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Duck and Cover!

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This movie was originally created November 11, 2001. This version has been slightly modified to increase performance.

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Hahahaha this old gem.

That moment when I found out this was based off an actual PSA was priceless. I think the earthbound style even makes it better.

wait a sec...

if you duck and cover, what good'll it do?! duh.


1950's america, you never fail to make me giggle...

And you, DL-Neutrino, you make it even funnier!

Where's the love?

This is a classic flash cartoon clip on the entire Internet! Oh well, I am least glad you managed to get some recognition by being a co-worker on the awesome "Arfenhouse" series. I think this was the first thing I ever saw that introduced me to the "Earthbound" series. There are just so many funny things going on, you have to mock these people. I think the funniest might be the part where they are throwing the frisbee around it suddenly severs that one kid's head. There are so many funny things going on in the background, like Gumby floating.


real funny with the school bus but make it go over a cliff that's funnnier