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Mayan Caves

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Enter the Mayan Caves to destroy the chain of colored balls! Match the right type of balls in the hexagonal grid, and use the special items in a smart way to clear each level! Can you withstand the time pressure, and bring this Mayan adventure to a good end?

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It's a v.good game but the problem only in the time and how to increase it.


would be 9/10 ...
but this is way to hard with less time and random fillup. needed 7 trys for 1st level and suxx then with lvl 2
this get you away from game a bit fast if u fail only

If you suck at puzzles games, just don't play this

I love puzzle games and I'm generally very good at them but this game is too hard to be good. I say hard and not challenging because the way the game set up it is often next to impossible to win. I got to level 5 and got bored with annoyance. I had to play the first level about 6 times before I won because most of the time the tiles I had to match on the board weren't there(or there were only a few of them). While it appears that the tiles are randomly generated, you should write some code in there so the game knows to make it beatable. This is especially true in the early levels. There is simply to many variety of tiles so even when I did when it was always in the nic of time. Also, it was usually due to a lucky draw of good matching tiles. The early level play like levels I would expect toward the end of the game. Improve on these things and you will have a great game.

Good Job!

Awesome game but pretty hard :D


Its challenging, nice music, overall a good puzzle game.