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Target Practice - 1 hour

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Author Comments

I decided I needed a challenge today so I set myself the task of building a game in just ONE hour.

This is going to be an ongoing project where I will try to make as many one hour games as I can. This is the first one. I might try another tonight but it was quite an intense hour so I might leave it for a couple of days. I'll see how I feel.

Coded from scratch in an hour. The only thing that wasn't added in the hour was the mochi leaderboard.


Eh, Its ok

It is an unimpressive game, but atleast it works... and besides, it reminds me of when I was taken to a hunting club for target practice.


Are you honestly bragging about making a game in an hour? you do, and this is what you get. An unresponsive, unoriginal mess. Why not take your time and make something good, and pride yourself on it? Please, don't force your one-hour garbage games on us. Newgrounds is a place for art.. Not rushed jobs.


too simple, here are so tips: hide the mouse to look better, somtimes i click and nothing happands so I have to click again?? why?? again too simple, you can do muuuch better in 1 hour, anyways good try

Good concept

I do like it. Its rather simple, with a simple twist that can throw people off. Start wil stationary target, then a moving one. Mixing it up does make it harder. However, its all too slow. Too easy. Graphics are fine, but again, too simple. Eye candy man. Maybe add in different guns to use. Shotgun gives you a larger spread, but slow reload time. AK fast shooting, poor accuracy. And so on. Upgrades. Everybody loves upgrades. Period.
And last but not least, one hour? Come on man. We don't want to play a game made in one hour. We want a awesome game made in however many hours it takes to make 'awesome'. But still, one hour? Way to go!


An hour is not enough time to develop a game. I'm sorry.

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Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
3:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person