Undead End Hardcore

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Undead End is a retro-homage to the beautiful arcade games of the first '90. I tried to recreate the atmosphere of that period using only pixel art and low-fi sfx. Most of you will find a lot of quotes from other games, hope you will appreciate.
This is the 'hardcore edition': more graphics, sounds, weapons, enemies and more. And an awesome soundtrack of 3 different (GREAT) artists! Thank you guys!
(update) I added the option to switch from the ZXA keyset to the ASD, and corrected a glitch. Hope you'll find everything more comfortable. Thanks!



this is what I was lookin for, zombies, guns, and a guy with glowy penis

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the Effects, The Re-playability and just the overall game-play and retro style.....fantastic

i dont know if this is constructive criticism or me just being an idiot but it did slow down when there was a lot of action

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street fighter with zombies.... nice

very well put together,
I like all the gore when you shoot the zombies
feels just like street fighter, back at the pizza place when i was 10
nice one......

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saw the half life symbol

it's on the barrels.

i like the whole zombie idea

but there are some minor details
like the stagger system: it sucks (both for enemy and for player)
the battles are skipable, seriously in any classic beat'em up you encounter a fight
and you can't go from there untill you've killed everyone there. or maybe you
didn't want to make it as linear as older classic beat'em ups but still. also
it would be a nice feature to carry more than one weapon.
and finding the power ups randomly from the floor was also kinda weird
it would be logical (in a videogame) to get power ups when defeating an enemy.

still a cool game thoug

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4.20 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
8:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun