Michaels Incest Stories

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Michael Rosen talks about his adventures with his sister. But he doesn't realize how inappropriate it is, oh that wacky Michael! How will he explain his way out of this one?


hahahaah!!!! XD made me lol! nice that youtube poop is introduced to NG! I was wondering if this stuff would be excepted on newgrounds. I might make one meself if I get the program!

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Excellent poop!

Honestly, Newgrounds shouldn't be limited to flash animation, but also frame work and pooping as well, after all the slogan is "everything by everyone" so why not! Plus this is very funny! Good job. ;) I enjoyed this!

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monkeyspanthisgooplz responds:

Indeed sir, I do believe you have stumbled across my original intent for this heroic flash. I do undeniably hope for it to be a pioneer for all those aspiring deep-sea oceanic divers who so desperately and vividly wish for their chance at the World Heavy Weight title. Hopefully there time will come, one day. In conclusion I do wholeheartedly agree with your principles and wish you a speedy recovery. Good luck, dear fellow, good luck!

Don't mind if its stolen

Because made me lol so bad!

monkeyspanthisgooplz responds:

Well my dear fellow, I can tell you right now that it is in fact not stolen, just re-interpreted! The main body of footage is from a delightful fellow who goes by the name Michael Rosen. I have skillfully rewired his footage to tell the true story of what happened in that day and I am glad to see that its filled so many people with such hope and wonderment. Thank you for your kind review sir.

Not Really Newgrounds Material

Obviously, it's not a flash. It's a video. That makes it a YouTube thing, not a NG thing. All of that aside, the sound editing is horrible. Horrible. If a flash is to be made where words and phrases are edited together to make totally different statements, the editing should be clean and phrasings that sound like they are from the same sentence should be used. Half the time, I couldn't even understand the strung-together sentences. A harmonics editor could have been used to alter things like pitch and speed so it sounds more cohesive. Such a techinque also is better suited to animation. Just splicing together video clips makes the whole presentation even more disjointed. It makes the whole work appear sloppy and put together with haste.

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monkeyspanthisgooplz responds:


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1.69 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
3:15 PM EST
Comedy - Original