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the dog (remake)

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sad movie

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i tried not to cry but that girl is a douche and ive read the commets why did she hate that dog i mean damn seriously she knocked his food over and hes old that bitch and why is this adult


I'm giving this a 10. This Music Video has a lot of emotion of hate and sadness. This Music Video made me feel sad. takes a really sad Music Video to make me feel like this. But anyways people who gave this a low rating a bad review saying "what's the point of this movie" or " this movie made me buff" well these people don't how feel with their heart. Congrats on this Music Video you make it's just Amazing.

poor shiba inu

you had to put my fav dog to suffer but its ok becaue newgrounds needs more things to move people and trolls need sad movies to bag on. but great movie i hope u make more a bit longer a better


you are the only person who made me shed a tear in the past 7 years I thought it was a great flash but i did think the girl was a douche and the dog dieing was terrible i loved ill keep it as a reminder to myself
and to s-o-c I hate you with a burning desire
although you probably dont care thought I'd let you know


everytime in my life, i always wanted to ask how does it feel when you lose someone you loved...
ánd look if its true, when you lost someone that is considered a nuisance is the one who will miss most time of your life.

in my life i never lost someone important, sadly i consider everyone an obstacle
beacuse i don´t understand the mankind

when the child loses someone important, they will recieve a terrible shock in their lives....and with time, the grown up persons will lose importance and they will become careless

this flash is an example about mankind
we love
we lose
we cry
we hate
we ignore

and lastly we regret about what we did about our bad feelings
hates blinds, same as love
children can´t understand that unless they recieve that
someone told me long time ago, that dogs are the true angels, they are sad if the owner IS sad, they can feel the rejection but their loyalty is strong. if you don´t treat them well...they become agressive

even it´s not the main thing but is just extra words for this excelent flash

i wish i can understand this feeling but thanks to you, i know i can find the answers

the movie was perfect, even if it´s the first time in my life i see something like that
the music was confusing but the melody gave a perfect ambience

you deserve this rate more than everyone, congratulations

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
2:17 AM EST
Music Video