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Space Race: TTTNL

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Author Comments

This game was created in only a couple of days. It was made to test out flash, and is the first flash game made by us.

It's not an easy game, but stick with it.

We hope you enjoy it :)

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This still just as fun as it was back then, though the control scheme is a bit jinky and hard to rely on, but that didn't ruin it for me. =)


Pretty fun bro!

About as hard as...

It's about as hard as Lunar Lander from back in the day. Keep up the work and you might be someone worth noting. The Controls are somewhat tricky, but you just have you find the center point and its all good. Good game, keep it up! 3/5 7/10


this game is impossible cause ur control scheme is horrible. why in gods name is down accelerate.


I'm terrible at steering, but I've never been good with this particular control scheme.

This is an excellent flash. The music matches the theme very well, and you've obviously thought everything out. Only two minor problems.

1. The instructions (and the beginning credits) are cut off by the bottom frame.
2. You should make the credits fade out automatically. Dumber people like me take a while to figure out that you have to press enter.