash part. The video's 9.5 megabytes, for crying out loud.

EDIT 2: Best Of All Time list!! Wooooooo!!!!

EDIT: Holy crap, that was the fastest front page EVER! AND two awards, a 4.5, and 62 reviews in only a 12-hour time span. Thank you all so much!

As for me making yet another one, I MAY make a Fable III video sometime in the distant future, but I need a pretty good break from screaming into a microphone and burning my retinas out with computer glare every waking moment :)

Also, Rodriguez shirt :D (Remove random spaces): http://www.zazzle.com/rod riguez_awesome_shirt-2352 22008320738360


So, the title is different on the site than in the movie cause it won't fit in the allotted space, just fyi.

So sorry about the large delay in the video's release, but it took a LONG time, my god. I can say for sure that the technical quality is in every way better in this one than the first one, and I really hope the content and jokes are the same.

Please enjoy very much :)
-Kyle (White Lightning)

Note: Please do NOT post comments along the lines of "you suck," "this is stupid," "this is nothing like Fable II," " Fable III is out already, you idiot," or "Jon looks like the Vault Boy from Fallout." I'm very aware of these opinions and that they are probably true. I'm sure that won't stop you, but worth a shot.


jon is just like my fat nerd friend

wont stop kilin the vilagers. wont stop screwin around. you needa do fable 3 man.

Another hilarious flash!

I am now tempted to play, dispite my earlier claims of this game being nothing but woodchopping and other meanial chores. 83


Have watched this countless times but never reviewed. Pretty much exactly how the game panned out for me so I found everything hilarious, especially the blank paper scene. Can't wait for Fable III experience if it's in the works.

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WhiteLightning responds:

It will be, promise.

HAHAHAHA i cracked up so much

the beginning sounded like something that wouldve been on family guy. The game epically failed but this is hilariously true and asking everything we haVE WONDERED so GOOOOOOOOD JOOOOB DUDE.

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Thus Fable 2 failed at living up to expectations.

Hilarious... and I wonder at this crap, too. Why only have to choose between a million pieces of gold, my zombie family, or hundreds of live revived? Did we just waste 9 hours of our life trying to take down dozens of men, balverines, hobbes, and trolls just to make our dog and bitchy wife come back to us? We just did. Oh, that's right, someone made a statue of me because I got a million gold. I get that every fifteen minutes. Oh, look, it's some bitch that called me names and kicked my dog dozens of times come back to life! See what I mean? Rewards were fail. And some other mechanics too...

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4.43 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
6:32 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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