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Puzzling War

rated 3.98 / 5 stars
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Nov 22, 2010 | 7:17 PM EST

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Lightning Fast 5 Points Win a battle in less than 60 seconds
Three Combo 5 Points Create three matching combos
Fatigued 10 Points Play more than 5 minutes in one battle
Five Match 10 Points Matching five or more units
Armor Adept 25 Points Match three or more Armor blocks 20 times in one battle
Elusive 25 Points Don't lose any units for an entire battle
Overwhelming 25 Points Kill more than 50 enemy units while keep the casualties below 10 units
Potion Adept 25 Points Match three or more Potion blocks 20 times in one battle
Six Combo 25 Points Create six matching combos
Statue Adept 25 Points Match three or more Statue blocks 20 times in one battle
Sword Adept 25 Points Match three or more Sword blocks 20 times in one battle
Hundred Thousand Feat 50 Points Get a score of 100,000 in one battle
Tactician 50 Points Complete the campaign
Ten Combo 50 Points Create ten matching combos

Author Comments

Puzzling War is an interesting mix between match-3 puzzle game with simple war strategy theme.

Play as a tactician to conquer a forgotten kingdom far in the north continent. There are 15 levels available, each with unique environment, enemy & AI difficulty.

By upgrading, player will be able to dispatch more powerful unit. You can also dispatch higher level unit without upgrading by matching more than 3 unit block.

Player can also buy several power up item to help him in the next battle. He can use the item by matching it's block in the middle of the battle. Just remember though that the more block type exist in the game board, the harder it is to make a match.

There are also Highscore & Achievement feature for those who seek additional challenge in this game.


No.1 daily feature and front page? Cool!
Thanks for your support! :D

Update 11/23:
- Fix minor bugs and Implement Newgrounds Medal.
- Revised some text and fix Match Five Medal bug.

Update 11/24:
- Add reset data feature to reset game/achievement data (not affecting Newgrounds Medal).
- Change money number/description in Result Screen to avoid confusion.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Things from shop that cost money so should be bonuses in fact make game harder.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game! Reminds me of Kirby avalanche (or ghost trap). Tetris-theme battle is nice and everything else bundled in just made it better, mainly, the combat above and upgrade mechanics.

The main fun from the game is those pesky combos that aren't anticipated (they can't be since the pieces are off the board). I just got a 6-combo on my first play, on the first level out of pure luck.

Anyone claiming this game is boring just don't like the theme. It's not boring. Otherwise 99% of all strategy games, both video and board, are boring.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really enjoyed this game.

The only things I would change, though, is have more songs (the one played during battle got old quickly) and to put a difficulty rating on each battle, so you would know what you were getting yourself into.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a good game to have on the NinDS if you ever consider porting it. Not everyone's cup of tea; if you're bored of Bejewelled chances are you won't be entertained by this longer than 5 minutes.

Graphics bring back nostalgic memories, and the music's 8-bitically awesome though repetitive after a long duration. It would be cool if I could still swap my units while the combo break is happening, which would contribute to general game pace. A quick tutorial for beginners would be good. Like, which board is yours and the AI's, where you can upgrade, etc. considering how it could be some people's first time playing a match-3 no matter how uncommon this situation can be.

Adding in occasional cutscenes, even if just a simple pixelated comic page would be interesting, too.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Another cool game

A good flash here i thought, its interesting how this starts off, pretty interesting, and i got some good entertainment value from this, I really like how this cameout from start to finish. And here have another cool game, the characters and art style was great the gameplay was evebn better and its not just a simple game youreally put some effort into it making it fun for me and all who play it, the "MEDALS" were pretty good i thought, some harder then others, and with this game i really enjoyed the whole midevil style bringing even more enjoyment to the game, while it did take me abit more to get thengs down, i still thought this was a pretty fun game and very entertaining, but as i said its decent and fun, I suppose if anything was to be improved you could "SPEED" it up more, but it was pretty good regardless. But anyways you have some good work here allthough some more effort for better improvment could be done for an overall better out come, Its not perfect but is ok for what you did supply in content, so on that part of stuff it was notbad at all. Keep up the fun games.

Decent flash you have here, there are alot of these types but with some small fixes here and there and a few more additions of suggested stuff below and above, it could bemuch improved, so dont be afraid to try some of the ideas out it can only make things better and bring abit more quality to your flash. So as mentioned above, find a way to speed up the game, faster paced version would really keep the interest.