Undead End Hardcore

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Undead End is a retro-homage to the beautiful arcade games of the first '90. I tried to recreate the atmosphere of that period using only pixel art and low-fi sfx. Most of you will find a lot of quotes from other games, hope you will appreciate.
This is the 'hardcore edition': more graphics, sounds, weapons, enemies and more. And an awesome soundtrack of 3 different (GREAT) artists! Thank you guys!
(update) I added the option to switch from the ZXA keyset to the ASD, and corrected a glitch. Hope you'll find everything more comfortable. Thanks!


too dificult

too....many...zombies.....uhhh *dead*

Exelent nice job.

All a work of art, congratulations to the UNDEAD producers END HARDCORE, must have one second part or new vercion with videos of intro and maybe to remove it for consoles, reasons and games in line.

amazing, better then alot of the old originals

but i have ONE complaint. one, in every zombie game i used but one thing. melee. and in this one i spent like 10 seconds smashing a zombies head in and it just kept going. where as a gun would take like 2 shots, and yeah. more melee damage? i know of the sword and ect but their too slow!

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dude this game is awesome its pretty fun now im not saying you copied but the zombie in the mansion look like the hunter from l4d2 and also when i looked at the character i was holy crap its ellis from l4d2

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Undead End OMG

This is a game with suspense, the arcade was the begining of the new generation consoles, and this game proves it so much, it has a beautiful concept and a amzing idea, the design is good and the suspense is the best plus the music, its good and so creepy, you have proved that arcade is still great and it is still alive in the retro gamers, this is comfortable and I sit back and relax so I could just play this masterpiece, congrats, and I wish you the best (make a sequel, some of us need it)
sorry if I add this but come on 4th place.
See ya.

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4.20 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
8:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun