Doodle Devil

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Half Game 10 Points

Half Of All Elements Discovered

Nuclear Bomb 10 Points

Nuclear Bomb Discovered

7 Mortal Sins 25 Points

7 Mortal Sins

All Game 50 Points

All Element Discovered

All Game With No Hints 100 Points

All Elements Discovered With No Hints (actually, you can ONE hint)

Author Comments

Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. And now you have to aid Doodle Devil in destruction of everything.

You've already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you don't know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you! Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies... which will destroy everything.


To invoke the hive-mind representing chaos.
Invoking the feeling of chaos.
Without order.
The Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos. Zalgo.
He who Waits Behind The Wall.
The entire room is filled with Zalgo.

The game made me think a lot.
Some combinations I found through trial and error. Although I tried countless times to create coffee but it wouldn't let m until I reach the end, please look into why that happen and try to fix it. Also best to look up the combinations on Google if you want to get the highest point. When it comes to the Nuke achievement best have Bomb + Mushroom ready to go. Regarding the 7 sins, I'd say you need Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, and Murder/Sloth/Theft/Heresy.
Lust = Sex + Sin (Sex = Man + Woman)
Gluttony = Food + Sin (Food = Man + Tree/Weapons + Beast)
Pride = Sin + Sin (Sin = Human + Apple)
Murder = Sin + Corpse (Corpse = Fire + Man/Human/ Demon + Human/ Human + Murder)
Wrath = Sin + Weapon (Weapon = Human + Metal. Metal = Stone + Fire. Stone = Lava + Water/Wind. Lava = Fire + Earth.)
Greed/Theft = Sin + Money (I find this easier than Lawyer + Money for it gives you Theft as well. Money = Copyright + Knowledge )
Sloth = Sin + Work (Work = Man + Money.)
Envy = Sin + Greed
Heresy = Sin + Religion (Religion = Prayer + Human. Prayer = Angle + Human. Angel = Light + Life. Life = Man + Woman.)
Good luck to you guys trying to collect some Medals. Anyway I suggest expanding the game more to allow for more groups and more combinations.

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New Recipe Idea: Book, Plus a artist! and SEX! = Hentai

i made sex :? YAY PORN!

i loved the first one and this one was cool as well i really want to get the game on my ipod but hay ho

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Nov 20, 2010
3:43 PM EST
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