Super Pixelknight

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A retro jump n run featuring 18 action-packed levels with many different monstertypes, 3 arcade style bosses and lots of weapons and magic spells - rescue the pixel kingdom today!

Art by Eric Wright from MyGameline
Music by Filip Miljkovic from AtomicDNB

Super Pixelknight is actually the third installment in a series of pixel-slaughter games. You can find its predecessors here on Newgrounds: Pixelknight I and Pixelknight II

EDIT 07-12-2010:
Hey folks,

I just found the time to hunt down some of the bugs.
Thanks to NG & Community for all the great feedback and exposure.



hate to tell you, but...

... this shit doesnt work.

it's a great rendition of the ghosts n goblins/ghouls n ghosts series, but honestly, the play control is REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY BAAADDD.

this entry has all the great elements needed to make a long-lasting, entertaining game.

however, the random stopping for no reason, character not running when commanded to, and/or running for long lengths without being commanded to really affected gameplay a lot.

i found myself gliding through areas with fingers crossed that the controls wont drop me off a cliff right when i just did awesome moves to get through a hoard of enemies.

i really think this game deserves a 5/10, but for now it's got a 4/8.

gameplay tip: USE THE AXE. it's the best freakin' weapon.

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I liked it!

What I liked:
Smooth controls (I really don't know why this guy below me is talking about "clunky, unresponsive controls")
Really nice pixel art
Diversity in weapons and spells
The diversity in enemies

What I disliked:
While there were quite some different enemies, a lot of their attacks were the same. Most of them are just jumping towards you.
I liked the music but it didn't really fit the medieval/knight theme and it also got repetitive quickly.
When the screen fades in or out, it goes way too slow. This is annoying, especially when I'm game over and want to try again.

I couldn't get past the cemetery boss. This is probably because I suck and I'll definitely try again but I accidentally erased my save game by starting a new one.
Anyway, I think this is a very nice little game and I had lots of fun playing it. It is also nice to see two plassed creations on the front page at the same time!

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pretty good

but theres some bugs to fix...
red slime wont die sometimes
wont jump near edge
sword throws backwards when im trying to throw it forwards


freakin gargoyle

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ok game,get rid of the high scores

it's a good game,but i couldn't play it to an end because i got stuck into a pit.i tried every single spot where i could have jumped,but it didn't work. theres nothing i could get a boost to my jump.

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
11:15 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other