Ray Ardent: Science Ninja

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Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a high-speed platformer where you battle through dangers that only a man who is a scientist and a ninja can survive. Dr. Ray Ardent is a man of adventure, a man of the world, but most importantly, a man of SCIENCE!

Move - Arrow Keys or 'A' and 'D'
Jump - 'W', Up Arrow or Space Bar
Slide or Duck - Down Arrow or 'S'
Ability X - 'X' or 'B'

Pause - 'P'
Restart Level - 'R'
Return to Menu - 'T'
Volume Controls - '+' and '-'



it just lame when you get all the epic skills and you want to use em to pown dinos and do awesome moves ...but they consume so much energy that OR you go and grab more energy for the sake of go foward doing awesome moves till the end or you kill some dinos with it and it will son be over :\

aside from that ,thats the first running game i actuallly liked ! awesome job!


Fun and addictive! never though science would be that fun and overpower ;)

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An incredibly Science-y challenge!

This game's very unique and different. It has a lot of ideas behind it, and the storyline seems to just get better and better. I admire the 50s/60s style art direction, it really looks awesome! The music's good and keeps you going. The only gripe I got, is that it's harder to destroy these dinosaurs (the RIGHT way) than it is for Mario Mario to jump on a goomba! It's more of a Sonic approach (only seen the homing approach as early as Sonic Adventure). The physics feel spot on, though.

One thing that I really don't get is how the star system works.

Consider this my awesome-review-of-SCIENCE!


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The control in this is soooo smooth and fun. I'd love to see more! Totally one of the coolest side scroller/platformy kinda games I've played in forever!

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Awesome game !

Controls are great, the story is funny and it was quite challenging.
The only question that I have is: did you base Ray Ardent on Dr. insano ?

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4.46 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2010
11:33 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop